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How To Get A Shy Guy To Make A Move? 20 Interesting Ways To Make Him Want You

How To Get A Shy Guy To Make A Move? 20 Interesting Ways To Make Him Want You

Updated on Jan 02, 2024

How To Get A Shy Guy To Make A Move 20 Interesting Ways To Make Him Want You

You have a deep crush on this really cute guy, but he’s extremely shy so you wanna know how to get a shy guy to make a move

Well, trying to get an introverted person to open up can be tricky and might consume your energy more than you think.

But if you are committed enough to make him want you and ask you out, take a look at what you can do.

How To Get A Shy Guy To Make A Move? 20 Ways 

It’s both exciting and challenging to connect with a shy guy. He’s no attention seeker and can be unnervingly quiet. You can’t even tell whether he’s okay with your flirtations. So, it’s essential to tread carefully and make him feel comfortable and valued. 

So, nudge him to approach you romantically with these effective strategies.

1. Engage In Subtle Eye Contact

Eye contact is a great way to convey interest. However, it’s crucial to strike the right balance. Avoid staring for too long, as it can make him feel uncomfortable. 

Gaze into his beautiful eyes for a few seconds, accompanied by a warm smile, and then look away. Have a flirty look while doing this so that the message is loud and clear. 

This subtle approach lets him know you’re interested without overwhelming him.

2. Discover His Interests

To encourage him to open up, focus your conversations on topics that genuinely intrigue him. Find out about his passions, hobbies, and interests. 

Whether it’s sports, books, or other hobbies, show genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for what makes him tick. 

When you make the conversation about him and not about you, he will naturally feel open to you.

3. Initiate And Maintain Conversations

Being shy, he may not readily share his thoughts and feelings. Be prepared to carry the conversation and fill in awkward silence. 

It’s only natural for a shy guy’s mind not to be flooded with thoughts. This is when you need to take the lead.

However, ensure it’s a two-way exchange. Occasionally ask questions that encourage him to share more about himself.

4. Ask Open-Ended Questions

As mentioned, it can be really hard to get a shy guy to talk. Hence, instead of yes-or-no questions, ask ones that require more detailed responses. 

For instance, instead of asking, ‘Do you like music?’ ask, ‘What’s your favourite thing about music?’  or ‘What type of music do you like to listen to?’ 

This approach prompts him to elaborate, fostering more meaningful conversations.

5. Avoid Overwhelming Him With Questions

While it’s essential to ask questions, don’t let it seem like an interrogation. You want your questions to open him up and not shut him down even further.

Thus, have a natural flow of conversation with a lot of momentary silences. Sometimes, comfortable silences can be a natural part of interactions. 

6. Respect His Pace

Shy guys take time to make a move or express their feelings. So, avoid pressuring him into opening up. 

Let him initiate significant conversations when he feels comfortable. Rather than being desperate to make him ask you out, seek other signs that indicate he is interested in you.

If he likes spending time with you, is an attentive listener around you, and smiles at you a lot, he certainly likes you. 

7. Accommodate His Shyness

If you really want him to make a move, have patience and try to understand his shyness. He is probably conscious about something that prevents him from opening up.

Recognize that he may have limitations and discomfort in social situations. Avoid placing him in situations that make him anxious or self-conscious. Show compassion and respect for his shyness.

8. Don’t Highlight His Shyness

While it’s crucial to understand his shyness, avoid drawing attention to it in conversations. Let him bring up the topic if he wishes, and be supportive when he does.

Make him feel understood and not bring him down. Otherwise, it can make him feel self-conscious.

9. Adapt Communication Preferences 

When it comes to communicating, everyone has a different style. While you might be outgoing, he might prefer to take it slow. Hence, be flexible in your communication style

If he’s more comfortable with texting than face-to-face conversations, honour his preference. 

This will make him feel at ease, gradually build a connection, and encourage him to make a move.

10. Strike A Balance In Your Activities

When spending time together, strike a balance between both of your interests. 

Engage in activities of his choice to make him comfortable. Simultaneously, introduce your hobbies and preferences to share more about yourself. 

11. Introduce Him To Friends Thoughtfully

When introducing him to your friends, plan a low-pressure way. Avoid fake spontaneous encounters and discuss your intentions. Choose a comfortable setting for him. 

Don’t make him feel on the spot. Or he won’t have a positive impression of the situation. This can ruin things for you. 

12. Respect His Need For Space

He needs alone time to recharge and process his thoughts. While you are trying to get him to make a move, give him space.

Being shy and introverted, he values his personal space. So, don’t hover around him 24/7. Instead, give him the freedom to take breaks and reflect.

13. Exercise Patience

Building a connection with a shy guy takes time and patience. Let him navigate the pace and initiate things when he feels ready.

Even though he is shy, he is still a guy, and he likes to take control. He likes the chase regardless of his introversion. So, let him set the pace and avoid suffocating him with desperation.

14. Offer Compliments

Boost his confidence with sincere compliments. Acknowledge not only his appearance but also his qualities, morals, and outlook on life. Your admiration can make him feel more secure around you.

15. Use Positive Body Language

Your body language also shows your interest and comfort. Maintain a relaxed and positive demeanour when approaching him. Do not be too domineering, or it might make him retreat. 

Subtle physical contact, like placing your hand on his arm during a conversation, can also signal your attraction.

16. Keep Conversations Light And Playful

Laughter can break the ice and make him feel more at ease. Use humour and playful banter to create a relaxed atmosphere when spending quality time together. 

Light-hearted conversations foster a more enjoyable and comfortable interaction. However, don’t insult him or his shyness. 

17. Don’t Give Up

Sometimes, it might just feel like too much. The thought of giving up can easily pop into your mind. However, patience is key when dealing with a shy guy. 

Don’t give up on the connection just because he hasn’t made a move yet. Wait for the right moment for a more meaningful and authentic relationship.

18. Develop A Bond Of Friendship

All relationships start from friendships. This stands truer when dealing with a shy guy. So, develop a strong foundation of friendship. Be supportive, reliable, and understanding. 

Show him that he can trust and rely on you. But also maintain an element of flirtation to keep the romantic potential alive.

19. Don’t Hesitate To Make The First Move

If you are bold, confident, and sure that he is interested in you, don’t be afraid to make a move first. 

However, remember timing is the key. If the perfect opportunity arises and he hesitates, consider taking the initiative yourself. 

But be mindful of his comfort level to avoid catching him off-guard.

20. Build Trust

Establishing trust is vital for any relationship, as every bond thrives on it. Be consistent, reliable, and a good listener. Be there for him when he needs you the most.

If he confides in you about personal matters, treat his trust with care. As trust grows, he may become more comfortable making a move.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Building a connection with a shy guy requires patience, understanding, and sensitivity. 

By creating a comfortable and supportive environment, you can encourage him to open up and take the initiative when he’s ready.

Try out these tips and make it clear that you are interested in him. This will give him plenty of opportunities to make a move on you and begin a fascinating romance!

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