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10 Serious Reasons Your Girlfriend Wants Space But Not Break Up & 10 Things To Do 

10 Serious Reasons Your Girlfriend Wants Space But Not Break Up & 10 Things To Do 

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

10 Serious Reasons Your Girlfriend Wants Space But Not Break Up & 10 Things To Do 

So, everything was great in your relationship, but now, out of the blue, your girlfriend wants space but not break up?

In such situations, most men assume the worst about their woman’s character and ruin everything. However, that’s a bad move, and it can utterly destroy your bond. 

Now, if you’re wondering how to go about it, you need to figure out the probable reasons behind her decision. So, let’s head right in…

10 Reasons Girlfriend Wants Space But Not Break Up

A major reason why your girlfriend needs space is probably because she’s tired, either because of your demands, how you act, or how you treat her. 

One thing is for sure: something serious has happened. And you can’t brush things!

So, let’s find the crux of it here…

1. She’s Attracted To Someone Else 

It is possible that your girlfriend does not find you interesting anymore. Instead, she fancies someone else now. 

She is still wondering whether she should continue the relationship with you. She wants to weigh out the pros and cons by taking space.

She doesn’t want to cheat on you. Instead, she wants to make a rational decision before anyone gets hurt/

2. She Does Not Have The Guts To Ask For A Break-Up

Probably, she actually wants a breakup, but she doesn’t know how to say that to you. With the space, she will ease out of the process and finally break up.

3. You Have Selfish Traits

Another reason is that you are extremely selfish and are not concerned about how she feels. So she wants time to deal with it and live for herself meanwhile.

4. You Are Not Attentive Enough

If you are not attentive and do not make it a point to make her feel important, that might be the cause. 

You do not even keep up with the bare minimum to maintain a healthy relationship. She feels neglected, and hence, she is taking time to take care of herself.

5. You Don’t Care About Her Feelings

If you don’t care about her feelings, she does not feel the need to be with you. Perhaps, every time she shares something with you about her day, you downplay her feelings or don’t even listen. Hence, she wants to take time to understand the situation and not break up.

6. Only Your Friends Matter To You

Do you never give her time and instead spend all your time with your friends?

If you have this obnoxious trait, no wonder she needs space. It must have got out of hand, so she wants some time off from the relationship.

7. The Relationship Is Boring

A possible reason is that the relationship has become monotonous because you have become predictable. There’s nothing romantic left between you guys. She wants some time to think about how to add fun to the relationship.

8. She Suspects You Are Cheating

Your girlfriend may want space because she feels that you are cheating on her with someone. She needs time to figure it out and take time to bring feelings for you again.  

She may also want to investigate you. She wants you to put down your guard by letting you know she’s busy.

9. You Are Rude And Disrespectful

If you are extremely rude to her and do not respect her boundaries, that’s another glaring reason. 

You are always on the edge, and this makes her feel anxious. She wants some time off from you so that you understand her worth in your life.

10. You Both Are Always Fighting

A long time has passed since you started dating, and now you are fighting for every possible reason. This makes your relationship extremely toxic, and she wants some time to be away from you and analyze if she wants the relationship.

Now, if you found out the reason and want to make things better, let’s keep reading!

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Wants Space But Not To Break Up?

If you don’t want to lose the woman in your life and save this relationship, you have to put in effort. You can’t just wait until she feels better. 

The best thing you can do now is work on yourself and ensure you give your girlfriend the space. So, c’mon, let’s get into the easy steps here…

1. Accept What She Wants

First of all, let her take that space. It will help her sort out things in her head and give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Understand that she wants the space and has not yet asked you for the breakup. Listen to her and bring a fresh perspective to your relationship.

2. Start Taking Responsibility

A major reason why your girlfriend wants space is because you do not take any responsibility at all. She is probably feeling overwhelmed, so you need to start taking responsibility. 

Try to take a step and give her support. It will show her that you are willing to learn from your mistakes.

3. Have An Open Communication

You must communicate openly with her once she has settled and processed her emotions. Ask her how she feels and try to validate the same. Moreover, you can ask her how she feels and what is bothering her.

4. Shower Her With Love And Support

Just because she wants space, it does not mean she does not want love and support from you as well. 

On the contrary, this is when you need to showcase your feelings for her. You can do the simplest things like sending her favorite flowers or even just taking time and listening to what she is saying.

5. Analyze What You Want And Take Care Of Yourself

It is difficult to handle yourself when your girlfriend says she wants to take time off from you. 

Hence, you need to analyze and understand what might be going wrong from your side. To avoid being overburdened, take good care of yourself.

6. Take Professional Help

If you think that everything is becoming too complex and you cannot deal with it effectively, it is important to seek professional help. 

Get in touch with a counselor who can guide you better. Seeing a therapist could work wonders for you.

7. Let Her Contact You

Instead of you contacting her, let her take the initiative and get in touch with you. There’s no point reaching out to her first as she may not feel good and react negatively. 

So, wait until she feels better and contacts you.

8. Handle With Patience

A very important step to fulfill efficiently is patiently handling the current situation. You must tell her that this does not put you off and that you are ready to wait for her. 

Patience will instill hope in her that you are there for her. So, even if she wants some space, that is fine with you. The relationship matters more to you than anything else.

9. Be Respectful

Your girlfriend’s actions show that something has put her off. Hence, you need to be respectful of her decision.

10. Change Your Obnoxious Traits

Reflect and change your toxic traits. You must work on yourself while she takes time to sort out her emotions. This will give her a perspective that you are ready to make changes and make your relationship grow for the better.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If your girlfriend says she wants space from you, it is a major yellow flag, and you need to be aware of yourself and the relationship. It is best to talk with her and know the reasons from her. 

Until the situation goes out of hand and there is no way you can amend the relationship, don’t give up. It is always appreciated that you try as you can to nurture the bond.

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