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How To Make Her Chase You? – 25 Ways To Make Her Want You

How To Make Her Chase You? – 25 Ways To Make Her Want You

Updated on Sep 01, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How To Make Her Chase You - 25 Ways To Make Her Want You

So, you’re wondering how to make her chase you. You’ve fallen head over heels for her, but she isn’t responding at all. You wonder if she’ll ever notice you among the crowd of men around her. 

Well, the hard truth is she’ll probably never notice you unless you make more effort. You must work super hard to gain her favor, let alone make her chase you. 

But don’t worry, because you can make this dream come true here. So, keep reading!

How to Make Her Chase You? – 25 Ways

Society always expects men to make the first move. But you’re simply tired of doing all the work. In fact, times have changed, and now, both can play the game!

So, it’s not wrong of you to want to be chased and wooed. However, to make this happen, you gotta flaunt your traits and show what she’s missing out on. 

For that, here are all the steps you need to follow!

1. Be funny instead of acting cocky 

Use humor to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere when you interact with her. Crack witty jokes, funny anecdotes, and playful banter. 

Show genuine interest in her and listen actively. Remember, the key is to make her laugh and feel comfortable around you. This will naturally make her want to spend more time with you.

2. Let your confidence ooze

Women can’t resist confident men that know what they’re doing. And the way you speak and act can say a lot about your confidence.

Maintain good posture, speak clearly, and make eye contact. Take the lead in conversations and activities, demonstrating assertiveness. 

Talk about your passions and achievements without bragging. Confidence and kindness will attract her and make her curious about your authentic self.

3. Develop a strong personality

Even if you’re confident about yourself, you’re not the perfect person!

So, focus on self-improvement. Work on your interests and hobbies to develop depth and character. 

Be honest and true to your values, communicate effectively, listen actively, and respect her opinions. 

This will draw her to your personality naturally. She won’t be able to not chase you after this!

4. Be ambitious and work hard

A woman wants a protector and provider in her life. So, you can show that you can be everything she dreams of by being ambitious. This reflects a promising future, making her eager to join your exciting journey.

Set clear goals and work passionately towards them. Be dedicated and driven toward your dreams. Share your aspirations and involve her in supportive discussions. Lastly, be resilient in the face of challenges. 

5. Never cling to her 

Be self-reliant and focus on your own hobbies, interests, and friendships. Show that you have a fulfilling life outside of the relationship.

Give her space to pursue her passions too. Avoid being clingy or needy, as this can be a turn-off. 

6. Be a challenge yet to be overcome

Figure out a balance between showing interest in her and keeping some secrets. 

Make sure you’re not excessively available for her. Of course, you love her and want to be present at her beck and call. But to make her chase you, you need to put some air of mystery. 

When you want your own space, she’d want more time from you and chase you! You will leave her intrigued by your busy lifestyle.

7. Be playful and fun

When you become a source of joy and laughter, it will make her want to be around you more.

So, embrace spontaneity and light-heartedness. Engage in playful teasing and create enjoyable experiences together. Plan exciting and creative dates that showcase your fun side.  Show genuine interest in her interests and be open to trying new activities. 

8. Listen to her attentively

When she opens up to you, show genuine interest in her thoughts and sentiments. Ask open-ended questions to encourage her to share more. 

React compassionately and validate her emotions. Remember the details she shares. Be an attentive and understanding listener to make her feel connected. And she won’t be able to resist talking to you more!

9. Support her in every step of life

To make her desire a deeper connection with you, provide unwavering support. Be her cheerleader and advocate to create a strong emotional bond. 

Encourage her dreams and goals, praise her achievements, and when she feels low, give her that push. Make yourself the irreplaceable person in her life!

10. Show kindness and empathy

Genuine kindness and empathy will make her feel valued and cherished, drawing her closer to you.

So, treat her compassionately, listen actively, and validate her feelings. Be considerate and thoughtful in your actions. Offer support and be there for her during both good and difficult times. 

11. Dress to impress

She won’t chase you unless you make her heart race. For that, focus on your style. Dress appropriately for events, and pay attention to grooming and hygiene. 

Wear clothes that compliment your body shape. A well-dressed appearance shows self-respect and can grab her attention.

12. Make your body attractive

Before she chases you, you need to be drop-dead gorgeous! Yes, a relationship is not all about physical attraction. But this can do magic in drawing her toward you. So, join the gym right now, seek a fitness coach, and follow a healthy diet. 

Moreover, when you’re fit, you live longer and can protect your girl when she needs you. So, your fit body naturally makes you a better mate than others!

13. Be respectful 

Respect her as an individual to make her feel valued and cherished. It will ignite her desire to pursue a meaningful connection with you.

Never violate her boundaries and take consent in all interactions. Show appreciation for her thoughts, feelings, and choices. Avoid demeaning or dismissive behavior. 

14. Show emotional intelligence 

Emotional intelligence fosters trust and understanding, making her feel safe and comfortable around you. This may lead her to seek a deeper connection with you.

So, how to show that?

Be attentive to her emotions and expressions. Empathize and validate her feelings and communicate your own emotions openly and honestly. Avoid being judgmental, and think before you react!

15. Boost friendship 

A strong friendship forms a solid foundation for your bond. It can encourage her to seek a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with you.

So, another way is to invest time in building a genuine and meaningful bond. Engage in shared activities and interests, fostering common ground. 

Treat her like you would treat one of your homies – with utmost respect and care!

16. Let her dominate now and then

Be open to compromise and respect her opinions and decisions. Show appreciation for her leadership and strengths. Avoid being controlling or overly assertive. 

When you allow her to take charge, it makes her feel valued and respected. A healthy balance in power dynamics fosters a healthy relationship.

This encourages her to pursue a deeper and more balanced connection with you.

17. Don’t do anything annoying

Show genuine interest in her feelings and opinions without being overbearing. Listen and observe her cues to understand what makes her uncomfortable. If you notice anything that makes her feel uncomfortable, stop right away!

This will help her grow a fondness for you and believe that you’re worth the chance!

18. Be authentic 

Embrace your true self and be genuine in your interactions. Avoid pretending to be someone you’re not. Show your vulnerabilities when you trust her. Remember, it’s okay not to be brave all the time!

Accept and celebrate your uniqueness. This shows confidence and sincerity, attracting her interest in the real you.

19. Surprise her

Catch her off-guard with unexpected gestures or activities that she finds interesting. If she hasn’t yet opened up about her preferences, listen attentively. Anything she mentions with even the slightest excitement can be a great surprise element. 

It can be a watch she had her eyes on or the tickets to a movie she was excited about. You can also treat her to dinner in a restaurant she mentioned once.

This shows your thoughtfulness and effort, making her feel special and appreciated. 

20. Be the leader in all activities 

When you guys go out together, take the lead. Women love a decisive man by their side! So, initiate most of the planning and organizing. 

However, your plan for the outing may not always work out. This might ruin your image, so be prepared with backup plans. 

Show how well you’re dedicated to the time spent together to make her worthy in your eyes. And once you prove yourself as her dream man, she’ll naturally want you more!

21. Build an emotional connection

Invest time in meaningful conversations and active listening. Share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences openly. Don’t dismiss her when she complains about her life. Never compare her issues with yours.

Instead, be empathetic when she shows vulnerability. Take it seriously when she feels heartbroken over something. Listen to just listen… and not retort with sarcastic comments!

22. Be patient 

Understand that relationships take time to develop. Avoid rushing or pressuring her. Be understanding of her needs and pace, giving her space to process her feelings. 

Communicate patiently to show respect and emotional maturity. This also makes her feel comfortable and valued and encourages her to pursue a deeper connection with you.

24. Befriend her girls!

The path to a girl’s heart is to make friends with her crew. After all, they know every last thing about her. If you can impress them, they’ll put in a good word for you. In fact, they might even leak her certain weaknesses so you can make her crave you more!

25. Flirt and tease

A playful and flirtatious demeanor will pique her interest and make her want to engage in more playful banter with you.

So, maintain a playful and light-hearted approach. Compliment her sincerely but with subtlety. Use light teasing to create a fun and flirtatious atmosphere. 

Be confident and maintain eye contact during these interactions. However, ensure that your teasing is gentle and respectful, and avoid anything offensive. 

25. Don’t react too fast

Women feel turned off by guys that lose their cool too fast. They assume that the man can’t control his reactions. This instills a fear that someday he might also react the same way to you. 

So, learn to be calm and collected despite the situation. Don’t act violently unless you need to protect yourself or someone else. This will help her feel protected rather than afraid. Once she feels that warmth from you, she’ll chase you full-on!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, women are extremely aware beings. One wrong move, and you won’t see her ever!

So, remember to be honest with yourself and never try to play games or manipulate her emotions. 

To make her chase you, build a foundation of trust. Take every step with truthfulness to make this last. 

Lastly, remember that the situation won’t turn in your favor overnight. So, be consistent, and she’ll want you all to herself!

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