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How To Flirt With Your Crush? 20+ Marvelous Tips To Make Their Heart Skip A Beat

How To Flirt With Your Crush? 20+ Marvelous Tips To Make Their Heart Skip A Beat

Published on Nov 30, 2023

How To Flirt With Your Crush 20+ Marvelous Tips To Make Their Heart Skip A Beat

Are you wondering how to flirt with your crush? Perhaps whenever you’re around your crush, you feel tongue-tied and cannot speak much.

Well, you’re not struggling alone! In fact, this happens to the best of the best. So, there’s no reason to give up. Have faith that you can make your crush’s heart skip a beat with your flirty gestures. 

So, if you’re ready to get started, let’s head in!

How To Flirt With Your Crush? 21 Tips

While flirting with your crush, remember that you do not make it vulgar. You want to send them signals that you are interested in them. But at the same time, you do not want to cross all the lines and make it cheap. 

After all, the ultimate desire is to instill a spark and ensure they are equally interested in you. Be it some playful texts or slightly changed body language, there are quite a few things that you can do to flirt with your crush!

So, let’s dive right in…

1. Follow And Interact With Them On Social Media

Follow your crush on Instagram as well as Snapchat. Ensure that they understand that you are constantly following their stories. To make it more obvious, like and comment on each post they upload. 

This will let them know that they are on your radar. They’ll understand that you feel a little something for them and you are giving them the attention that a crush gets.

2. Make Eye Contact 

A simple eye contact goes a long way. But it does not mean that you keep staring at them and make them self-conscious or shy. 

Rather, you can steal glances and ignite a spark. It is a subtle way to make your crush notice you and let them know that you might be interested.

3. Ace It With Emojis 

If you want to flirt with your crush, it does not mean that you have to write big texts and paragraphs. Instead, you can use some selected emojis. 

These emojis have some double meanings, and your crush will wonder if you are innocent or flirting with them. 

For instance, use a purple heart or even kissy faces. This will make them wonder if you want something more!

4. Initiate Small Conversations

Often, most people feel scared that if they initiate a conversation with their crush, the crush will they’re clingy or pushy. But it is wrong to think that way.

In fact, the best way to go about the process is by initiating small conversations!

Start by saying something like a simple “hi” when you walk past them, or just ask them, “How have you been?” 

They will be flattered that you have put that effort into striking up a conversation with them!

5. Invite Them To Hang Out

If you want it to be clear that you are flirting with them, invite them to hang out with you and your group. This is quite a clear signal without being extremely blatant about it. 

You can also invite them for more extravagant events like a sleepover party or even a small get-together. The more you act forward and initiate chances of talking, the more you will highlight your personality to your crush.

6. Say Something Simple And Carry On The Topic

Start the conversation with something simple. For instance, tell them that you forgot to note down the homework and want their help. Or ask them where they got their jacket from and how you can place an order for the same for your siblings. 

Once you start the conversation, make an effort to continue the same. If you try to make the conversation interesting, you’ll be able to show how much they’re into you. They’ll know that you want their attention and you’re flirting hard for it!

7. Ask Light Questions

Nobody shows interest or wants to know about the other person unless they like them. Hence, try to pose small questions about their hometown or favorite movie genre.

Ask simple and light questions for an insight into their life and personality. It will also give them a hint that you are interested in them and want to know more about them. 

8. Compliment Them

This is a tried and tested method, and the best part is that it always works like magic. Throw in a small compliment like “I love the way you have styled the outfit.” 

Remember to compliment them like you mean it and you are taken aback by how they look. This will make them smile and even blush! It is exactly this start that you need when you want to start flirting with your crush right away.

9. Go For Small Casual Touch

Brush their arm casually while you are talking, or just lean slightly towards them. This is the best way to let your crush know you are interested in them and like them. If they reciprocate, then you can take it forward from there.

Disclaimer: Don’t be overly physical. Keep it subtle, and your crush will go crazy and know that you are flirting with them!

10. Offer Your Food

If you two are in the same space, then try to offer your food to them. Say something like, “I especially got these sandwiches made by my mom for you.” It will communicate to them that they are special, and you might be trying to flirt with them.

11. Gently Tease Them

Smirk at them or just tease them in a slightly different tone. If your crush is interested in you, this will make them go crazy. 

Just remember that there is a slight line between being playful and hurtful. So, you do not want to cross the line if you like them.

12. Send Fun Memes

Meme sharing is a new-age method of flirting, and the best thing is that you can go quite wild with it. 

Share memes with them about flirting. And they will blush thinking about whether you are actually flirting or just sharing a meme. 

If they respond to your memes, carry on texting with a flirty undertone and send relatable, flirtatious, and cute memes. 

13. Do Not Put Them On A Pedestal

If you put them on a pedestal, this can make them have a superiority complex or God complex. They may then slowly get used to the attention and not feel attracted to you at all.

So, you need to avoid praising them constantly. Don’t always say things like they are always right or how great they are. 

14. Don’t Shy Away To Make The First Move

Many people think that they cannot ever make the first move. They worry about offending their crush. 

However, if you are within your boundaries and flirt with your crush without making them uncomfortable, you don’t have to worry about that!

So, making the first move can work in your favor if you keep that in mind. 

15. Don’t Start To Flirt Immediately After The First Meet

If you have just met with them and do not know anything about them, it is a wise decision not to start flirting with them immediately. Give them some time to get comfortable with you, and then start flirting. 

This way, you won’t make them extremely conscious. Otherwise, they’ll start ignoring and avoiding you.

16. Avoid Having Friends In Between

Many people think that flirting in the right way means having friends in between who will play the cupid. But, this often becomes disastrous. 

Your crush might think you are behaving like a kid and have no guts to face them. Hence, it is best to avoid having any friends in between at all.

17. Cheesy Pick Up Lines Are A Big No

Cheesy pickup lines are more effective among long-term couples who try to add a hint of humor. But you guys don’t have that sort of rapport because they’re just your crush!

So, if you flirt using cheesy lines, it’ll mean that you are too mushy and faking it. Hence, the best thing you can do is keep it genuine and avoid being too flowery, as it can go against you.

18. Don’t Pretend Or Change Yourself

This is the phase where they start to know you. So, if you pretend to be someone else, they will have a false perception of you. It will make a shaky foundation of your connection!

So, while flirting with your crush, make sure you act like yourself. Be completely and unapologetically you.

19. Look At Their Lips

A great method to flirt with your crush is by looking at their lips while talking. Not only that, you can also bite your lips slowly while looking at theirs. It clearly indicates that you want something more to happen.

20. Drop A Smile

A beautiful and dazzling smile can go a long way. Many people do not understand the power of their smile at all. 

So, a way to flirt with your crush, even if you are not talking to them, is to throw a smile at them. Be a little coy while smiling at them to clearly indicate that you are flirting.

21. Be A Bit Playful

Flirting – at all times – needs to be lighthearted and fun. So, be playful with your body language and choice of words. This can make a stronger impact than being too sensuous. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

With the above tips and tricks, your flirting game around your crush will be much stronger. However, don’t be too serious about it or be disappointed if they don’t show interest.

Remember, they also need time to warm up to you. So, ultimately, you must be friendly and stay within your limits to show that you’re not a threat. 

Once they know you mean no harm, things will gradually take off in the right direction!