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20 Surefire Signs She Is Interested In You After First Date And Will Say Yes To The Second One

20 Surefire Signs She Is Interested In You After First Date And Will Say Yes To The Second One

Updated on Oct 18, 2023

20 Surefire Signs She Is Interested In You After First Date And Will Say Yes To The Second One

It’s been just a few moments after dropping her, and now you are looking for signs she is interested in you after the first date

Well, it is better to know if you clicked on your first date ASAP before you take things further. After all, there’s no point hoping blindly only to get shot down!

Of course, asking her straightaway is not a good idea as you might seem creepy. However, there are other ways to find out. 

So, let us find out how here.

20 Signs She Is Interested In You After First Date

If a girl likes you on the first date and you pique her interest, there will be many physical and psychological indications. Especially, her body language and behavior will spill her heart’s true desire. 

So, while you still have the date night’s memory fresh in your mind, go through the following signs and compare!

1. There was constant eye contact

Eye contact is the first sign of intimacy. It reveals deep feelings for a person. So, she might be into you if you find her making consistent eye contact.

Girls usually hesitate to make eye contact, especially with someone they are not interested in. But if things are positive on your end, you might have a chance with her. 

2. She was biting her lip

Lip biting happens naturally when someone wants to flirt. Some women don’t flirt openly. Instead, they bite their lips to send subtle signs. 

So, if your date bites her lip repeatedly, you can take it as a yes and approach her for a second date.

3. She played with her hair

Playing with hair is a common trait for many girls. But not around strangers – like on first dates or in public places.

So, if she plays with her hair a lot on the first date, it is her way of flirting and showing interest in you. She might touch, twirl, or caress her hair. This way, she is trying to look more attractive to you.

4. She seemed happy 

If a girl is cheerful on her first date with you, you can tell she likes spending time with you. She will smile consistently, and you can notice a shine in her eyes. It indicates she is not faking her happiness and genuinely likes being with you.

So, the genuine joy in her eyes shows she’s quite interested, and it is time to make the next move.

5. She was real close

First dates are usually about a safe distance from each other. 

So, does she try to lean in toward you on your first date? 

If yes, it is a sign she is into you. 

This is a subconscious action and not an active attempt at flirting. But her body language is enough to indicate she is comfortable in your proximity and likes you. 

6. There was physical contact

On first dates, physical contact happens unintentionally while passing a dish or sitting close.

But if she consistently touches you, it is a sweet and conscious gesture. It shows that she is into you.

7. She was a bit nervous and self-conscious

When you like someone, getting nervous and conscious about yourself is natural. If your date also shows such signs and appears shy, she might be interested in you. 

It indicates she wants to make a good impression before you, which makes her nervous. 

8. She was all ears

Notice if she listens to every word carefully and does not go about checking her phone or running to the restroom time and again. 

If her attention doesn’t wander here and there, it is a clear sign of her interest.

9. She asked questions about you

If she also asks questions about you, this depicts her deep interest in you and your life. 

It’s especially true if all her questions are relevant. She doesn’t just shoot questions to fill the time and space in the conversation. 

10. The date was longer than the anticipated time

You expected a short coffee date. But it turns out to be much more than that. 

Instead, you end up spending hours together, and your date ends much longer than anticipated. 

If all of that happens, it means you guys clicked together and loved spending time with each other. Rest assured, she is up for a second date!

11. She started following you on social media

If she asks you to share your social media handle on your first date, that’s a great sign. Moreover, if she starts following you right away, she actually means to stay connected – she’s not faking her interest in you.

12. She pointed out things you have in common

Notice if she immediately picks up what you have in common when you talk about your interests and hobbies. 

If she does it, she actually wants to make you aware of your similarities. This is a sign she is interested in you and is thinking about your relationship in the long run.

13. She shared things about herself

People often hesitate to open up on a first date. But if she is the opposite and confides in you, she is onto more than just a first date with you.

She is getting vulnerable around you because she has developed a trust in you. 

14. You shared things about yourself in response

When she opens up about her personal life and things close to her, notice how you react. 

If you immediately respond to it and share sensitive things about yourself in return, that’s a great sign! 

You can open up only because she empathizes with you. Your instincts say that she is interested, and you guys connected well.

15. There was a playful vibe

On first dates, people are still strangers. So, they talk on the surface level. 

But if things escalate further and you tease each other, that’s another telltale sign. 

This playful vibe and light-hearted teasing come from the level of comfort she develops with you. In this case, it seems she feels cozy enough around you. So, of course, she’s interested!

16. You mirrored each other

Notice if she does the exact same things as you. For instance, you guys both show similar manners and postures. 

If yes, this mirroring action shows that you guys are connected. No, she isn’t copying you, her body subconsciously does this because her mind is on you, and she’s interested!

17. She gave you a deep compliment

If she compliments you, she notices something really good about you. But some women may also compliment as a formality. 

So, a surefire sign of her interest is if she gives you a deep compliment about something you have achieved in your life.

18. She initiated a hug before parting

Hugs are rare after a first date – after all, you’re almost strangers. But if she initiates it and you hug before saying goodbye to each other, it is a strong sign the date worked. 

19. She lingered before leaving

Even after you hug each other, she does not leave immediately. She lingers awkwardly as if waiting for something more, like a goodbye kiss. 

While she may not act upon it, if there’s hesitation to leave you, this is a clear indication she is into you.

20. She dropped you a text

You parted after your first date. Ask her to drop a text on reaching home. If she actually does it and adds that she had a great time with you, jackpot! 

You need not look any further because she’s definitely head over heels for you.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you noticed most of these signs in her during the date, rest assured that she’s definitely up to meet once again. 

Now, it’s time to hit her up and deepen your bond. Plan your next date after a while and navigate through the waves of romance!

However, if there weren’t many signs, don’t feel heartbroken. It may take time to find the perfect partner, but it’s not impossible. So, date actively until you find your right fit!

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