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20 Romantic Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You & Will Soon Pull Out the Ring!

20 Romantic Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You & Will Soon Pull Out the Ring!

Updated on Sep 21, 2023

20 Romantic Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You & Will Soon Pull Out the Ring!

If a man has been complimenting you, smiling at you, and you just feel something is up, look for signs that a man is pursuing you!

Probably, he has feelings for you but is too shy to come clean. However, his behavior is giving away the truth even without him realizing it.

So, if you want to speed up the process, get the affirmations here!

Signs that a man is pursuing you – 20 Signs

When a man is pursuing you, he tries to act calm and poise. After all, he wants to show his manly provider and protector side to you. However, his body language, facial expression, and attitude are bound to give away the truth.

So, if you believe a man around you is chasing you, keep reading to make sure!

1. He keeps on touching you

One of the obvious indicators that a man is pursuing you is when he can’t keep his hands off you. He will graze your knees, play with your hair, and brush his arms against yours. He will always ensure that you are comfortable with his touch. `

2. He tries to create a safe space for you

When a man is courting you, he will make sure that you are always comfortable around him. He will create a space where you can be your truest self without the fear of judgment.  

He will respect your boundaries, and he will make you feel understood. He will always let you speak your mind. 

3. He’s curious about you

If he wants you in his life, he will be openly curious about you. He will want to know everything about you, from how you spent your childhood to how you like your coffee. You will often feel that his questions are too personal, but you will also like the attention. 

4. He always compliments you

When a man is trying to woo you, he will often compliment you. Whether you’re dressed up to the nines or wearing nothing special, he will always find a way to flatter you. 

Not only will he compliment your appearance but also your qualities, strengths, and talents. He knows how a simple compliment can make your day, and so he never falls short of them.

5. He told his folks about you

If a man is really interested in you and is pursuing you, he won’t shy away from mentioning you to his loved ones. He will make sure that his friends and family know about you so that he can take their help if necessary. 

Moreover, if he’s ready to involve his family, it means that he wants a future with you. So, if you do like him back, don’t hesitate to make the first move. 

6. He makes you laugh

Guys believe that the way to a woman’s heart is to make her laugh. So, if he is actively trying to make you laugh, it means that he is courting you. 

To impress you, he won’t shy away from making jokes at his own expense. If he is willing to make an effort to understand your sense of humor, it means that he is sincerely interested. 

7. He’s unusually helpful

When a man is attracted to a woman, he often tries to be her knight in shining armor. He will go out of his way to help you and expect you to depend on him.

8. He’s happy when you’re happy

If a man is trying to woo you, he will always try to find happiness in your joy. He will make sure to celebrate all your successes with you. 

If something bad happens to you, he will get affected as well. He will try to empathize with you at all times. 

9. He’s desperate to meet your friends

Men are aware that a woman’s friends play a big part in her life. They know that if they really want a woman to like them, they have to gain her friend’s approval first. 

So, notice if he tries to impress your friends. If he tries to get your friends to put in a good word for him, that’s a green signal!

10. He tries to hint at what a great partner he might be

Some men actively try to understand what women want from a partner. So, notice if he always tells you what an amazing boyfriend he might be and tries to show it through his actions. 

If you talk about how your ex treated you, he might say that he will treat his girlfriend better. He will try to make you imagine what it would be like to date him. He will try to make you curious so that you end up giving him a shot. 

11. He has nicknames for you

People only reserve nicknames for those who are special to them. So, if he’s courting you, he’ll often use endearing names for you. This is also because he wants to show you how important you are to him. 

12. He makes you his priority

If a man is trying to make you like him, he will drop everything for you. He might cancel a long-awaited plan just so that he can see a movie with you. He will want you to know that you are his priority. 

13. He shows interest in the things that you like

People love it when someone takes an interest in the things they like. And women are not immune to that. 

So, notice if he watches all the movies and reads all the books you recommended. Or, whether he offers to partake in your favorite activities. 

If he does so, it means that he is genuinely interested in making you his partner. 

14. He puts his guard down in front of you

It’s hard for most men to show their emotions in front of women. So, when a man opens up to you, he wants to make you understand that you’re special to him. 

It also means that he trusts you enough to be vulnerable in front of you. He wants you to know him better than anyone else does. He wants to show you that there is more to him than meets the eye.

15. He always initiates conversations

When in love, everyone wants to talk to their partner/crush constantly. So, if he also chats you up at every chance he gets and reaches out at random times of the day, he wants your attention and is pursuing you. 

During these conversations, he’ll flirt with you and engage in deep topics. 

16. He’s curious about your relationship status

Very few people choose to stay single these days. So, if he’s pursuing you, he will obviously make sure that you are not dating someone. 

Before making any further moves, he will also ask you whether you are open to dating at that moment or have someone in mind. 

17. He listens to you earnestly

When a man pursues you, he will make you feel heard. Rather than waiting to give his own opinion, he will listen to you patiently. 

He will also remember every last detail you tell him. His reactions will show you that he is genuinely interested and not doing it out of mere politeness.  

18. He plans elaborate dates

If a man is chasing you, he will not wait around for the right time to make a move. If you give him the slightest green signal, he will make sure to plan the best date of your life. 

He will take you to the movies and have candlelight dinners with you. He won’t leave any page unturned to make you feel special. 

19. He does not rush sex

Another sweet sign of his dire interest in you is that he won’t make physical advances until you’re ready. 

No matter how much he desires you physically, he will wait for you to be comfortable. Since physical intimacy is not his end goal, he will respect your decisions on this and wait for you to initiate things. 

20. He dresses up for you

Men rarely pay any heed to their appearance. But if he makes sure that he is well-groomed every time you meet, he definitely wants you to notice him. It doesn’t matter whether there’s any occasion at hand, and he will always try to make a lasting impression only on you! 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Now, if you noticed most of the above signs in him and you like him too, you are probably on cloud nine right now. Well, now the choice is yours… whether you want him to play the long game or go official right away.

However, if that’s not the case and you’re disappointed, give it a shot and know for good whether there’s any chance at all.

Remember, there’s someone for everyone in this whole wide world. You just have to be patient!