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How To Know If A Girl Is Using You Emotionally – 15 Subtle Signs To Know Her True Nature

How To Know If A Girl Is Using You Emotionally – 15 Subtle Signs To Know Her True Nature

Published on Sep 29, 2023

How To Know If A Girl Is Using You Emotionally - 15 Subtle Signs To Know Her True Nature

Are you wondering how to know if a girl is using you emotionally

You like her so much and put a lot of effort into making her happy. You make sure she’s never sad, lonely, or dissatisfied. However, she doesn’t reciprocate most of these. 

You assume that she’s busy, but it happens way too often. Now you feel like you’ve given too much and got nothing in return. 

So, if you feel this way and want to know the truth, dive right in!

How To Know If A Girl Is Using You Emotionally? – 15 Signs 

Whether you’re in a full-fledged relationship with a girl or she’s still your crush, your connection is healthy only if there’s a good balance of emotional give and take. 

However, if things are one-sided, it can get really complicated. It’s not only a red flag for your bond but also poses serious threats to your emotional health. This can even lead to emotional manipulation by the girl!

If you also wish to know whether this woman is using you to fulfill her emotional needs, then keep reading!

1. She rejected you but still wishes to be with you

Has she rejected you multiple times but still acts like you’re her boyfriend? 

If you’re stuck in a confusing loop, then it’s a huge sign that she’s only using you for her emotional support. 

It’s okay to pursue her after being rejected. And if she is truly uninterested, she’ll make it clear to you. 

Instead, if she behaves like you both are a couple, it’s time to rethink your relationship.

2. She calls you only for trauma dumping

Does she call you only when she wants to talk about some issue? 

This, too, is an evident sign that this woman is using you emotionally. She does this so that she can share her own thoughts and feelings with you, dumping her emotional baggage on you. 

As you dive deeper into your feelings for her, she will continue using you for trauma dumping.

3. She has no interest in your life

This one is connected with the previous sign.

Even if she shares her emotional baggage, does she make excuses when you call her up to share something? 

A woman who is emotionally using you will do exactly this. She will keep talking about her day and what she likes or dislikes. 

The moment you start telling her something about your day, she’ll inevitably steer the conversation back to her. She’ll turn her back on you. 

You assume that you’re important because she shares so much. But she’d never do the same favor for you.

4. She is never there for you

When you love a woman, you want her to stay beside you after a bad day. She is the first voice that you wish to hear. 

But, if she seems uninterested or irritated whenever you’re down, it shows her lack of interest in your emotional well-being. 

Any relationship has to work both ways. But a woman whose aim is to emotionally utilize you won’t understand this.

5. She is emotionally dependent on you for too long without progress

Life isn’t easy, and there’s no end to problems. 

Now, whether you’re a friend or a boyfriend, you can totally guide her to improve her emotional state. 

However, if this happens for years and she doesn’t make progress, she should seek professional help. 

If she only leans on you, she’s totally using you emotionally! She doesn’t even care about your emotional wellbeing.

6. She keeps canceling her plans

You both have made plans for the weekend, and you can’t wait to spend some time with her! But out of the blue, just like every other time, she makes up a half-baked excuse and drops out. 

All your efforts and excitement are gone, and she doesn’t even seem that sorry. 

Well, this also shows she’s emotionally using you. After all, she expects you to make time, but she still says no to you.

7. She talks to you about other men

If a woman is truly respectful toward you, even after knowing she won’t reciprocate your feelings, she won’t bring up other guys while talking to you. 

However, women who emotionally abuse their male friends tend to do this quite often. This usually happens if she lacks any other female friends to talk to. Therefore, she knows that you’ll listen to her stories no matter what.

8. She never listens to you but still rants

This has to be one of the most frustrating feelings ever. Whenever she’s upset or wants advice, she’ll always come to you but never actually take any of your advice. 

All she wants to do is rant to you about her problems. but she won’t listen to any solution. 

She just wants you to play along with her emotionally charged moments. But she doesn’t respect your thoughts truly. This it’s another sign of emotionally using you! 

9. She forgets you when she dates someone

The biggest sign that a woman is using you emotionally is when she simply forgets your existence around a different man. 

The moment she is romantically or sexually engaged with someone, she forgets to call or text you. She might even go as far as to hang up on your phone calls. 

You might have thought that you both would build a wonderful relationship together. But all she wanted was emotional support till she found a replacement.

10. She runs to you after every breakup

Just like the previous sign, a woman who only wants your emotional presence will suddenly make you the center of her world after a breakup

The harsh truth is that she can’t handle being single and always requires someone to steady her. 

And when any guy breaks up with her, she has no other choice but to turn to you and use your emotional support and comfort.

11. She doesn’t respect your boundaries

No matter how much you love someone, you have every right to set some boundaries for yourself. 

However, if a woman constantly tries to cross those boundaries and use you for her own needs, you’ll realize it eventually. 

Suppose you don’t wish to be disturbed by phone calls after a certain hour, and you’ve told her this. But she won’t listen to you and keep calling until you pick up.

12. She never expresses her gratitude

It is quite basic to express gratitude to someone who has always comforted you. But when someone is constantly obsessed with their own life, they won’t understand its importance. 

Just a simple “Thank you” or a handmade card saying “I’m so glad you’re in my life” can do wonders. 

But if this woman can’t seem to show any form of gratitude or respect, it’s clear she’s emotionally using you.

13. She makes you clean up after her drama

Wherever she goes, she brings a ton of drama with her. In the beginning, you might have supported her and blamed the ones who seemed to hurt her. 

But now you have started to doubt her. Even when given a choice, she will always choose drama over peace and then make you clear her mess.

If she involves you in every issue, she’s using you emotionally.

14. She never takes responsibility for hurting you

A woman who emotionally uses men knows very well about her actions. However, she won’t show any remorse about it or try to apologize. 

Rather, if you bring up the topic, she’ll blame you or give baseless explanations. Moreover, she might even blame everyone and everything around her for her misery. 

Instead of holding herself accountable for hurting you, she’ll run away from her mistakes.

15. She has only you as her friend

Sure, you can be her best friend, but she must have some other friends, too, right? Unfortunately, a woman who doesn’t respect any person’s emotions and instead emotionally uses others won’t have any friends. 

This is why you’ll see her coming to you for every tiny problem instead of talking to someone else. Perhaps her other friends and close ones have already given up on her.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If most of these signs show up in your case, it’s time to face reality and cut connections. However, it can get quite difficult to get out of this cycle. Especially, if you have strong feelings for her. 

But don’t give up. Keep yourself strong and try to seek help from your loved ones. Have faith, and you’ll gradually be able to move away from her!