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20 Ultimate Signs She Doesn’t Like You More Than A Friend And You Need To Move On

20 Ultimate Signs She Doesn’t Like You More Than A Friend And You Need To Move On

Updated on Nov 30, 2023

20 Ultimate Signs She Doesn’t Like You More Than A Friend And You Need To Move On

So, you like this quirky girl, but something seems off, and you’re looking for signs she doesn’t like you more than a friend!

She seems to be interested in knowing more about you. But your heart says she doesn’t have deeper feelings? 

Well, this piece will help you to understand better. Come on, let’s start scrolling!

20 Signs She Doesn’t Like You More Than A Friend

When you spend a lot of time with someone, it’s difficult to ignore the chemistry between you both. However, you might also misunderstand their friendship as romance, and that is where the problem starts. 

So, if you want to know whether this girl has any romantic feelings for you, here are some signs that will confirm your belief.

1. You both don’t spend much time alone

Sure, you both hang out a lot, but it’s mostly with friends. If you don’t spend too much time alone, it can mean that she loves you just as a friend and nothing more. 

Whenever she agrees to go out with you, she prefers a group setting. It’s so that others don’t get the impression that something is brewing between you two.

2. You are her go-to “backup” for a date

Whenever she wanted a date to attend a wedding or prom, did she take you along because nobody else was there? 

Well, if your answer is yes, then it indicates that she wants you just as a backup date. Outside of fake dates, she doesn’t have anything romantic for you.

3. She takes time to reply to you

A woman who’s interested in you will never take time to reply. But if you text her and she often takes more than an hour or so to reply, it’s a clear sign you’re just a friend to her. 

It’s not that she doesn’t want to talk to you. But she doesn’t consider you as her priority contact.

4. She calls you her friend and nothing else

Does she frequently text you things like, “Hey, friend, what’s up?” or “Hey buddy, let’s catch up”?

Someone who uses these words won’t look at you as anything more than a platonic friend. If she wanted to be your girlfriend, she wouldn’t have used friendly nicknames and phrases.

5. The conversations are not that deep

Deep conversations indicate that you both share a special connection that can soon turn into romance. 

But if she talks about only surface-level topics with you, such as the weather, your jobs, or upcoming assignments, then it doesn’t mean anything deep. She looks at you as her friend but nothing more.

6. She sets you up with others

If she had a crush on you, she would never even dream of setting you up with anyone! Women can be quite possessive of their partners and crushes. 

So, if she’s more than comfortable to set you up with someone, especially one of her friends, it’s a clear sign that she’s not into you.

7. She wants you to set her up too

Conversely, if your female friend wishes you to set her up with any of your male buddies, it’s not a good sign for you. 

If she wanted to date you, she would have probably approached you or asked a friend of hers to talk on her behalf. Her actions clearly mean that you’re just a friend to her.

8. She laughs when you bring up dating

Maybe you bring up the topic of you both dating or being a potential couple. See her reaction carefully. 

If she laughs or rolls her eyes at you, it indicates that she doesn’t have any romantic feelings for you. 

If she liked you more than a friend, she would have blushed or become embarrassed.

9. There is no physical contact

When two people flirt with each other while remaining friends, there’s bound to be some sort of physical contact. She may give you a playful smack on your arms or you’ll play with her hair. 

However, if nothing is going on between the two of you, physical contact will be minimal or even zero.

10. She tells you about her crushes

A woman who looks at you as a friend will openly talk about their crushes or ex-partners with you. 

She knows she doesn’t harbor any romantic feelings for you, so there’s no reason for you to become jealous or insecure. 

She might even ask you for relationship tips and tricks!

11. You hardly get the time to talk

No matter how close you both are, your relationship won’t become serious unless you meet and talk frequently. 

However, do you hardly get the time to sit down and talk your heart out, or does she always seem busy?

Then, she doesn’t wish to free her schedule or go out of the way to meet you.

12. She makes it clear she wants to be single

Sometimes, it’s really not you, it’s her. If she wants to stay single, she’ll make it clear to any guy who wishes to pursue her. 

She’ll tell you that she’s not looking for a relationship or that it gets in the way of her plans. In this case, it will mean that she doesn’t want to date you or anyone else.

13. She turns every date into a hangout

Planning a romantic date can be really nerve-wracking for many people. Unfortunately, someone who doesn’t romantically like you won’t understand that you wish to date them. 

Similarly, the girl you like may turn every potential date into a hangout session. From her end, it’s nothing more than friendship.

14. She gives you the same attention as others

In a group setting, you can clearly make out if the girl you like likes you back or not. If she pays extra attention to you or looks into your eyes, it’s a positive sign! 

But if she treats you the same way as others, it means that she’s just a friendly person who regards you as her friend.

15. She comes to you for advice

You might think that being a girl’s unpaid therapist will eventually help you to become her boyfriend. Unfortunately, women rarely go for men who listen to their rants and thoughts. 

Even though she is opening up to you, she’s only regarding you, her good friend and pillar of support.

16. She does not reschedule plans

Not rescheduling plans or not getting back to you on time is rude and shows that your crush isn’t planning on having a romantic relationship with you. 

While they enjoy your company, they’re also not that eager to spend time with you.

17. She tells you that you are her brother

Being brozoned is probably every guy’s worst nightmare. But if she refers to you as her brother or confidante, it’s a sad sign that she doesn’t want anything romantic or long-term with you. 

You definitely form an important part of her life, just not as a romantic partner.

18. Her body language is calm and composed

Generally, when women see or talk to someone they like, their body language gives it away. 

If she really liked you, she would appear nervous or agitated. For example, she would probably fidget. However, if she appears calm and composed, it might mean that she doesn’t look at you romantically.

19. Your gut feeling tells it all

A person’s gut feeling can tell them so much more than what they see or hear. If it tells you that your crush isn’t interested in you, then it’s probably right. 

Yes, it might be difficult to digest this news at first. But once you notice her signs, you will understand that your sixth sense was right all along!

20. Her friends tell you she isn’t interested

This, again, is another major sign that a girl might be seeing you only as her friend. Women generally tell their fellow female friends most things. And if she did like you back, her friends would have passed on the hint to you. 

They may have giggled whenever you both spend time or have teased you lightly.

But if it’s the other way around, there’s your sign!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

It’s hard to check for such heartbreaking signs, especially when you’re so deeply in love with someone. So, dear reader, remember to watch out and read these signs carefully!

If you notice these common signs in this woman, you need to prepare your heart to get over her. Heal and give love another chance elsewhere!

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