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Soul Gazing – Definition, Benefits, How To Practice, & Everything Else!

Soul Gazing – Definition, Benefits, How To Practice, & Everything Else!

Updated on Oct 18, 2023

Soul Gazing - Definition, Benefits, How To Practice, & Everything Else!

You might have looked deep into someone’s eyes, but have you ever tried soul gazing?

It creates a deep connection that makes it easier to be honest and open up. In this activity, you look into someone’s eyes without judging or being afraid and build a strong, trust-based relationship.

Each look becomes a discussion without words, where feelings mix, and an unspoken understanding grows. It bridges gaps between what is said and what is felt in the heart. Read on to understand it better here…

What is Soul Gazing?

Soul gazing is a deep and personal act that brings two people together on an emotional and spiritual level. It can happen between lovers, friends, or even strangers. 

This happens when two people make eye contact for a long time, usually 3 to 5 minutes. During this practice, people don’t talk or break eye contact. It lets them connect with their feelings and get in touch with their true selves. 

Soul gazing tries to make a connection between two people that goes beyond words and leads to a greater understanding between them. 

Its difference from an intense stare lies in your intention, focus, and how you connect.

But if you don’t trust the validity of this activity, let’s know more here…

What is the Science Behind Soul Gazing?

Soul gazing is an intimate practice in which people look at each other for a long time. It has a scientific base that goes beyond romance as follows. 

1. Eye Contact

Eye contact activates parts of the brain that deal with social interaction and empathy. Prolonged contact promotes mutual feelings, which helps you form a strong connection. 

2. Psychological and Neurological parts

Oxytocin, aka the “love hormone,” is released when people engage in this. It makes people feel more trusting and emotionally connected. 

Mirror neurons also play a part in making people feel the same way. Through this complex interaction, soul gazing creates a deep link that science is still trying to figure out.

Wondering how soul-gazing affects your bond? Your answer lies ahead here…

What is the Effect of Soul Gazing on Relationships?

Soul gazing can have real, deep effects on relationships. The technique opens up a deeper level of connection than words can express. So, let’s know it in detail here…

1. It establishes trust

As you both open up to this deeply personal experience, with layers of emotional bricks, trust and emotional security are built in your relationship.

2. It makes you closer

During this activity, walls come down, and you feel a deep bond. This unguarded look goes beyond words and lets you understand each other’s feelings and thoughts in a unique way. 

It opens the door to deep intimacy, where words become less important than a raw, unspoken link.

3. You know each other

Every time you soul-gaze, you learn something new. It’s like going on an emotional treasure hunt. You find deeper layers of understanding, kindness, and empathy, which makes your relationship stronger.

4. You communicate differently

Soul gazing helps you communicate things that words can’t describe. You show feelings, emotions, and even fun without saying a word. This silent conversation deepens your relationship and lets you share deeper feelings and thoughts.

5. It heals and reunites you

It’s a way to make things better after a fight or mistake. Your eyes connect you in a way that words can’t. It brings you back together, rekindles the spark of connection, and smoothens out the rough spots.

6. It helps you get creative

Soul gazing helps you come up with new ideas. You learn new things about each other, which leads to finding shared interests, hobbies, and artistic projects.

7. You know yourself better

When you look into someone else’s eyes, it’s like looking into an image of your own soul. So, you also learn more about yourself. This self-reflection helps you understand your own feelings, reactions, and wants better, which helps you grow as a person.

8. You think more clearly

During soul gazing, you forget about the rest of the world and only think about the present. This helps you think more clearly.

You escape the distractions and look at problems and dilemmas from a new angle, which helps you make more thoughtful and wise decisions.

9. It leads to universal connectedness

Soul gazing goes beyond the immediate connection and makes you feel like you’re linked to something bigger, like the universe itself. This link makes me feel better, especially when the world seems big and lonely.

10. The relationship becomes stronger

With all the different effects of soul-gazing, you get a clearer picture of yourself, your partner’s needs, and the current state of your relationship. If used correctly, you can build a stronger, unbreakable bond.

Now, if you want to give it a try, keep scrolling!

How to Soul Gaze?

Soul gazing is a wonderful way to bond with just long eye contact. But it’s not that easy, so use this step-by-step guide to learn to do it perfectly!

1.  Have a comfortable setting

The first step to a worthwhile time of soul gazing is to choose the right setting. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, choose a place that is comfortable and quiet. 

The best background can be a cozy living room with soft lighting or a peaceful nature place like a quiet park. The goal is to make sure that both people feel comfortable, can be themselves, and can only think about the link they’re about to make.

2. Sit at a comfortable distance 

To keep a close relationship while still respecting personal limits, another important step is positioning. Find a gap that makes both of you feel good. 

Being too close could cause tension, and being too far away could make the bond feel less strong. 

This “just right” spacing makes sure that you can keep eye contact without feeling too close, which lets you share your feelings more deeply.

3. Decide what you want

Set a goal to give soul gazing a sense of stability and direction. This goal can be as easy as making a deeper connection, improving empathy, or talking about feelings that are hard to talk about. 

This way, you create a shared focus that directs your gaze and makes it easier to have a deeper conversation that goes beyond words. It’s like putting a compass on your eyes and pointing them in a certain mental direction.

4. Just start the gaze

Soul gazing starts when you and your partner look into each other’s eyes. Even though it might feel weird at first, keep in mind that this isn’t a test of how long you can stare but a real attempt to connect. 

Let yourself blink normally, and don’t try to make it into a staring contest. Instead, look at them with a soft, open stare. As soon as your eyes meet, you start a silent journey of exploration, looking for a deeper connection.

5. Embrace the vulnerability 

During soul gazing, you are likely to feel and think many different things. It might be a rush of happiness, a deep feeling of being vulnerable, or even a moment of shared laughter. All of these feelings are a part of what’s going on. 

Accept them without judgment or feeling bad about yourself. This process isn’t about making things great; it’s about being real. 

As you look into each other’s eyes, you give each other permission to be seen, felt, and understood without words.

Though these are the basics, you can make it even more satisfying. So, grab the tips for that!

Tips to Consider When Soul Gazing

While soul-gazing is interesting, if you do the same old thing every day, it can feel rather tedious. So, incorporate these fun and helpful tips to get more out of it…

1. Put some music in it

Make the mood better by playing music that you both like. With the right music, the emotional link can be amplified, making way for a deep soul-gazing experience. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into a dance-off in the middle of the lesson!

2. Don’t get serious

This practice has a lot of meaning, but it doesn’t have to be too serious. Accept awkward situations and try to make people laugh. 

Let your true self shine through by making funny faces or telling a joke that makes people laugh. After all, being real is what makes real relationships grow.

3. Try different time limits

Soul gazing is not a race; it is a trip. Start with shorter time spans and add time as you and your partner get used to each other. 

This slow buildup lets the relationship grow naturally without making you feel like you’re in a marathon.

4. Try out different places

Get out of the house and see what else is out there. Change the background, whether it’s under the stars, next to the calm waves of the ocean, or even during a light rain. It’ll add a sense of adventure to your look.

5. Use the “gentle touch”

If both people are willing, a gentle touch on the hand or shoulder can strengthen the mental connection. This physical link adds to the soul-gazing experience and makes the feeling of closeness even stronger.

6. Use objects or themes

Use props or themes to make your soul-gazing meetings more creative. Add a bit of magic with fairy lights, create a romantic atmosphere with candles, or live out a shared fantasy by dressing up as your favorite movie characters.

7. Write down what you’ve learned

Write down your thoughts and feelings after each soul-gazing session to help you remember what it was like. This practice of reflection lets you think back on your feelings and insights, making a personal record of your link to your soul.

8. Breathe mindfully and mix it up

When you’re soul-gazing, time your breaths together to make the link stronger. As you take in and let out breaths together, you’ll sync yourself together in a deeper connection.

9. Start a friendly contest

Add some fun by daring each other to come up with the most creative way to describe the other person’s eyes. This fun challenge adds another layer to the experience, along with a feeling of joy.

10. Be silly and have fun

Feel free to say what you want, make funny faces, and laugh together. Let go of any self-consciousness and focus on the fun parts of the experience.

But you may still run into some uncomfortable instances. So, let’s get those solved here…

What are the difficulties of soul gazing, and how do you get past them?

Sometimes, soul gazing can be pretty challenging, especially if one or both of you are new to it. Take a closer look at some of the issues and solutions for each of them!

1. You feel strange instead of great

Challenge: Initially, soul gazing might feel strange and uncomfortable.

Solution: Have a sense of fun about this feeling. Just like stumbling through the first steps of a dance is part of the process, so are the first moments of soul-gazing.

2. You glare 

Challenge: Direct eye contact can be too intense and make you seem like you’re glaring.

Solution: Start by looking out of the corner of your eye to ease into the experience. Focus on your partner’s nose or lips before moving on to their eyes. This will give you time to get used to how deep the gaze is.

3. Your feelings go up and down

Challenge: It might make you feel unexpected things like both happiness and sadness.

Solution: Accept that your thoughts will change, and be ready to stop what you’re doing or take a break when you need to.

4. Time goes fast or slow

Challenge: It’s hard to figure out how long to do soul-gazing. Too short sessions can feel rushed, and too long ones can feel like they will never end.

Solution: Start with shorter lessons and slowly lengthen them. Use a gentle timer to find the right mix and make sure the experience is satisfying.

5. Distractions take the spotlight

Challenge: Distractions from the outside world, like phone ringing or pets wanting to play, can break a session.

Solution: Make a place where you can work without being interrupted. Turn off your phones, set up your environment, and let people know how important it is to have time to yourself to fully engage in the practice.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

In the end, soul gazing helps you be open, connect, and get to know someone. Each step is part of a trip that lets you connect with your loved one on a deep level that words often can’t reach. 

This is a unique language that speaks to the depths of the human experience. So, give it a try and make your close bonds stronger than ever!

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