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20 Subtle Yet Clear Signs Your Crush Is Jealous But Hiding It From You 

20 Subtle Yet Clear Signs Your Crush Is Jealous But Hiding It From You 

Updated on Nov 30, 2023

20 Subtle Yet Clear Signs Your Crush Is Jealous But Hiding It From You 

Keep an eye out for signs your crush is jealous but hiding it if they “act” cool whenever you get attention from the opposite gender. 

For instance, they may be too inquisitive about your life or your conversations seem like an interrogation about what you should or should not do.

Especially if you have a hunch that your crush equally feels for you, observe them for these signs!

So, c’mon, let’s know more here…

20 Signs Your Crush Is Jealous But Hiding It 

You have a crush on someone, but you know they don’t like you back. You go about your day focusing on different areas of your life and connecting with different people. 

However, you feel that your crush has been acting a bit demanding recently. They act as if you’re answerable to them for every action. 

If this rings a bell, they definitely like you and are jealous of you not giving them enough attention!

But that’s not the only sign, so let’s dive in and be sure here…

1. They Get Angry When You Show Admiration For Others

The most obvious sign is that they become extremely rude if you show any kind of admiration for other people of the opposite sex

It can even be appreciative words like “you look good” or even “I am so inspired by you.” 

They’ll ask you why you think so and try to change your mind about them.

2. They Act ‘Extra’ Nice

If your crush is jealous, they’ll also be extremely nice to you. They just want you to know that they can also be nice to you. So, you should stop having others be nice to you. They should be the ‘only’ nice person in your life.

3. They Are Extremely Defensive

A very clear sign that your crush is jealous but trying to hide it is when they get extremely defensive. For instance, they’ll start to justify themselves in everything they do – even if you don’t say anything against them.

4. They Always Want To Step In And Save The Day 

If all they want to do is step in and save your day even if you do not need help, that’s a sign! 

Sometimes, it can seem to be too much because all they want to do is be the hero or heroine of your life.

5. They Always Check On You

Observe if they have started to check on you, and it feels like they are keeping a tab on you. Despite your whereabouts and plans, they always ensure that you update them with the same. 

Not only that, sometimes it can get extreme where they would want to accompany you. This is a clear sign that jealousy is making them do things like this.

6. They Ask Your Friends About You

If they are jealous, they’ll ask your friends about you. They think that if they befriend your friends, then they might get to know some extra information about you.

This has slowly developed into a habit, and they always ask your friends about your whereabouts even when you tell them. They do it so subtly that you can’t easily notice them.

7. They Stalk You On Social Media

Another obvious sign is that they always stalk your online activities. Even if you uploaded a story around 10 seconds back, they are the first to check it. 

This means that they were waiting for you to upload the status. And the moment you do, they keep a tab on you. This stalking is continuous, and sometimes it goes on to a serious level.

8. They Make An Attempt To Check Your Phone

A common sign that they are jealous is when they attempt to check your phone. They will make certain excuses, like asking you for the phone to make a call. 

However, once they have your phone, they pretend to talk and walk farther. Once they’re out of sight, they check your call logs. 

9. They Follow You Around Continuously

When you are just chilling and hanging out with your friends, they always appear around you out of the blue. They show up for any event that concerns you, and this hovering often gets out of hand.

10. They Have Erratic Mood Swings

If there is a sudden shift in their character, they’re jealous. Perhaps they are going through a lot of mood swings, which are without any reason. 

One second, they are extremely happy and excited. The other minute, they are rude and behave with you most curtly.

11. They Show Unexplained Coldness

Nowadays, you notice that they are extremely cold towards you, and no matter what you do to break the ice, this coldness remains. 

They act weird, and even if you try to be nice or show some gestures, they don’t reciprocate. If they act cold enough to bother you, they’re super jealous.

12. They Blame You Unnecessarily

Are you a part of a constant blame game even though you are not in a relationship?

They often tell you that you are the reason why they are not doing well. Or you’re the reason why there are so many misunderstandings in your equation.

In short, they’re jealous and don’t channel their feelings this way.

13. They Jump Into Conclusions

Notice if they don’t wait for you to give any justification. Despite what happens, they jump to negative conclusions without any basis.

If they show such signs of paranoia and analyze your actions, they are jealous.

14. They Are Pleased If Your Dates Do Not Go Well

When you come back from a date, tell them that it did not go well. Notice if their eyes glow with happiness. If it seems that they wanted that, that’s solely because they are jealous!

15. They Are Annoyed If You Do Not Reply Right Away

Do they complain that you do not reply to any of the messages? Moreover, they demand you to reply to their messages as soon as possible. 

If you take time to reply, they feel ignored. If they make you feel bad for that, this annoying trait shows they’re jealous! 

16. They Pretend They Don’t Care

Although it is extremely evident that they care about what you say or think, they still pretend they don’t. Sometimes, this pretension becomes so intense that you feel it’s done on purpose. They also say, ‘I don’t care what you do or where you go.’

All of this shows that they’re jealous and desperately trying to hide it!

17. They Show Passive Aggression

Has passive aggression become the new norm? For instance, they don’t reply to your texts or even avoid you. However, when you counter them on it, they will say that they did not notice you or they were busy.

If yes, they are trying their best to hide their jealousy.

18. They Often Need Reassurance

Another indicator is that they repeatedly ask you, “ Are you sure you like me?” or “Say I love you.” 

When this happens, it’s clear that they are struggling with jealousy. 

19. Their Body Language Says It All

Do you find them staring at you whenever you talk with someone else? But when you look at them, they turn away. 

Well, this body language shows their jealousy of you talking to another person. 

20. They Want To Leave RIGHT Now

You are at an event with your crush, and everything is fantastic. But if they want to leave right away without a major reason suddenly, then it’s time to reanalyze your actions. 

Have you been giving more priority to other people around you? If yes, they have been jealous all this while.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice these signs in your crush, you know it’s not a one-sided situation anymore. You both have feelings for each other!

So, communicate openly with your crush. Convey your feelings and ask what they feel about you. Don’t push them for an answer and wait for their response. 

Once they notice you acknowledge them in your life, it’ll mark the beginning of your happy relationship! 

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