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How To Attract A Woman Physically? 15 Surefire Ways To Make Her Want You

How To Attract A Woman Physically? 15 Surefire Ways To Make Her Want You

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

How To Attract A Woman Physically 15 Surefire Ways To Make Her Want You

How to attract a woman physically?” has been an age-old question among men. 

But this question strikes a man when he’s attracted to this hot woman. He spends a lot of time together but has never crossed the boundaries of friendship. 

To achieve it, men have tried recycling cheesy pickup lines and spraying their wit and charm all over.

But when it comes to physical attraction, these don’t seem to do the trick. Instead, you must be more methodical to make that happen. So, here is a sneak peek at how it’s done!

How To Attract A Woman Physically? 15 Ways 

Whether this woman is your date, a crush, or a long-time partner, physical attraction can do wonders for your bond. It can help you grow closer, and you’d become irresistible to her. 

However, most men assume attracting a woman “physically” is all about showing her their abs or the unsolicited you-know-what pictures… or their size. 

But hey, there are way better and more effective ways to reach your goals than that. So, let’s dig in!

1. There Must Be Some Attraction From Beforehand

Before you try to physically attract her, she must find you appealing, even if it’s a bit. After all, if she’s not into you, no amount of grooming of looks and character can help you.

She need not be madly in love with you. But there should be a hint of liking.

Your chances skyrocket if she thinks you’re entertaining, engaging, and safe to be around. 

2. Embrace That Every Woman Is Unique

Some women are drawn to men who value stability and dependability. Others want a little excitement and adventure in a mate. 

Some want casual and enjoyable contacts. Others may seek a committed, long-term partnership.

Furthermore, one woman may be attracted to a man because of his powerful forearms, while another may be drawn in by his captivating gaze. 

Understand that different women have different interests. With this mantra in mind, you increase your chances, as you won’t give up easily and try new ways. 

3. Discover Her Desires

Spend some time learning about her tastes. Is she a party animal who longs for an adventurous and carefree partner? Or is she more scholarly and likes working hard and being focused? 

Find out what she wants to unlock her heart. This way, you can personalize your approach and engage with her more deeply. It’ll increase the chances of being physically attracted to you.

4. Adapt To Her Changing Needs

It’s important to understand that women’s wants may change over time. 

At some time, an intellectually curious woman might be drawn to a carefree and daring guy. A party girl, on the other hand, might yearn for a calmer, more laid-back man. 

It takes a little more work to keep up with her needs. So learn to anticipate her interests in men and adjust accordingly.

5. Be Authentic To Yourself

Be genuine with yourself to let her decide if you’re her type or not. Never try to pose as someone you’re not. Forging a true connection requires authenticity.

If you try to be someone you’re not, it can also make the physical attraction wane soon. A façade is also far more demanding and difficult than being genuine and true to oneself.

6. Exude Confidence

A lady wants a man who comes across as confident and self-assured. So it’s important to know your value and feel deserving of being with this lady. 

But be careful not to seem arrogant. Overconfidence may be extremely off-putting, brazen, and unapproachable, which will hurt your chances of making a connection.

7. Focus On Her Feelings

To physically entice her, try to provide a favorable emotional experience for her. Make her feel at ease, lively, and seductive by flirting with her. Respect, kindness, and a dash of flirting are the keys to successful encounters. 

Make her feel secure and content in your company. Use subtly seductive gestures to create sexual tension that sparks desire. 

8. Always Maintain Good Hygiene

She won’t be attracted to you just because you dress nicely. It is, nonetheless, important to maintain good hygiene.

Remember to brush your teeth, maintain fresh breath, take frequent showers, and wear deodorant or pleasant-smelling perfume to make a good impression. 

Before you meet her, take care of any odor issues with your shoes. If you don’t take care of your basic hygiene requirements, she might not want to be close to you.

9. Avoid The ‘Friend’ Pretense

Be upfront about your desire for a romantic relationship. Instead of acting like a platonic friend, flirt, give compliments, and show interest in her. 

Being a friend to her might give her the impression that you aren’t looking for something more. 

You can be demoted to the friend zone as a result of this. Then you’ll be forced to watch someone else capture her when it should have been you.

10. Keep The Flirting Alive

Flirting is crucial to establishing and maintaining sexual tension. So, maintain eye contact, add light touches, make flirtatious comments, and project physical confidence. This strengthens your relationship with her. 

These provide the groundwork for a more personal connection. Flirting helps determine whether there is any chemistry between you two.

11. Avoid Being Overly Touchy 

Many guys think that making physical contact with women is a good approach to arouse their physical interest. They are partially correct, but only if done sensitively.

For instance, a little touch on her upper back when she enters a room might be suitable. But don’t touch her in intimate areas without consent. 

It’s best to generally respect her personal space. She’ll admire your prudence and enjoy it.

12. Text Wisely 

A wonderful way to start a discussion and determine shared interests is through texting. But never send explicit images. 

Via texting, create a close connection, but be careful not to text her excessively. 

Don’t send intimate texts until that sort of connection has been established. Most women aren’t comfortable with such texts unless they have already been intimate with that man.

13. Embrace A Patient Approach 

Many guys tend to move too quickly. However, a passionate relationship can only be developed with a patient approach. 

Your sole intention must not be to bed her on your first date. So, take your time to create tension and chemistry.

14. Be The Best Version Of Yourself 

The first step to physically attract a woman is to work on yourself. It may surprise you, but this is unquestionably true.

On the other hand, it’ll be difficult to entice her if you aren’t your best self. Otherwise, you won’t feel secure in your skin. 

So, to become more appealing, work on yourself and reach the best position in your life – financially, professionally, personally, socially, and so on. Believe in who you are and what you want out of life.

15. Stay Calm And Relaxed

To ensure that she feels physically attracted, don’t appear tense or rigid. Project a sense of openness and calm to naturally attract women. This will help you be perceived as warm and exciting. Women will notice you a lot more if you are more laid back. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

With these little ways, you can definitely physically attract her. So, give these a try and wait until she’s head over heels for you. 

However, it’s way more important to remember – all women aren’t the same. So, when you try a trick, make sure you gauge her reaction. Understand if she likes it, and continue only once she gives you the green signal!

Other than that, make her feel precious and be authentic – you’ll see how much more she’d be attracted to you!