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Trophy Husband – A Golden Guide Leading to Riches!

Trophy Husband – A Golden Guide Leading to Riches!

Updated on Jan 29, 2024

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

Trophy Husband - A Comprehensive Guide To Become One

You may have heard of a trophy wife. But have you heard about “trophy husband?” If a trophy wife points towards attractive young girls marrying older wealthy men, does a trophy husband mean the same?

Let’s find out all about it in this comprehensive think-piece. 

What is a Trophy Husband?

A trophy husband is typically someone handsome, successful, and well-educated. He may also be younger than his wife/partner and relies on their spouse to support their financial needs and lifestyle.

A trophy husband is a man who is married to a trophy wife. The term is usually used in a derogatory way, suggesting that the man is nothing more than arm candy for his partner. However, some men embrace the term and see it as a badge of honor. 

In some cases, a trophy husband will stay at home with the kids while his wife/partner goes to work. Studies show that women are increasingly likely to out-earn their husbands, making the role of stay-at-home dad more common.

While having a trophy husband can be seen as a status symbol, it’s important to remember that marriage is for life, not just for show.

A trophy husband is a man who is married to a woman for reasons other than love or companionship. Typically, trophy husbands are wealthy or otherwise successful men who are married to beautiful women.

In some cases, trophy husbands may be older men who are married to much younger women. In other instances, trophy husbands may be attractive men who are married to less beautiful women. 

Signs of a Trophy Husband

While the term “trophy husband” is often used in a joking or disparaging way. Wondering what could be the apparent signs of a trophy husband? Then, here are some to clear the air. 

1. They are extremely attractive

First of all, a trophy husband is usually very attractive. He may also be wealthy, successful, and well-educated. In addition, he is typically much younger than his wife, flaunts a good body and is always well-dressed. 

2. They have a successful partner

A trophy husband is typically defined as a man who is married to a woman/partner who is significantly more successful than he is.

So, if their spouse is a high-powered executive while they are still working their way up the corporate ladder, there’s a good chance that they fit the description of a trophy husband.

3. Their partner is a bossy one

A trophy husband is subjected to the bossiness of their better half. If the spouse is the boss at the workplace, the exact role also continues at home!

The spouse is conscious of their likes and dislikes and forces them onto the husband too.

The husband must always align his preferences with their choices and make decisions. Actually, he doesn’t have to make any decision because the spouse does it for him every time. 

4. He relies on his partner’s schedule

Trophy husbands do not have a schedule of their own because it depends on their partner’s timetable. They do not make any plans. They fear their absence might hamper their relationship.

What if their partner needs them and they are not around? Their partner will have to tackle everything alone. Therefore, they make themselves available all the time.

5. They are equally good in bed

Obviously, they do not want to disappoint their fortune maker. Therefore, they ensure to provide complete sexual pleasure to their better half.

They always bring something new to the platter, especially when they have older partners. The trophy husband ensures his stamina never subsides and vows complete pleasure. 

6. They adapt to any setting to woo their better half

If you think that trophy husband are good in looks and dumb in mind, then you are wrong. They might have a limited mastery of all the topics, but they definitely know how to assimilate into the discussion. 

They are aware of where to contribute, where to stop, and when to be a good listener. Therefore, they are favored mainly by family and friends and also in the social circuit of the spouse. 

7. They have time to pursue their hobby

Another sign of a trophy husband is how they spend their free time.

They have ample time to concentrate on their hobbies or side projects than their other partner. If their spouse focuses on career, they indeed have a free hand on a side hustle.

8. Trophy husbands are dictated by their partners to maintain an exterior appearance

Dressing can be a personal choice for individuals, but for a trophy husband, it complies with their partner’s likes.

The partner dictates what they should wear and how they should carry themselves and goes one step ahead of shopping for them. 

It’s not about clothes alone, but the partners are very particular about the husband’s physique too.

The husband is not allowed to eat at their will, the spouse controls their diet, and a skincare routine is set for them.

9. Their partner shows them off

When a husband is flaunted like an accessory in the midst of a gathering, he is definitely a trophy husband.

Be it any event, trophy husbands are forced into striking up a conversation with wealthy lads, and they must impress the spouse’s professional circle.

10. His unmatched devotion to his partner

A trophy husband is also usually very devoted to his partner and family and is often seen as a status symbol by his partner’s social circle.

Suppose you take a look at their social media profile. Are there more photos of them with their partner than there are of them alone or with friends? Yes, they prefer pictures only with their spouse than otherwise.

And if this is happening more often, then it’s possible that this husband is being used by their partner as an accessory to show off their own success.

11. They care more about their partner’s needs 

When a trophy husband is in the picture, their needs and likes take a backseat.

If the better half is networking with seniors, the husband would be home undertaking chores or looking after the kids. It’s not about career alone; the partner’s sexual desires, needs, and overall desires are above the husband’s. 

12. They are the perfect “husband material” 

They are loving and caring, and their partner’s need is always above theirs. They know the proper ways to woo their partner and make them happy.

They support them, acknowledge their frustration, and extend complete backing when they are in need. All-in-all, a trophy husband never disappoints and so they are the perfect “husband material.”

Besides, their partner doesn’t have to rely on anyone else for emotional support as the husband is always around to hear them out. 

13. They are amazing stay-at-home dads 

Believe it or not but trophy husbands are great dads. When it comes to relationships, he will ensure 100% dedication. They look after the kids, cater to their needs and homework, and you may say their world revolves around them.

14. He knows the true meaning of “compromise”

Point no. 11 has made it clear that a trophy husband gives away his passions and choices for the betterment of his spouse. He knows the importance of “compromise” and ensures to be a good trophy husband.

He will try his best not just to impress the spouse but also their family. For this, he is ready to make any compromises. At times, keeping his morals and values aside – just to see their spouse happy.

15. He keeps the “honeymoon phase” alive

Usually, in marriages, the first few months are the lovey-dovey ones. Eventually, these days wear off, and problems, faults, and blame-game start popping up.

But it is the job of the trophy husband to prolong this phase. They ensure to keep the spark of the marriage alive with date nights, intimate moments, and sexual encounters. 

The whole objective of this is to keep the spouse enamored and secure their position. So, they never stop wooing their better halves with surprises and romance. 

16. They are totally worth every dime

A trophy husband is worth every dime; if you have spent any.

He will never leave the spouse’s side, pamper them with those soft touches and massages, give warm hugs, be a good listener, arm candy, advisor when needed, the life of the party, and much more. 

You name it, and they are just unique in everything. And if the trophy husband lacks and fails to keep the expectations, he will ensure to buck up and please everyone.

Now you know the signs of a trophy. However, are you curious to become one? Read on! 

How to Become a Trophy Husband

A trophy husband is a term used to describe a man who is married to a woman for her money, status, or physical attractiveness.

While the term is usually used in a derogatory way, some men aspire to be trophy husbands.

If you’re interested in becoming a trophy husband, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of landing a wealthy or beautiful partner. 

1. Work on your appearance 

Dress well and groom yourself so that you look like someone who would be worthy of being arm candy. In this, your looks, hygiene, dressing sense & physique counts.

Put some extra effort into getting those sultry pecs. Your partner won’t find a beer paunch enticing. 

It would be best if you always visited salons for some beauty treatments. Why should girls always have fun?

If this isn’t enough, you can take up some aesthetic surgery for beautification. So, be ready to go under the knife for cosmetic enhancements. 

2. Strengthen your networking

Try to socialize with people who are likely to have trophy wives. Attend events where you’ll mix with the rich and famous and let them see that you’re a catch.

Remember that you need to surround yourself with people who are familiar with this concept and that’s run in their circle.

Visit the right places at the right time and spare time on dating apps; it might help you tremendously.

3. Educate yourself, but not much

If you are serious about getting into the role of a trophy husband, then don’t stay illiterate about the latest trends.

You are going to be their arm candy, but at the same time they would love it if you flaunt a bit of knowledge about the trending topics.

You don’t have to be a master and more educated than them, but average qualifications may also spur the magic.

4. Don’t try hands on different prospects

When there are way too many prospects around, there are times that a man may get distracted and often get confused about whom to choose.

If you are concentrating on one, then stick to them. No one likes flirtatious men. 

But before that, take your time making the decision. Think about the prospects well. Amid this, if you find someone charming, aligning with your likes, concentrate on them. Give them your complete attention.

Let them believe you and put faith in you. It will help them to acknowledge that you are their potential husband. And the rest is history.

5. Prepare yourself to stay at home

If your spouse is the one who has no interest in your job or finances as they are earning abundantly. And wishes you to stay at home, then do it!

Be prepared to get into that role. Since you have decided to look after the house, learn cooking. Remember, if she is happy, you are so glad. 

Cook her exquisite cuisine, so she brags about you to her friend’s circle.

6. Make yourself available 24/7

Whenever your partner needs you – emotionally and physically, as a trophy husband, you must be there for them 24/7.

It doesn’t matter whether you had a bad day or are in no mood to comfort because they are your priority. They own you, and you have to be for them.

Not just emotionally, but you must show readiness for sex too. Some women go for younger men to satiate sexual desires. So, your job is to satisfy them, attend to their needs, and keep them happy. 

7. Remember, your needs are secondary

Your needs are always going to take a backseat. So, be well-versed in that. Don’t expect them to consider your views ever because you are their accessory.

Off course, you won’t be treated like a slave, and your desires will be heard but not consistently! Their requirements matter more than yours.  

8. Don’t crave a spotlight

You are a trophy husband, and your partner is dominant in your relationship. So, don’t ever think you might gain some spotlight for their success. You will offer them emotional and physical support.

You will wait for them at home after long working hours. You will ease their stress with a calming body massage, but they will always be in the foreground. 

In short, you will be visible to the world only when they think it right. Else, be happy staying at the back!

9. Stay put on making impossible choices

Like it or not, your spouse’s choice will be yours. Besides, if you come from a traditional family, you may receive flak from family and friends.

They might disown you and break ties. However, you have to be ready for such circumstances. 

Your choices are going to change. You might have to do something which is against your will. It might also mean quitting your old life, which includes your beloved ones. 

10. Shower them with undivided attention

If you are thinking of forcing them to chase you, fall for you, and love you, then let’s burst the bubble right here! They are self-sufficient, successful, charming, and wealthy.

They don’t need you as much as you need them. They are choosing you because they need support after a tiring day. So, it is your job to keep them happy.

Make them feel homely in your arms and show some love; you are good to go! Even though you are bored or sleepy, hear them out and act as a good listener.

11. Don’t miss the opportunity of making them feel proud of you

You are their arm candy. They are going to flaunt you whenever possible. So, bedeck yourself with a fancy lifestyle and charming personality.

Though you do not have an actual career, you may stay updated with minimum knowledge to engage in intriguing conversation. 

Besides, spend your free time on some charity work or some productive tasks, which will make them feel proud of you. Not just them but the entire world will know about your kindness and good deeds.

12. Do not complain

Last and final, do not complain about anything. You are paid to look good, enjoy comfort, and live a luxurious lifestyle.

Yes, you may have advice for your spouse but speak up only when you are allowed to. Else keep them to yourself. Apart from this, forget about complaining. 

We have listed some concrete steps for you to become a trophy side. But becoming one can be challenging. Want to know about it? Keep reading. 

Challenges of Being a Trophy Husband

Now you know the signs and ways to become a trophy husband. While there can be some benefits to being in such a relationship – including financial security and social status – there can also be some challenges. 

Every journey has obstacles, and some might get difficult to surpass. Let’s browse through some of the challenges of being such a husband. 

  1. Trophy husbands may feel like they are living in their partner’s shadow and that their success overshadows their own accomplishments. 
  2. They may also feel pressure to maintain a particular lifestyle or meet their partner’s high standards. 
  3. In addition, trophy husbands may find themselves the target of envy or resentment from family members, friends, or even strangers. 
  4. Sometimes, they might find themselves lonely as their partners are always busy with work. 
  5. The continued dominance of their partner may also exhaust them at times. Being controlled and having no freedom can become excruciating after a certain period. 
  6. While trophy husbands may enjoy the perks of their relationships, such as financial security and social status, they often find themselves trapped in unhappy marriages
  7. Trophy husbands often report feeling like they are nothing more than arm candy, and many eventually divorce their spouse.

Is It Good or Bad to Become a Trophy Husband?

If you think you might be a trophy husband, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with being one. In fact, many men find that being married to a successful partner can be very rewarding. 

Ultimately, each trophy husband will need to decide for himself whether the benefits outweigh the challenges. It depends on the perspective.

Being a trophy husband is neither good nor bad, but it all boils down to your choices. If you are happy, then kudos to you; if you are sad, then you are the best decision-maker of your life.

However, you cannot ignore that every man cannot become a trophy husband. So, remember to stay true to yourself and make sure that your relationship is built on mutual respect.

Relationships have turned out to be healthy only when the man has respected his partner’s success and has shown readiness to lend support when needed. 

Various Examples of Trophy Husband

Though they may sound fictitious, there are some real-life examples of trophy husbands.

  1. George Clooney (actor) and Amal Clooney (British-Lebanese human rights lawyer).
  2. Benedict Cumberbatch (actor) and Sophie Hunter (theatre director, playwright, former actor, and singer).
  3. Nicole Kidman (actor and producer) and Keith Urban (songwriter, musician, singer, and guitarist).
  4. Eddie Redmayne (actor) And Hannah Bagshawe (financial public relations and antique dealer).
  5. Princess Victoria (Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland) and Daniel Westling (former personal trainer and gym owner & now Duke of Västergötland)

A Word from ThePleasantRelationship

Now you might agree that trophy husbands are real, and getting into this role can be highly beneficial for many. However, this journey might be difficult, and we hope our guide helps you sail through it. 

As a trophy husband, if you want to keep your partner happy and content, ensure you avoid doing things that will drive them away. Then, a happy life awaits you! 

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