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Eskimo Brothers: What it Means and What Should You Do When You Find One?

Eskimo Brothers: What it Means and What Should You Do When You Find One?

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Eskimo Brothers - Meaning, Significance and Things You Need to Know

The word Eskimo Brothers leave many confused... like you.

The first thing that pops up in our minds when you hear the term “Eskimos” are the people who live in igloos.

But no, that’s not what it means.

In the modern era, this term is often used for two men dating and sleeping with the same girl.

This might sound stupid and impossible but hey, it’s possible – the world is small, a lot smaller than any of us can imagine.

But to be able to relate to the storm you’ll have to know everything about it from scratch. Are we ready for this? Yes? Let’s roll!

Eskimo Brothers Infographic

Eskimo Brothers What it Means and What Should You Do When You Find One
Eskimo Brothers What it Means and What Should You Do When You Find One

Eskimo brothers meaning

When two males acknowledge having sex with the same girl and remain on good terms, the men are called Eskimo brothers.

The official definition of Eskimo brothers on Urban Dictionary says,

“When two males acknowledge having been intimate with the same female and remain on good terms, the men are now bonded by having shared the same igloo at one time or another.”

So, Eskimo brother is a term that refers to men who’ve shared the same “Igloo” or slept with the same person.

But what gave this relationship such an innovative name? Where does the term is Eskimo brothers come from? Here’s your answer.

Where did the term Eskimo brothers come from?

Popularized in the second episode of an American TV sitcom, The League, Eskimo Brothers has become a common term in the modern dating world.

The term Eskimo brothers was first popularized by the second episode of the American TV sitcom, The League.

From Mexican origins to TV shows, this term has come a long way and is now often a topic of discussion.

While mostly the word keeps floating on the internet, people often tend to use it wrongly because of partial or less knowledge about its meaning and significance.

The idea originally popped up after an “igloo” was perhaps shared by two men. Well, yes, that’s where the term actually came from and seriously it’s nothing worth the hype at all.

It’s a small world, and this kind of experience is bound to happen with many of you.

Now the question is: why are they called Eskimo brothers? What’s the connection between real life Eskimos and Eskimo brothers? How are both the things related?


Why Is It Called Eskimo Brothers?

The inventors of this term have basically drawn a similarity or relatability between a situation where two Eskimos have survived in one igloo… and two men have slept with one woman.

I know it’s a bit tacky… but it is what it is.

The woman with whom both the guys share a history of being physically intimate is referred to as the igloo, and the guy friends are called Eskimo brothers.

The idea is not bad though… Pretty creative in fact!

But who uses this word? What’s its use or significance?

What is the significance of the word Eskimo brothers?

The word basically addresses the relationship of two or more men who have been in bed with the same woman.

No, it’s not that both men sleep with the same woman, at the same time, and in the same place. We are not talking about creating a threesome history here.

In fact, most times, this happens without any prior knowledge or consent of the brothers.

You may be absolutely unaware of the fact that the girl with whom you are sleeping has already slept with a male friend of yours.

However, in some cases, even when guys know that the girl they love has been in a physical relationship with their male friend, they accept her for what she is in the present, without giving her past much attention.

After learning the meaning, the origin, and the implication of the word, it’s time to roll some practical stuff into the matter.

So, the first thing first, let me tell you a few facts that you must know about this concept.

Things you need to know about Eskimo brothers

Eskimo Guys are not ashamed of the fact that they’ve been sharing the same “igloo”. In fact, some of them discuss the relationship that they share very casually. A little unexpected, right?

But there are so many unexpected truths and facts about the Eskimo brothers that this article is going to unfold in the following points. So don’t stop scrolling!

1. You may not know if you’re an Eskimo brother already…

Dude, this is not the 19th century where you will find women with no sexual history.

In today’s times, sex, with multiple people of their choice, is a normal thing. Whatever their gender might be, they are free to act on their own will.  

Hell yes, at times, without knowing, the woman you are sleeping with has perhaps already slept with a friend of yours.

Your friend, without knowing, has already slept with the girl in a relationship with you. Or maybe you, without knowing, are sleeping with your best friend’s ex!

All the three of you may be totally unaware of this fact…

2. There is no defined relationship between the Eskimo brothers

Sleeping with the same person does not force you to follow some sort of tradition. You don’t need to share stories with each other, chill.

You only slept with the same person… That’s it!

It’s not important to remain in touch with your Eskimo brother and be friends with them. In fact, sometimes, Eskimo brothers don’t interact at all.

3. Eskimo brothers don’t end up being enemies

They can’t claim ownership of the woman they’ve both been in a relationship with… and that’s exactly why Eskimo brothers don’t end up as rivals.

This is not a deal where either of them can choose to do as you wish. Even if both of you are in a serious relationship, it’s less ideal for the past history to bother you much.

It’s the woman’s choice who she wants to hook up with, and you don’t have a say on that. Thus, Eskimo brothers must have nothing to do with rivalry and jealousy.

4. Eskimo sisters is also a thing.

Yes, you heard that right!

Two women may also wish to sleep with the same guy…. And that’s when they’re called “Eskimo sisters”

So, you guys aren’t the only ones who wish to share the same igloo… women can too.

5. People commit to a serious relationship even after being Eskimo brothers

There are chances that you know that your present girlfriend has a past history with a man who you know very well; and you may still choose to commit to the relationship.

The Eskimo brother is not going to come in between, because anyway he wasn’t serious about the relationship, and now has nothing to do with the girl.

So, these were a few facts about Eskimo brothers, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you find your Eskimo brother.

Yes, I know that these so-called codes of conduct between Eskimo Brothers can be extremely annoying but if you start following the footsteps, you will be on the benefitting end.

Things to do if you find your Eskimo Brother

Wait, he is not your step brother. So, just stop rubbing your nose.

Give your mind a gentle pat and think about the moments when you actually bump into the same person in a club dancing away with your girlfriend. Did you start giggling? Or did it put you off?

I know where you’re coming from.

How to carry the conversation ahead can be extremely overwhelming… So here’s a quick guide to help you avoid the embarrassment.

1. Keep the truth to yourself

I know it’s quite the opposite to the golden rule of “Never keep the truths hidden” but it’s for the best of both parties.

Keep the facts to yourself and just move on. If they don’t know it, no need to tell them.

When they have nothing to do with the girl anymore, why would you want to poke? Let them live in peace.

People indulge into sex for countless number of time in a lifetime, they don’t remember all the partners.

Who knows that the girl herself has forgotten? And even if she knows, I’m sure she will not go to him to unveil the truth. So, you should stay out of the conversation.

2. Don’t dig into details

If you know the other guy who slept with her in bed, that’s all you should know about. You really don’t have to pry and know how good she was with the other guy in bed, or ask him out for a coffee.

Do you really want to sit with the other lad and compare your sex skills? No dude! Be a man. Just knowing the fact that you both slept with the same lady is enough. Don’t make it a big deal

Do not try to befriend him because you’re curious about the history. No one will be interested in knowing how you felt or how they felt.

3. Don’t wage a competition war

You guys often tend to become competitors. Men will be men. Come on, if you see the girl sleeping with someone else after she slept with you, that does not mean you will try to rob her away.

Are you seriously competing for such things? Bro you need to seriously find better topics to compete on.

She didn’t see a future with you and that’s why you both parted ways. No need to poke your nose in her life.

And the same applies for the other guy. You don’t have to get into a crazy competition with the previous guys she has been with… in an attempt to prove yourself better.

4. Don’t judge with biased eyes

Honestly, this is only your ego screaming.

If you think that this “new” guy is a douchebag because he’s sleeping with a girl from your past, you’re blinded with ego.

Take it easy, buddy. He has all the right to pursue a girl if she is single, no matter if she was one from your past.

Don’t change your opinion about him solely on these grounds… and of course, never bad mouth him.

5. Don’t pursue her, if she is committed

Congratulations, the guy knows that you’ve already slept with his girlfriend. So?

Now she is with someone else and yes you are not on her list. Don’t make things complicated for her. It’s not done. Move on.

And if she ever breaks up with him and wants you back, you might probably miss out on what you were going to get.

7. Don’t befriend her again

If you already are good friends with the girl, there’s no problem. But if you are planning to befriend her again because you’re too insecure about this guy she is sleeping with, don’t do that.

Don’t go close to her with an intention of developing any special bond, all over again. It’s not fair, not for her… not for you… and also, not for him.

8. Don’t let jealousy creep in

There is seriously no room for jealousy. The girl you’ve slept with has her own life and rules.

If you have come to know that she has slept with another man in the past, then just let it go.

Don’t screw up your brain unnecessarily. You have your girl now, so why let the negativity and jealousy influence your life.

In case you’re the man she slept with before moving to your friend, relax!

She is not in a relationship with you so if she wants to indulge in some dirty fun with your friend and your friends agree to it, let them go ahead with it. You don’t have a say on either of their lives.  

9. Value your friendship

As it may happen, you may suddenly find out that your Eskimo Brother belongs to your gang and you have a common friend.

Don’t squabble like toddlers! You shouldn’t have any deep grudges against your friend who has slept with the woman you’re now dating or sleeping with.

Perhaps you’ve been friends with this guy long before the girl came into your life. If she is a wonderful lady, this is no reason to ditch her.

If your friend is a true friend then this is no reason to break your bond with him.

They both have a common past but that’s just about it… PAST and nothing else.

Don’t make a big deal out of it.

10. Do you have to be friends with your Eskimo brothers?

You and your friend might have had a special bond, previously, but being an Eskimo brother is just accidental and not an intention.

When you meet, both of you exchange a glance, and a smile, and keep moving like a normal day. There is nothing to stop and talk about.

If you were already friends, you should continue to be friends, and if you were already in a hate trap, then try to at least let go of that.

There’s no defined relationship that you must share with your Eskimo brother. You can both be casual and indifferent to each other.

After reading all the above points, I am sure you still have something that’s bothering you. But the question is, should it bother you? If yes, then why… if not, then why?

Should being Eskimo brothers be a problem at all?

No, absolutely not. The world is made for exploration and experiences. Not every experience should change your life decision.

Let’s face it head-on: It’s extremely natural to be an Eskimo brother with someone in the modern world. With the world and its trends running crazy, people have enormous freedom to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

With freedom comes the opportunity to explore. And with explorations, come experiences. Well, experiences are just experiences, it all depends on how you perceive it.

What you have and what you want from life is all that matters. The past is gone, and the future is still in your hands, or in your stars.

In the end, what’s gonna happen? Let’s say you are in a relationship with someone, a pretty serious one. Later you realize that they’ve slept with your best friend. You realize being Eskimo brothers with a best friend then. So what?

Honestly, What’s Gone Should Never Affect Your Present Or Future!

If you were at her place, you would want her to understand and accept your past, without making judgments and unfair decisions. That’s exactly what you should do.  

And in the second case, where you find out that your ex has been sleeping with your friend, there’s only one thing that you should know: if you have slept with anyone in the past, it doesn’t make her your property.

So, in both cases the bottom line remains the same: An Eskimo brother is not a problem to your relationship and vice versa.

Should we stop using the word Eskimo brothers?

Some people find the word extremely derogatory and inappropriate. So, should we stop using the word Eskimo brothers to depict such a relationship between men?

Well, for this you need to learn about the three strong reasons that oppose the use of this word.

1. According to the Alaska Native Language Center, the word Eskimo is considered derogatory. It’s a term used to cover “all Inuit and Yupik people that were ascribed by non-Inuit people.”

The term Eskimo is also compared to another offensive term Oriental, and that gives a fair reason to stop using the term.

2. Secondly, the word Eskimo seems to relate to a historical fact: Inuit men used to lend their wives to guests just to show hospitable and warm welcome.

Nobody can claim the accuracy and authentication of this historical fact, and it’s totally debatable. So, the origin and usage of the word basically question the tradition of Inuit people.

3. Last but the most important reason to stop using this word is its effect on women. Why is she being dragged in as a “hot topic” for such a personal discussion? What is her role in the game?

It seems like she is being used as a GLUE who holds both the men together. I’m sure no girl would like to be referred to as “igloo”, or become a topic of hot gossip among two men.

Keeping all these reasons and the women’s honor in mind, it’s best to stop using this term to define this relationship.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, the world is small.

It may happen that at one point in your life, you discover that the girl you’ve slept with in the past is now hanging around with your best friend.

Or that the girl you’re dating has had a history with one of your close friends.

But so, what? There’s no if, but or why and when to it.

It’s just a discovery and it is best to treat it as a discovery only. Just like the other truths and facts about your life.