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How To Be Heartless In A Relationship? – 20 Ways To Keep Your Heart Closed

How To Be Heartless In A Relationship? – 20 Ways To Keep Your Heart Closed

Updated on Sep 18, 2023

How To Be Heartless In A Relationship - 20 Ways To Keep Your Heart Closed

After a lot of pain and agony, you want to know how to be heartless in a relationship. You were a warm-hearted partner, but they probably didn’t repay your kindness. 

Now you see you can protect yourself better if you hide your emotions. You feel they’d value you more when you harden your heart. 

Well, dive in to make that happen!

How To Be Heartless In A Relationship? – 20 Ways

You might want to be heartless as revenge on your partner or to protect yourself from being hurt. Whichever it might be, make sure you think things through. Figure out if you can sort out your issues with communication. 

But if you’re hell-bent on embracing this change, follow these ways…

1. Avoid social situations with your partner

If you want to become emotionless, avoid attending social situations with them. This might be attending an event together or visiting a movie or a restaurant. It will convey that you do not want to spend much time with them.

2. Reduce your communication

Stop communicating with your partner as much as possible. Even if you cannot stop it altogether, the best thing to do is reduce the intensity or the number of texts. 

Also, shift to extremely brief messages instead of long explanatory ones.

3. Put yourself first

Stop putting your partner or the relationship first. The major trait of a heartless person in a relationship is that they always put themselves first. Prioritize everything that matters to you and your welfare instead.

4. Don’t entertain drama

When you show heartless behavior, your partner can act dramatically. They can cry or even question why you are doing this. 

The ideal reaction to this is to maintain your demeanor and avoid drama. Don’t let that bother you, or else you will not be able to be up at your game.

5. Don’t feel helpless

If you start to feel helpless in the relationship, then there are chances you will fail at being heartless. 

Feel that you own the stage; nobody can be as heartless as you are now. It will help you to do your part with more sincerity.

6. Stop validating

The best way to become heartless is to stop validating your partner’s feelings. When you validate and understand their troubles, it will also make you vulnerable. 

Let them know you are different from the partner who will validate everything they are going through.

7. Do not apologize

Remember to never apologize for anything. If you apologize to your partner, it will make it look like you understand what went wrong and take responsibility for it. 

Instead, to be more heartless, don’t accept your mistake and never say a “SORRY.”

8. Don’t let them overpower you

Never allow your partner to control your relationship. Instead, take up the chains in your hand. If you let them overpower you, it would mean you are emotionally weak. And this can’t be a characteristic feature of a heartless person. 

Instead, always try to be in the driver’s seat and overpower them. Being heartless requires a lot of strength, and the more you overpower, this strength will get reflected.

9. Express your negative feelings

If you feel something negative about the partner, always say it out loud. It will ensure they understand you do not feel bad about what they are going through after listening to you. 

Specifically, if you feel something obnoxious that can hurt your partner’s sentiments, always say it aloud. It will be even more believable if you just stop caring about what they might feel or go through.

10. Reaffirm your choice to be heartless

If you want to start being heartless in a relationship, it is because of a reason. You have felt something for a very long time and not acted on it.

Remember why you took the decision and reaffirm it. Make yourself understand that you want to do it for a reason, and you will feel empowered to be more heartless in the relationship.

11. Make your decision and stick to it

Whether it’s a personal or professional decision, stick to what you decide. Be so heartless that you won’t even consider your partner’s wishes in making life decisions. Never entertain any opinion from them, even if they beg.

12. Don’t share positive feelings

Do not share with your partner if you are happy or over the moon.  You should never share any good news. This will show that you don’t want them to be a part of your happiness.

13. Don’t go back to the “Good Times”

Don’t reminisce about the good times if you want to be heartless in a relationship. Otherwise, you will feel all those emotions and might even fall weak. 

Instead, try to block the memory of the good times and move past them. Even if your partner discusses the same, walk away from the conversation.  

14. Remember, you are powerful

Being heartless is not easy. It takes a lot of self-conviction and determination not to feel anything toward someone you fell in love with. 

So, remind yourself that you are extremely powerful. You can be heartless to your partner and have the power to move past it. Chant this like a mantra until you truly feel strong.

15. Get yourself busy

Make yourself extremely busy with activities you love. It will ensure you do not think much about the relationship and fall weak. This will also empower you as you’ll invest more time and energy in yourself.

16. Don’t be happy with their achievements

Don’t rejoice with them if they have achieved something and are extremely proud and happy about it. Instead, undermine their achievement by saying that anybody could do it and that it is normal.

17. Don’t be gentle to your partner

Never treat your partner gently if you want to be heartless. Instead, be extremely aggressive but refrain from showing it physically. Be rough in your words and attitude only. 

18. Don’t abide by their requests

If your partner requests you anything, do not abide by them. Reject the request right on the face without even considering it. Showcase the same behavior irrespective of what they request and how much they plead with you.

19. Take your own space

Always take up your own space and never compromise it for your partner. Even if they request you to share your space and want to be a part of it, do not give up your space.

20. Express indifference towards them

Show that you do not care whether they are here or not with you. It will make you more heartless and portray that you are not concerned by their presence in your life.

For instance, if they share anything bad about their day, don’t react to it. Instead, lead the way with apathy. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

Being heartless in a relationship is not easy; it takes a lot of will and effort to maintain it constantly.  This will be a hard ride, especially if you are excessively emotional and sensitive. But practice makes perfect, so keep trying, and you’ll make it!

Lastly, make sure you don’t continue the charade for too long. If you’re doing it because your partner hurt you, reconsider your relationship. 

After all, acting differently is equally taxing on your emotions. So, choose what works best for you wisely!

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