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How To Make Your Crush Trust You? – 20 Fruitful Ways To Build An Eternal Bond

How To Make Your Crush Trust You? – 20 Fruitful Ways To Build An Eternal Bond

Published on Nov 30, 2023

How To Make Your Crush Trust You - 20 Fruitful Ways To Build An Eternal Bond

So, you’ve got your eyes set on someone special, and you are wondering how to make your crush trust you.

You want to be more than just a friend passing by. You want to be their cozy spot where they feel safe and understood. 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. So, dive right in!

How To Make Your Crush Trust You? – 20 Ways 

Often it’s tricky and delicate to establish a genuine connection with someone you’re interested in romantically. But it starts with building trust. 

Then again, it takes time, care, and a sprinkle of magic. You need to tirelessly show that you’re worth their trust and mean no harm!

So, get ready to transform those fleeting glimmers of interest into a trust-filled bond. 

1. Cultivate Self-Trust

Start the process by trusting yourself. Show you’re trustworthy to yourself to earn others’ trust. 

For instance, set realistic goals, keep promises to yourself, practice self-care, celebrate yourself, show compassion to yourself, and so on.

Show how much you trust yourself and how much you value self-trust. This will show your crush that they can also trust you.

2. Embrace Compassion

Kindness plays a pivotal role in fostering trust. So, extend compassion and support, and you’ll gift your crush a valuable sense of faith. For instance, show support even when your crush doubts themselves. 

3. Foster Curiosity Through Questions

Initiate conversations with thoughtful questions. It signals genuine interest in your crush’s life. Ask questions from the beginning to show that you are not self-centered. 

This openness encourages your crush to share deeper feelings and personal secrets. It lays the groundwork for a trusting relationship.

4. Practice Humility

Humility is a challenging yet essential trait for building trust. By being humble, you create an environment where your crush feels secure and unjudged. 

To practice this, acknowledge mistakes and recognize that you don’t possess all-encompassing knowledge. This approach makes you more likable and, over time, fosters trust.

5. Avoid Teasing

Teasing, even if meant in good humor, can be perceived as disrespectful and demeaning. Especially if you don’t know your crush for a long time, avoid teasing. 

If you constantly make fun of others, it may signal insecurity and a lack of trustworthiness. 

So, create an atmosphere of respect from the beginning to make them comfortable confiding in you.

6. Respect Boundaries And Avoid Demands

Strike a balance between giving and receiving to set healthy boundaries. If you demand excessive time, comfort, support, or reassurance from them, you may strain the relationship. 

Give your crush the space to foster trust and prevent overwhelming them. Clingy behavior may convey a lack of faith. 

7. Let Go Of Judgment

Constant unsolicited advice can erode trust over time. Treat your crush with fairness, respect, and dignity. Create an atmosphere where they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts without fear of judgment. Listen and offer unconditional support to strengthen the bond.

8. Talk Over Calls

To encourage your crush to open up and share their thoughts, talk over calls.

Ask thoughtful questions, express emotions through your voice, and maintain a serious tone. This way, you create an environment conducive to sharing feelings. 

Over time, this can lead them to confide in you and trust that you genuinely care.

9. Share Anything Willing

Acts of kindness, such as sharing possessions, time, and aspirations, also help build trust. 

Whether it’s sharing candy, money, clothes, skills, or even a holiday home, the willingness to share fosters a sense of goodwill. Be generous to let your crush appreciate your positive qualities.

10. Keep Their Secrets

If they tell you any secret, keep it to yourself. Avoid spreading or discussing things with others. If you share their deepest secrets with others, it’ll damage the trust and cause emotional distress. 

11. Start With Friendship

Take time to build a genuine friendship with them. It will build a more solid and enduring foundation than diving straight into a romantic relationship. 

This lets you both be your true self without the pressure often associated with traditional dating scenarios.

12. Be Yourself

One key way to foster trust is to be authentic from the start. When you present yourself as you truly are, it becomes easier for the other person to trust you. 

While putting on a facade might initially impress someone, it’s not a sustainable strategy for a long-term relationship. 

Ultimately, authenticity builds trust, laying the groundwork for a connection that can withstand the tests of time.

13. Set The Course For A Meaningful Connection

If you’re interested in dating someone, clarify your intentions. This helps set expectations. 

Are you seeking a meaningful connection to get to know the person better? Or are you simply looking for a casual and fun experience? 

Clarify these intentions early on to prevent misunderstandings and potential disappointments later in the relationship.

14. Introduce Them To Your Loved Ones

Introduce your crush to your inner circle to make them trust you and your intentions. 

This is a powerful way to show you’re trustworthy if your goal is a serious, committed relationship

This step not only helps them feel secure but also signifies transparency and a commitment to openness within the relationship.

15. Be Consistent In Your Efforts

Initially, it’s easy to make your crush feel special. However, as time goes by, your efforts may wane. 

To foster a trust that you want a lasting connection, remain consistently sweet and affectionate. 

Otherwise, when they sense a change in your behavior, doubts may arise. Thus, maintain a constant level of warmth and attention.

16. Try To Keep Your Promises

Promises are the building blocks of trust in any relationship. So, don’t make commitments that you cannot fulfill. 

If you break promises, they’ll be disappointed, and feel betrayed. They may question your honesty and integrity. 

Therefore, carefully consider the implications of each promise before making it. Ensure that commitments are realistic and attainable.

17. Don’t Lie 

There exists no such thing as a harmless ‘white lie’ when it comes to building trust with your crush. Even seemingly insignificant lies can erode your crush’s confidence in you. 

Transparency and honesty, even when the truth may be uncomfortable, form the foundation of a trusting relationship. 

18. Be Open About Your Thoughts

Share your thoughts openly to build trust. The ability to share genuine thoughts and emotions fosters a deeper understanding with your crush. As you open up about everything, they’ll also reciprocate. 

You’ll create an environment where you both feel safe to express and trust each other.

19. Own Up To Mistakes

You are a human being and you will make mistakes. When your actions hurt or disappoint them, give them a sincere apology. 

However, the art of apologizing involves more than mere words. It requires genuine remorse and a commitment to change. Don’t make excuses, or it’ll undermine the sincerity of the apology. 

A humble and honest apology, coupled with a sincere effort to rectify the situation, is key to rebuilding trust.

20. Practice Patience 

It’s counterproductive to pressure a partner to trust you again. So, don’t push them to open up or share their secrets. Instead, be consistent and honest throughout the time. 

Let them slowly understand that you mean no harm. This way, you can truly build a robust trust in their heart.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The journey from being friends or acquaintances to romantic partners involves careful navigation and intentional steps. And one of the most important steps is building trust. 

Follow the mentioned ways to foster trust. But don’t rush any of them. Take time to show them that you care and you’ll cherish them. Give them time and space to understand you truly, and trust will be established!