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30 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back but Won’t Admit It

30 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back but Won’t Admit It

Updated on Sep 25, 2023

30 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back but Won’t Admit It

If your ex still treats you like your own, it is one of the top signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it.

Exes behave weirdly around you, so it gets tough to identify if they really want you back or are just being cordial. This think-piece will help you eliminate the guesswork and find some clarity. Keep reading!

30 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back But Won’t Admit It

If your ex still maintains relationships with mutual friends and family and ensure that you are never completely cut off from their sight. Moreover, you’ll also see them posting about you on social media but not in direct mentions.

Well, that’s not all. Here are some more signs to know what’s going on in their mind.

1. They stay connected with you

Even after the breakup, they ensure that they maintain relationships with you. They still take time and effort to be in touch and often adopt the on-and-off pattern.

2. They follow your social media account

They not only follow your account but sometimes even stalk you. It helps them to know what you are doing and where you are at all times. It is a classic sign that they want to be a part of your life again and want you back.

3. They claim they miss you

If your ex often says that they miss you and the times spent with you – It is a common sign that they have now realized what they lost.  

The “I miss yous” can be persistent, or it can be occasional too. But this sign alone can’t say that they want you back. They might just be fond of you, so instead, keep reading for more signs to be sure.

4. They cry for you

They often cry on call, also ranting about how miserable they have been. The classic sign is that they will not admit that they are crying for you and instead blame all the other things. 

They can also behave likewise when they meet you, or they might convey the news to you via some mutual friends.

5. The talks about old times never end!

If your ex talks about how good you two were together and what wonderful times you had spent together, it is a sign that they want you back. 

All this is a trick to make you revisit the old days and earn you back. Instead of saying it out loud, they want to re-trigger feelings inside you so that you return to them.

6. The game of push-and-pull is annoying

Exes who want to get back often have a thing for push-pull tactics. One moment they will chase you to death, and the other, they won’t see you until your death. Either they start texting you every day and then suddenly stop all of a sudden. 

It points out that they want to get closer to you but do not know how to do it subtly without raising doubts.

7. They pay for you

If your ex pays for you, then it is a sign that they want to see you again and get back with you. They feel that by doing small acts of kindness, they can win you back. The payment could be at the restaurant or even at some shopping mall. 

They want to prove they still care for you and want you to have good things.

8. They take your responsibility

Of course, that’s weird. Why would an ex take your responsibility – but if they still do, this means they haven’t been able to move on in life.  

They loved sharing your responsibility in the past and want to do that again. 

9. They try to make you jealous

It may be by talking about other people they find attractive or posting about them on social media. This is just a hoax to get back to you.

10. They want your attention

They either keep posting compelling things or do things you absolutely dislike or dislike.

This attention-seeking behavior sometimes goes to deeper limits where it becomes a matter of concern. For example, he may spill some secrets you shared with him during the relationship or spread rumors about you.

11. You’re fed up with the mixed signals

They might text you one moment and be very defensive about it the next moment. This is because they are worried about how you will react to their approach to want you back.

12. They are passive-aggressive

Passive-aggression has long been a sign of wanting something. They do this to prevent direct communication and end up in a vulnerable spot. So, if you see similar behavior in your ex, you must talk things out.

13. They act like you are still in a relationship

They start being warm and cozy with you. They try to control your life and prevent you from dating anyone else, which is not normal for someone who is not in a relationship with you.

This only goes on to say that physically, while you both have broken up, mentally, they’re still there and want to be there!

14. They get jealous

They start getting jealous if you go out anywhere else with your friends or potential date. Often, they do not say anything directly and start posting about betrayal on social media.

15. They try hard to maintain their reputation

Your ex is trying extremely hard to maintain a good relationship with you is a clear sign that they want you back.

They are showing off in front of you how great they are doing in life so that you think good things about them. They start doing everything at hand so that it can positively impact you.

16. You are still a part of their social media

Even after the breakup, they do not take off their posts involving you from social media. They want the world to believe that you are together or are under the impression that things will get better shortly. 

17. They want your validation

If your ex wants to get back with you, they will constantly seek your validation or approval. They keep calling or texting, asking if you think they are doing the right thing. They will keep asking for your advice and can even ask you to guide them through a tiff.

18. They share everything about their new dates

If they go on dates and talk to you about it, it is a classic sign that they want you back in life. With conversations about dating life, they are trying to keep you updated about their relationship status.

19. They accuse you

They keep on accusing you that it is because of you that the relationship suffered. They find it extremely difficult to accept that they might have been equally at fault.

Further, they want you to take responsibility for what went wrong in the relationship so they can get back to you.

20. They stand with you in difficult times

If your ex shows you unconditional support during your times of need, it is a sign that they want you in their life. They still have feelings for you, and so they can’t see you suffer.

With this, they are also trying to tell you they will be there for you in case you need anyone.

21. They showcase depression

Your ex keeps posting depressing social media posts or telling everyone they are unable to cope with the breakup.

Although they do not directly tell you that you are the reason behind it, they give clear hints so that you show pity and think about getting back together.

22. They don’t move on

If your ex wants you back in their life but does not want you to know about it, they will not move on. They will constantly try to tell you indirectly that they still love you and want you to return to their life.

23. They are overcompensating

Your ex leaves no stone unturned to compensate for the hurt they have inflicted on you. They become extra nice to you and tell you they are responsible for the relationship breaking apart. 

Overcompensating is a classic sign that they want you back but will not tell you about it directly.

24. They check on you regularly

They end up making the routine “check-up call”!

If you ask them directly why they have called you, they will give weird reasons but never admit that they care for you.

25. They ask their friends to spy on you

If your ex forces their friends or mutual friends to check on you, it’s clear that they want you back. They want to stay updated about what you are doing so that they can plan how to get back to you.

26. Your ex is nowhere to be found

Your ex completely vanishes from all places. They do not call, text, or even become active on social media platforms. It is usually done to spark curiosity in you so that you start to think about what happened to them.

27. They drunk dial you

Drinking beyond limits gives you away. And so if your ex drunk-dials you, it’s because they’re unable to control their emotions that screams “I want you back!”

28. They accidentally bump into you all the time

Well, it wasn’t so “accidental.” Your ex keeps hanging out at your favorite places or places that you frequently visit in a desire to bump into you. It is common as they want you to think about them and get back to them without talking about it directly.

29. They work on themselves

All the issues that made your relationship a living hell are nowhere to be found. They have joined the gym recently, got a new job, or maybe a new degree, and have also been updating their social media handles.

They want you to know they are doing great for themselves and want to entice you to return with them.

30. They start doing what pleases you

They suddenly start doing everything you wanted them to do, all while in the relationship. This may be wearing clothes the way you want or even watching movies.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If your ex constantly tells you that they have not gone on any dates since you broke up, it is a sign that they want you back in their life but will not be direct about it. They still want to hang out with you and spend as much time as possible so that you also start missing them.

However, if you also want to get back with your ex, the best way is to talk to each other and clear it out. And if you don’t, you should clarify that to them! 

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