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How To Hide A Crush At Work? 15 Effective Ways To Keep It Under Wraps

How To Hide A Crush At Work? 15 Effective Ways To Keep It Under Wraps

Updated on Jan 03, 2024

How To Hide A Crush At Work 15 Effective Ways To Keep It Under Wraps

So you want to know how to hide a crush at work because you’ve caught the feelings for this coworker. For some reason, you don’t want to pursue this connection. Probably, office romance is strictly forbidden, either of you is committed, or something else. 

Well, whatever your reason is, let’s know a way out here…

How To Hide A Crush At Work? – 15 Ways

Your heart beats faster, and you can’t act your usual self when this coworker steps into the room. Your heart says “yes,” but your mind knows that if you walk on this path, only misery awaits. 

So, let’s learn every last small step necessary to keep things hidden! 

1. Make sure you treat them no differently than others

This is the most basic step to ensure nobody gets to know your true feelings. Try to treat your crush like you usually do. Keep your body language and facial expressions in check around them. 

For instance, if you don’t laugh a lot around others, make sure it’s the same around them. This is hard, but you have to be conscious of your actions. 

2. Never let your flirty side come out

When you like someone, your flirty side subconsciously comes out. You may try to make them laugh by cracking jokes. Or you might laugh extra hard if they say something funny. 

Especially if they try to flirt with you, you must avoid reciprocating at all costs. Otherwise, everyone will get a hint of your feelings.

If it’s too hard to avoid initiating flirting, think of something gloomy. Or if they initiate flirting and you don’t want to be rude, change the subject.

3. Keep the touch barrier intact

Again, when you grow feelings for someone, you’re more likely to touch them. This often begins with you getting physically closer to them. 

For instance, you might sit beside them during meetings or in the cafeteria. Or you might lean closer to them while talking. 

You might even playfully slap their arm, flick their forehead, link arms, hug, or put an arm around them. 

All of those are a big NO! These not only show your true feelings but also make you seem unprofessional. So, other than a basic handshake, don’t touch them. 

4. Don’t play favorites

Suppose you, your crush, and others in the office are immersed in a debate. Unless you genuinely agree with your crush’s point, don’t be biased. 

Make sure your decisions or votes are solely yours. Don’t get influenced by your feelings. If it’s hard, focus on separating the suggestion from the individual. 

On the other hand, if you’re in a higher position than your crush, ensure that not all the best opportunities go to your crush. Be fair and give everyone the chance to grow.

5. Take a break from work when it gets unbearable

If you face difficulties keeping your feelings under wraps, you only need some space. Space will help you clear your mind and focus. So, call in sick without feeling guilty – of course, don’t do this too often!

On your time off, have an honest conversation with yourself. Remind yourself why it’s a bad idea to work on your feelings. Convince yourself not to get close to them. 

6. Request working on a different project

If you guys are working on the same project, you’ll have to spend extra time with them. You’ll have to communicate a lot more than usual. It’ll remind you more about your feelings.

If this is your case, request your boss to shift you to another project. If possible, you can ask for a change of cubicles or even departments if it’s that serious. 

Of course, don’t tell your boss the actual reason. Instead, you can say you want something more challenging. For the change in the cubicle, make excuses about lighting. 

7. Don’t discuss anything other than work

Not everyone is lucky enough to get their request to change teams/projects approved. So, if you’re in that situation, then you have to set some serious limits. 

So, make sure all your conversations are only about work. Don’t intrude on the personal territory. Otherwise, you’ll feel a deeper connection with them and have trouble hiding your feelings. 

If they ask you something personal, only give a superficial answer. Don’t get too deep into the details. If they try to make a pass on you, ignore them. 

8. Try to avoid after-office parties

After-office dinners or drinking parties are pretty common in some cultures. These gatherings may make you get closer to your crush. Especially if there’s booze, you may cross your limits.

If you can’t refuse them at all, go along and try to retire ASAP. If you can skip it, do it right away. 

Use excuses like you have to babysit a sibling or a neighbor’s kid. Or, you made plans or feel unwell.

9. Steer clear of direct face-to-face communication

This step isn’t possible in all kinds of professions. However, if you can, avoid face-to-face and one-on-one conversations. If possible, communicate via email or group texts. If face-to-face conversations are a must-do, try to do it in group settings. 

If you’re alone in the break room and they enter, try to leave ASAP, But be natural – if you’re too obvious, you’ll give away your secrets!

10. Set strong boundaries

If you don’t want to work on these feelings, build some strict boundaries and follow them religiously. Remind yourself that if you do, you’ll face whatever consequences there are. 

Even if it’s not an office policy, create an office romance rule in your mind. It’ll help you keep your emotions in check and be prepared to interact with them professionally. 

11. Consider the depth of your feelings

Understand whether you’re just infatuated or in love with your crush. If you find that it’s nothing but superficial attraction, you can always remind yourself that you’re not serious. It’ll motivate you to get over them.

If you think it’s love, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you really know them, their qualities and flaws? – If not, you need to know more about their negative traits.
  • Do you think you’d feel the same if they weren’t in the same professional position? – If not, it’s just an attraction toward power. 

12. Get a reality check about office romance

If word goes out about your crush, it can be extremely messy, especially if you both work in the same department or team. 

If one of you has more power, coworkers will assume someone’s abusing power or playing favorites. 

If your crush is your boss, coworkers might also push you away, worrying you’ll report everything to your boss. 

Moreover, if office romance is forbidden, you might even get fired. 

13. Journal the reasons for hiding it

In a journal, jot down all the issues you might face if everyone gets to know about your crush. 

For instance, termination is one thing. But it might also be that your coworker thinks of you only as a friend, has a relationship, and might get offended. 

Or coworkers might think you’re trying to sleep your way to the top. Or perhaps if you date them and break up later, things will get messy. 

Once you pen them all down, make sure you go through the list every morning before work and at night. This will remind you to be careful at work. 

14. Steer clear from toxic coping mechanisms

Some toxic coping strategies people follow are binge eating junk food and binge drinking. However, that’s not all, some just get addicted to scrolling through social media till late at night as a form of distraction. Others shut themselves in other than going to work and so on.

Identify if you follow anything similar and stop those habits ASAP. If you have difficulty dealing with your emotions, confide in a trustworthy person or a therapist, or even try journaling. Let it all out before it’s too late.

15. Keep yourself busy and distracted

To prevent the thoughts of crush from creeping into your mind, take up some healthy distractions. For instance, try a new hobby like mountain climbing, trekking, art or dance lessons, and so on. 

Make sure you go out and socialize with friends that aren’t from work. Meet new people, and you might find someone better. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Follow these ways strictly to numb your feelings. However, if you can’t get over them easily, don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that catching romantic feelings at work is pretty common. After all, you spend a huge chunk of your time with them. 

However, remind yourself of the consequences of falling in love at work. Look up online support groups and know similar stories. Seek help from them if nobody understands you, and you’ll eventually get over this!

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