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21 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend A Lot More Than You

21 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend A Lot More Than You

Updated on Sep 26, 2023

21 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend A Lot More Than You

If you’re here looking for signs that your boyfriend likes his female friend, well then the situation is gruesome. Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing, but only when both parties are honest and loyal to each other.

So, if you feel that your man might secretly like his female friend more than you, but you can’t point the signs out yet, then keep reading!

21 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend

Nobody wants to feel like the second choice in a relationship, especially if they love their partner deeply. While you shouldn’t go poking and becoming overly jealous about your boyfriend’s friends, it’s important to identify the hints if there’s something more cooking.

1. He keeps talking about her

Yes, it’s charming when your man talks about his friends, but does he really have to include that one female friend in every conversation? Not really!

If you keep observing that he brings her up no matter what you both are talking about, then you need to pay close attention to his body language. Chances are, his feelings are already going astray!

2. He becomes defensive when you confront him

You might not believe it, but confronting your man can actually give you a good idea about whether or not he’s into his female friend. Ask him directly and tell him that he’s been talking about her all day, irrespective of whatever conversation you both are having.

If he gets defensive or calls you insecure, it’s actually a big hint that he’s the one having conflicted feelings. Playing the victim card is never a good option, especially when there’s a third person involved.

3. He puts in extra effort to be with her

If your boyfriend seems half-hearted when he has to spend time with you but always shows up before time to meet his female friend, then you can be sure that he has feelings for her.

While it’s perfectly normal for someone to spend time with their friends, even those of the opposite gender, he must also make time for you.

Spending quality time together is the foundation of any good relationship. But if he does that with her instead of you, then it’s a big cause of concern.

4. He has become friends with her recently

It’s one thing for your boyfriend to love a girl he has known his whole life, such as a childhood best friend. But it’s a completely different thing if his friendship with her is relatively new, or formed after his relationship with you.

If a man suddenly starts to call his female friend his best friend or closest confidante when they haven’t hung out that frequently, it’s a big hint that he secretly likes her.

5. He is intrusive in her life

Friends should definitely be concerned about one another, but even then, there’s a thin line between being concerned and intrusive.

A major sign that your boyfriend is actually interested in his female friend is when he’s always concerned about her, even when there is absolutely no reason to be.

When both of them are always invested in each other, it can make you feel left out and lonely. But if your boyfriend seems to ignore your loneliness and constantly sees what the other female is doing, it’s time to sit down and talk.

6. He constantly defends her

If the female friend in question keeps annoying or insulting you, but your boyfriend takes her side or keeps mute when you talk to him about it, it’s not a positive sign.

This is an indirect hit on him and his choice, which is why he will try to defend her instead of understanding your viewpoints.

7. Your friends can see a spark between them

When it becomes too obvious, to the point where you feel embarrassed to be even seen with your boyfriend, it usually means that your relationship is turning sour.

People will constantly talk behind your back and ridicule your man’s actions. Even though you’ll want to ignore them, you will also realize that your boyfriend’s actions have become far too obvious.

8. He keeps comparing you both

This is one of the worst things that a partner can do, irrespective of whether or not they have feelings for someone else.

If your boyfriend keeps comparing you to his female friend, it’s time to either walk away from the relationship or teach them both a lesson. No man who truly loves you will ever put you in a position where you’ll feel undervalued and unloved.

So, if you keep hearing phrases like, “Why can’t you dress more like her?” or “Her sense of humor is so much better than you”, you have to quit being with him.

9. They flirt with each other

Harmless jokes and banter are fun, but you would obviously not want to see your boyfriend actually flirting with his female best friend, right?

Flirting with anyone when you’re in a relationship is a big red flag. And when the female friend in question supports your boyfriend’s actions by flirting back, it definitely means that there is a lot more going on than you know.

Even if he tells you that the flirting is harmless, you need to be alert!

10. He hides their chats from you

While maintaining privacy is a big thing in a healthy relationship, it doesn’t mean that you both will hide your chats from each other.

If your boyfriend has no problem with you playing on his phone but gets very secretive whenever his female friend texts, you must ask him what’s going on.

Otherwise, you’ll have to live in the dark while he carries on flirting or sending inappropriate photos and videos to her.

11. They keep tagging each other on social media

This isn’t a very big deal, but it all depends on what sort of posts they tag each other in. If it’s mostly blogs on food or cute videos of pets, you probably don’t have to worry about anything.

But if the posts are provocative or flirty, then it’s going against their morals. This is a big sign that your boyfriend secretly likes that friend but isn’t openly able to tell you that.

12. They have been involved with each other before

Many times, two people break up simply because the spark between them isn’t that strong or because they realize their friendship is stronger than love.

If that’s the case with your boyfriend and his ex-cum-female-friend, then there’s really nothing much to worry about.

However, if they still keep talking about their past relationships or how they used to hook up with each other, it can point toward the fact that something is still cooking.

13. He tells her absolutely everything

Telling private things about himself to his friends is fine, but if you see that your significant other has started to share secrets about you or someone else to his female friend, then it’s high time for you to take a bold step.

No matter how strong the friendship is, two friends will never indulge in doing anything that can harm their love life with someone else.

For example, your boyfriend’s female friend knowing about his professional life is fine. But if she suddenly gets to know everything about you both in the bedroom, that’s a major violation of privacy.

14. He behaves awkwardly when you mention her

This again is a sure-shot sign that your boyfriend is into his female bestie but is hesitant to acknowledge his feelings.

Try to bring her name up in a conversation, perhaps out of the blue. Notice how his reaction is. If he’s really interested in pursuing her, he’ll behave all fidgety and awkwardly. He might even turn red or blush!

Even if he doesn’t show these signs, you can always look him in the eye and understand his reaction. If they become soft and dreamy, it’s a hint that you’re probably not his first priority anymore.

15. He can’t say “no” to her

Even though this sounds horrible, it’s unfortunately true. Many guys who secretly like their female friends often find themselves unable to refuse her, even when they should.

For example, if you both have been planning for a romantic dinner for ages and your boyfriend’s friend asks him to hang out with her instead, your boyfriend should ideally stick to the dinner with you.

But if he gives a weak excuse about how he has to be there for her, then you’ll receive your answer about his feelings!

16. They spend too much time alone

Sure, your man might need to wind down during the weekends by hanging out with his friends. But do you often see him sneaking off with his female friend? Does it often happen that he prefers hanging out with only her instead of with his other friends?

If the answer is yes, then it’s a big red signal. It means that he secretly loves her. Moreover, he might also be violating your trust by constantly being alone with her… while you’re still uninformed!

17. He doesn’t want you both to be friends

If your boyfriend trusts you and there’s nothing going on between him and his female friend, then there shouldn’t be any hesitation to introduce her to you. However, if you suspect that he’s hiding something dark, then maybe he is!

Of course, spending time apart from you doesn’t mean that he’s cheating on you with his best friends. But look closely at how he behaves when you ask him to set up a meeting with her.

If he’s uncomfortable and keeps postponing the plans, it clearly means that he doesn’t want you to know about his feelings for her.

18. They never include you in their plans

Yes, this is something that will sting hard. For example, you three might be enjoying a fun picnic together, but even then, you feel isolated and cut out from the picture.

If it frequently happens that your boyfriend and his female friend make plans without you, it shows their insensitivity.

Nobody’s asking your man to be obsessed with you, but if he truly loves and prioritizes you, he will show cute little gestures of affection, even in front of his friend.

19. He doesn’t talk to her when he’s with you

Just like if he constantly talks about her in front of you is a red flag, if he is completely avoiding her while hanging out with you is equally suspicious.

For example, if you’re spending time together and his female friend constantly messages him, but he keeps turning his phone off, it means they’re probably having a conversation that they don’t want you to know about.

You’ll keep wondering things like, “Why isn’t he picking up her calls?” or “What is it that’s so secretive between them?”. There shouldn’t be anything that a couple needs to hide from each other, especially when it’s related to their friends.

20. He looks at her differently

Remember the time when your guy used to look at you with puppy dog eyes? Didn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy from the inside? Well, if he’s doing the same with his female bestie, it’s natural for you to feel upset and betrayed.

After all, your man should have those eyes only for you. People say that eyes are the window to our souls, and when you think about it, it’s quite true!

If you can clearly spot his hidden feelings through his gaze, then it’s probably best for you to end the relationship.

21. They discuss each other’s sex lives

No matter how close two people are, discussing sex lives should never be a part of their friendship.

Therefore, if you hear your boyfriend talking about your sex life with the other woman or even discussing intimate details that you had specifically asked him not to share, it means he’s comfortable enough to do that with someone he truly likes.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If all, or most of these signs point toward the fact that your boyfriend secretly likes his female friend, then you need to have an honest and open conversation.

However, an honest conversation may not always be the solution, and that’s where you both will have to choose wisely.

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