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25 Alarming Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast And Needs To Slow Down

25 Alarming Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast And Needs To Slow Down

Updated on Sep 06, 2023

25 Alarming Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast And Needs To Slow Down

Look out for signs your relationship is moving too fast, if you’re together only for weeks but talking about marriage.

Probably, everyone says that something is off. But the sweet feeling of togetherness is far too strong to feel concerned.

However, don’t take such warnings lightly. Otherwise, you might set yourself up for major regrets later. 

So, make sure what’s the true situation here!

25 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

You found your partner on a dating app just a few weeks ago. Fast forward now: You’re wondering when you’d get married or how many kids you want. 

You’ve checked that you’re pretty compatible in the bedroom… and that feels like the icing on the cake. 

If this is your story, read these signs and figure out the truth…

1. Your relationship is too smooth

A relationship being absolutely smooth sailing doesn’t even happen in the movies. 

So, if you haven’t had a single fight with your partner, it is moving too soon to get serious. You are likely glossing over all troubles because you’re too in love with them.

2. You are stuck at the hips with them

To build a lasting relationship, you need to have some space from your partner. It is not healthy to have your entire world centered on one person.

You are fascinated by this new person. But this is a sign of obsession, not true love.

3. You had sex too early

Did you sleep together on the first date?

A great sexual chemistry too soon will mess up your thoughts. You might think you are closer than you actually are.

4. Your relationship is social media perfect

Notice if your relationship is all about being the perfect couple on social media. If you’re already making promises of forever and posting them online, it’s moving too fast.

5. You never think about your relationship

Do you ever think about what this relationship is like?

If you never thought about the ways you are good for each other or if they fit into your life, that’s another glaring sign. It is a good idea to slow things down.

6. You trust them too much

Trust is built over time. So, if you think the person you’ve been seeing for two weeks is really trustworthy, you’re making a mistake. Blind trust for a new partner is never a good idea.

7. Your relationship has over-the-top romance

Too much romance indicates that you’re still in the honeymoon phase. It’s when everything looks great, and couples must not make life-changing decisions immediately. 

8. You have changed your goals to match theirs too soon

If you have changed your life goals to align with theirs already, it is time for an emergency break.

Sacrifices for a relationship should come from both ways. So, if you’re the only one changing your goals, it is a sign this relationship is moving too fast.

9. You are losing yourself

This sign is related to the last. You should not become someone else to fit your partner’s ideals of an attractive person. This is not healthy for a relationship. 

If both of you are not maintaining your individuality within the relationship, you’re trying to fit together too fast. 

10. You think your partner is perfect

Everyone has flaws. And a relationship is about learning each other’s bad sides and accepting them as a package deal. Couples strive to become better for each other.

But if any partner thinks the other is already perfect, this is an illusion that will break.

11. They have a lot of influence on you

It is natural for your loved ones to have a lot of influence over you. But it is not a good sign if you can make decisions with their opinion in a new relationship. You need to slow down and regain rein in your life.

12. You don’t like them, but the feeling of being with them

Sometimes, people get into relationships – not because the other person is appealing. Instead, they like their actions and the feeling of togetherness

If you are with your partner for similar reasons, this is a sign that things aren’t as steady as they should be.

13. You have met their family already

Introducing a partner to the family is quite a mature step. It usually comes later in the relationship. But it has just been a few weeks, the family meeting is a sign that things are moving too fast.

14. You have no time for your friends

At the beginning of a relationship, being too enamored with your partner is normal. But things are going too fast if you have no time for your friends.

Notice if your friends complain that you’ve completely forgotten them. That’s your cue to hold on for a while.

15. You like your relationship status more than the person

If you are dating not to be labeled ‘single’ anymore, it is too soon to take any serious steps. So, think about what your intention is before you move forward.

16. You talk about a perfect future

Life is unpredictable, so planning for a perfect future is not realistic. If both of you are talking about white picket fence dreams, you are not mature enough yet.

So, hold on a bit.

17. You never talk about serious topics

Two people planning to spend their lives together must discuss serious things, like – finances, wanting kids, shared goals, and so on.

You need to slow down if you have never spoken about such things.

18. You still don’t know a lot about them

You think you are their closest person. But how much do you really know about them?

Some important things are their upbringing, family background, dreams, goals, and more. You shouldn’t move to the next stage when you have no idea about these things.

19. Your friends are saying it’s moving too fast

Your friends see your relationship from a rational point of view. So, if they say you’re moving too fast, you probably are.

Trust your best friend’s judgment.

20. You have used the L word already

Have you known each other for just a few weeks and already said “I Love You”?

If yes, this rush shows that you do not have a realistic idea of love in your mind. So, things are going too fast, and you must wait!

21. You are constantly texting

It’s great to stay in touch, but constantly updating each other about everyday things is a bad sign. You are too excited to be with each other.

So much excitement can cloud your judgment. So, try not to move forward with your relationship right now.

22. You hide who you are around them

If you hide your true self around your partner, your relationship isn’t strong enough to last.

They do not even know the real you. They don’t have a true idea of what they are getting into. So, it’s too fast if you want to take a major step.

23. Your relationship is just sex

A relationship has to exist outside of the bedroom to last. If you only spend time in bed together, you have a long way to go.

You have to learn many things about each other to make an informed decision about your future.

24. You have never seen them sad

You will never know who they really are unless you have seen them grieving or experiencing extreme stress. That is when all the guards come down. So, you can’t decide to tie yourself to them yet.

25. You think you can change them

Are you in this because you think they will change because of you?

This is a red flag because your partner should be something other than a project you take on. If you do not agree with what they do with their life, you shouldn’t keep trying to change them.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If any of these signs sound familiar, pull the brakes on your relationship as you move forward without enough thought.

A healthy relationship takes time to build. It is rare for people to click over a few months truly. And a successful marriage in this short span is impossible!

So, slow down and reason before you decide what to do.

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