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20 Alarming Signs Of A Narcissistic Wife You Must Be Aware Of!

20 Alarming Signs Of A Narcissistic Wife You Must Be Aware Of!

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

20 Alarming Signs Of A Narcissistic Wife You Must Be Aware Of!

Look out for signs of a narcissistic wife if she’s been trying to control and dominate you. 

The most common symptom of narcissism is controlling behaviors and an exaggerated amount of self-importance. 

However, it’s not that easy to spot. This personality disorder can show up in your wife in many other ways. 

So, let’s know all about those here!

20 Signs Of A Narcissistic Wife

Unlike men, it can be pretty challenging to identify narcissistic personality disorder in women – especially if it’s your wife. 

It’s because women have always been perceived as being the “nagging” people. Further, since she’s your wife, you also feel that “She must be right. Perhaps I’m not that capable.”

However, the truth can be easily found if you check for these critical signs…

1. She just wants attention

A narcissistic wife lives on attention, constantly seeking admiration and validation. She’s the star of her performance and always seeks applause from everyone.

Whether it’s a social event or a casual conversation, she’s always front and center, basking in the glow of the spotlight.

So, does your wife constantly desire attention? If yes, there’s your sign!

2. She lacks empathy

A narcissistic woman can’t put herself in others’ shoes. So, she frequently ignores others’ sentiments. She never notices their hardships because she is preoccupied with her thoughts.

If your wife lacks empathy and is emotionally disconnected, that’s another warning sign!

3. She has mastered the art of manipulation

A narcissistic wife is a cunning manipulator. She uses deceitful strategies to reach her goals. She masterfully manipulates events to serve her plans. Her close ones often unintentionally become pawns in her plots.

If you see such traits in your wife, she’s definitely a narcissist.

4. She wants to be treated extra special

A narcissistic wife believes she has a right to special consideration. If anything deviates from her desires, it irritates her. 

Her sense of entitlement and constant demands lead to conflicts and confuse those around her.

So, she’s a narcissist if she incessantly demands special treatment. 

5. She is a constant critic

If you have a narcissistic wife, she will constantly criticize, degrade, and demean you. 

Instead of encouraging growth, her remarks erode confidence. Her pessimism leaves others saddened. Constructive criticism is not her style. 

6. She has her ego above all

If your wife is narcissistic, she’ll always exaggerate her accomplishments to gain acknowledgement. 

She’s so arrogant that she believes everyone should follow her lead. Her inflated ego is a continual reminder of her ravenous need for recognition.

7. She can’t hide her jealousy 

If your wife is a narcissist, notice whether she’s jealous when others succeed!

She’ll feel inferior and threatened when others or even you win at life. She may seem confident from afar. But there’s lots of envy, anger, and bitterness towards others for no reason.

8. She is not an accountable person

A narcissistic woman avoids responsibility and quickly shifts blame for her mistakes to others. This is all to protect her ego so that nobody can point fingers at her.

So, if your wife also acts this way and doesn’t care about losing others’ trust, that’s another glaring sign!

9. She is a taker, not a giver

Notice if she shamelessly takes advantage of your and others’ kindness and goodwill. In that case, she’ll hardly ever regret her deeds. 

She’ll always give little in return because she believes she deserves better.

If this sounds familiar, you have a narcissistic wife!

10. She cannot take criticism

If you have a narcissistic wife, she’ll either defend herself or flatly refuse constructive input. Her resistance to criticism prevents her personal development. 

This only encourages her self-centered inclinations, preventing any genuine change.

11. She only looks for gains in all relationships

A narcissistic wife forms relationships exclusively for personal gain. Her conversations are transactional, focusing on her immediate demands. She’ll avoid any emotional depth that comes with a genuine attachment. 

So, a telltale sign is that your wife also has shallow relationships. Perhaps she also uses you and her other loved ones only for her objectives, without any sincerity.

12. She’ll insult you in front of the kids

If you have kids with a narcissistic wife, her toxic behavior will even show up while parenting. She’ll look down at how you take care of your kids. She’ll even tell the kids that you are good for nothing. 

If she’s a stay-at-home mom, you’ll never hear the end of how you don’t put any effort into the kids. 

13. She’ll take her anger out on your money

One of the worst signs of a narcissistic wife is how she takes revenge on you. The moment you upset her with anything minute, she’ll literally waste your money.

It doesn’t matter if she earns on her own or if you give her a part of your salary to her. She’ll buy something obnoxiously expensive and unnecessary to get on your nerves.

14. She crosses her limits often

A narcissistic wife disregards personal boundaries and invades privacy and personal space without hesitation. 

She feels she owns everyone, so she won’t even ask you before going through your phone. If you take time away from her, she’ll also not respect that. 

15. She knows how to play with emotions

If your woman is a narcissist, she’ll be skilled at pulling emotional strings. She’ll use guilt and emotional blackmail to be in power. 

She’ll cleverly twist circumstances to her advantage while appealing to your emotions. 

16. She cannot take a NO

If your wife can’t take rejection, that’s another surefire sign of narcissism. 

For instance, she’ll be crushed at the first indication of rejection. She’ll struggle with the hit to her self-image, from flaming wrath to frigid seclusion. 

She won’t acknowledge her flaws and will often call you heartless or selfish for your refusal.

17. She never listens – only to dominate you

Another indicative sign is if she dominates every conversation with you. During interactions, she’ll focus on herself and won’t listen to others. 

She’ll steer every conversation back to her interests and actions. She won’t listen to you even for a second because the idea of genuinely caring about you is alien to her.

18. She has unrealistic expectations

If her expectations are so high it leads to a never-ending cycle of disappointment, she’s definitely a narcissist. 

Due to her unrealistic demands, you’ll always feel inadequate. You might even beat yourself up because you can never make her happy.

19. She often gaslights you

If your wife is narcissistic, she’ll skillfully distort reality and twist facts. She’ll make you question your sanity and doubt your memories. 

She undermines your confidence this way and controls your way of thinking.

20. She never tries to resolve issues

Notice if your wife never initiates resolving issues and arguments with you. A narcissistic wife does not communicate after an argument. She’d rather let the issues pile up even if it harms your long-term relationship. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you suspect your wife is a narcissist, remember to face the truth. Don’t delay checking for these signs, as it can impact your marriage in the long run.

If one or more of these signs strongly appear in her, try to make informed decisions and navigate such dynamics.

Remember that mutual respect, empathy, and true connection are the foundations of healthy connections. If nothing helps out, seek professional advice to make the journey smoother.