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How To Win Your Crush Over Another Guy? – 20 Cool Steps To Show Have Her

How To Win Your Crush Over Another Guy? – 20 Cool Steps To Show Have Her

Published on Jan 03, 2024

How To Win Your Crush Over Another Guy - 20 Cool Steps To Show Have Her

Are you worried about how to win your crush over another guy

She’s smart, funny, pretty, and everything you desire in a woman. You like her so much… but there’s also another guy competing for her. 

Well, no need to be so anxious about losing her because here you’ll know everything to win her favor. So, let’s get started!

How to Win Your Crush over Another Guy?

High-value women always have multiple suitors fighting for them. However, don’t get intimidated by competition. Instead, take this as a challenge to show your masculine prowess and show her you’re worth her. To make that happen, follow these steps…

1. Know your competitor 

Dig in about the other guy and know his strengths and weaknesses. Embrace his strong suits to be no less than him. 

Conversely, if you find his weakness, create a situation that will highlight it in group settings. Suppose he’s short-tempered. On a group outing, build a crisis and ask him to take the lead. 

But don’t be openly mean to him. Otherwise, the girl might sympathize with him, and your plan will backfire.

2. Take care of your looks 

To make her notice and favor you, you need to keep yourself attractive. Workout to build muscles. Build a wardrobe with clothes that suit your figure and demeanor. Or learn to style the clothes well without buying new ones. 

Take care of your skin for a healthy glow. Groom your hair and beard to appear well-put. Use a faint masculine scent and be confident.

3. Never shy away from showing power 

If you’re rich, know to use it wisely. Of course, don’t throw around money to boast you’re loaded. That will only make you seem arrogant. 

Instead, if it’s your best friend’s birthday, get them something expensive. Or pay a bit more for a group party if others fall short.

Remember to use your money meaningfully. Otherwise, you’ll look rich and clueless!

If you have status, use your connections to impress her. For instance, you guys want to have dinner together, but all restaurants are booked. Pull some strings to make the impossible happen!

Conversely, if you don’t have a lot of money or status, don’t try this. You won’t look attractive stretching yourself too thin.

4. Highlight your talents in social settings 

Are you a good singer? Go for karaoke in a group and show her that you have a better voice than the other dude.

If you’re secretly a great guitarist, perform at an event where both your crush and competitor are present.

Are you great at crafts? Suggest decking up a common space – her house, your school/office, etc. – together with decorative materials.

Show her how better you are than the other guy to win her over. 

5. Let her know you’re interested 

Often, when a girl has two suitors, she perceives both of them as “best friends” rather than romantic suitors. So don’t be timid and drop hints right away.

Say, “You’re special,” “I wish we could date,” or anything else. 

Otherwise, she might get swept off her by the other guy. Down the lane, she might tell you that she used to have a crush on you but never approached you because you were her best friend. 

6. Do a background check on her life and interests 

If you aren’t too close to her, look up her social media to learn about her hobbies, values, and bonds with close ones. 

If she’s into eco-conscious drives, follow the basics: no littering, choose recyclables, and don’t waste anything.

If she’s close to her father, ask her to forward a gift to him on his birthday or Father’s Day.

Make sure you don’t take information from age-old posts or like those. Otherwise, she’ll be creeped out.

7. Learn about her taste in men 

Of course, you can’t ask her, “Hey, what’s your type in men?” Even if you do and act like the man she desires, that will seem fake. 

If she wants to be the traditional wife who takes care of the home and children, you must strive to be a provider and protector. Never make her feel less for her choice.

If she wants to be self-dependent, have an open mindset about her work. Be encouraging about her dreams and aspirations.

Naturally develop yourself with her preferences in mind.

8. Create some tension 

Some days, pay special attention to her. Text her a lot, compliment her, flirt with her, and express yourself. Gently brush past her, hold her hands to tease her, and make her feel wanted.

On other days, be more unavailable, focus on your work, tell her you’ll get back later if she texts you and so on.

The push and pull will create tension and make her eager for your attention.

9. Spend one-on-one time with her 

You can’t make her feel attracted to you more than the other guy if you’re always just in group settings. So, when you guys hang out in groups, whisk her away for some solo time. 

For instance, learn about a special space in the same venue and suggest exploring with her. Create memories with just you two to get closer.

10. Get rid of unattractive traits 

No woman likes a needy man who always seeks her attention or feels sad when she doesn’t pay attention to him. Make sure you don’t push her to spend time with you or get emotional if she refuses.

Similarly, you must also not act jealous if she spends time with the other guy. Otherwise, she’ll feel you aren’t mature enough. 

11. Control yourself with an abundance mindset 

When you see her spend time with other guys, you’re bound to feel negative. You feel, “I’m going to lose her” or “My love life will be over if she gets stolen.”

Learn to control such thoughts with an abundance mindset. For that, believe in this: “I’m handsome and talented. If not her, I’ll get another great woman.”

You’ll feel less needy and jealous naturally!

12. Don’t overcompensate with grand gestures 

Many men try to overcome their lack of talent with grand romantic gestures. But as mentioned before, never throw around your money – even if it’s to compensate for mediocre looks.

13. But always plan unique dates

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you must not be romantic at all. Instead, make sure you take her on unique dates. Take her to places that she has never been to – a new hiking spot, a popular food joint she hasn’t been to. Don’t break the bank, but make good memories.

14. Show that you can keep her safe

While walking on the sidewalk, push her on the inner side. On crowded roads, put your arm around her. Don’t let others make inappropriate jokes about her. Be a threat to others but not her. Act like her hero when you can!

15. Be trustworthy

If she tells you a dirty secret about another person, don’t judge the other person. This is a way to test your trustworthiness. 

She’ll know that she can trust you with her secrets if you’re respectful, even about stranger’s secrets. It’ll help you grow closer and get a better chance.

16. Listen to her 

When she confides in you, listen to her without judgment, and don’t rush to find solutions. It’ll make her feel emotionally understood and safe. Validate her emotions and ask if she needs solutions to her problems. 

17. Know her friends 

Get close to her closest buddies and show them you’re a great lad. If you get on their good books, they’ll put in a word for you. 

18. Merge your friend circle 

Plan a group outing with you, her, and both of your closest friends. Your friends can share how much you like her. They can together tease you both until there’s some romantic tension.

19. Notice her 

Did she get her nails and hair done? Does she sound a bit off? Pay attention to her so that you notice the slightest change. This will show how much of a gentleman you are and make her want you in her life.

20. Don’t try to make her jealous

Never flirt with another girl to make her jealous. If she catches feelings for you and sees you getting touchy-feely with other women, she’ll lose respect for you. 

Remember, she also has other options. So she might completely lose interest in you!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

With these steps, be certain that your crush will be yours! She’ll be deeply in love and attracted to you emotionally, physically, intellectually, and much more.

However, if she already has strong feelings for the other guy, this might not work. In that case, step back gracefully, wish them luck, and seek a woman worth you!