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25 Revealing Signs An Older Man Likes A Younger Woman

25 Revealing Signs An Older Man Likes A Younger Woman

Updated on Sep 21, 2023

25 Revealing Signs An Older Man Likes A Younger Woman

So, you are looking for signs an older man likes a younger woman… probably because you feel confused about your feelings. 

Perhaps you’re the older man wondering about whether you truly like her or if it’s just lust. Or, you’re the younger woman falling for someone much older. And you don’t know if you’re just impulsive. 

Well, age difference can truly confuse both parties a lot. So, get your answers here…

25 Signs An Older Man Likes A Younger Woman

The romance between an older man and a younger woman is often objectified. The younger woman is called a gold-digger… the older man is called a manther. 

Amidst all that, it gets confusing whether it’s truly liking or something ugly. But not anymore, because you can sort out the truth with these signs…

1. He opens up to her

If an older man is into a younger woman, he’ll open up to her about his thoughts and feelings. 

He may be all tough and ‘stereotypically masculine’ in front of his guy friends. But he wants her to know who he is, with all his emotions, flaws, insecurities, vulnerabilities, and softer side. 

2. He shows a genuine interest in her life

Another sign that he likes her is that he’d ask her about her goals, desires, interests, and dreams. He’ll try to get to know everything he can about her. 

3. He tries to spend a lot of time with her

If he devotes a great deal of time to being in her company, he definitely likes her. If he’s a colleague, he might try to work similar hours as her. If he’s a friend, he’ll often ask her to hang out with him.

4. He tries to help her out in any way he can

If he offers to help her out at all times, no matter how troublesome it might be for him, that’s another sign of his admiration

Even if he believes that she’s strong and independent, he wants to be her provider whenever necessary. 

5. He tries to impress her friends

No matter how old he is, a man knows how much a woman’s girlfriends mean to her. 

So, if he likes her, he’ll always try to impress her friends. He’ll ensure that her friends put out a good word for him. 

6. He enquires about her relationship status

If he tries to find out about the woman’s relationship status, he’s definitely into her. He might stalk her on social media to gain information about other men in her life or ask her directly. He wants to know if the field is clear.

7. He compliments her a lot

Anyone can throw a flattering remark about how pretty a woman looks. But if his compliments are meaningful and more about her personality, he likes her. 

8. He mirrors her body language 

One of the subtler signs that an older man is into a younger woman is his body language. He may cross his arms if she crosses hers or plays with his hair when she plays with hers. 

He doesn’t copy her movements to tease her. But his brain makes him do so subconsciously. 

9. He touches her

If he likes her, he’ll touch her frequently. He might gently put his hand on her shoulders, waist, or lower back, brush his arm against her arm, or even rest his hand on her thigh. 

It’s literally impossible for him to keep his hands to himself when she’s around. 

10. He makes eye contact frequently

Another telltale sign is that he’ll frequently make eye contact. Since he’s older, he isn’t nervous, shy, or intimidated to hold her gaze. So he’ll look into her eyes intensely and passionately, exhibiting all the confidence in the world.    

11. He finds it hard not to smile when she’s around 

While an older man might smile at a woman just to be polite. But, if he’s always grinning ear to ear in her presence, he likes her. 

Crushes naturally make people happy and make them smile. So, not even an older man is immune to that. 

12. He goes beyond small talk

Older men value meaningful conversations more than most younger men. 

So, if he likes a younger woman, he’ll frequently engage in deep and abstract discussions, getting to know her personally. 

He might ask about her most cherished memory or her opinion on different subjects. 

13. He actively listens

Since older men have had more experience with romantic relationships, they’ll obviously know the importance of listening. So, he’ll listen to her actively and value her opinion. 

Even if he disagrees, he’ll hear her out. He’ll make her feel heard and give her space to be vulnerable with him. 

14. He acts like a gentleman around her

Being a gentleman does not always mean that he has to open doors for her. It can mean that he’ll be thoughtful and honest, always be on time, keep his word, and never talk about things she has confided in him. 

15. He flirts a lot

He’ll flirt a lot but subtly – there won’t be aggressive flirting. 

For example, he may talk to her in a lower voice, lean into her when she talks, or always laugh at her jokes. He’ll touch her gently and tease her without being rude about it. 

16. He shows genuine concern for her well-being

If he likes her, he’ll check up on her every other day and lend a helping hand whenever she needs it. He’ll show his care by his actions. 

He’ll always walk her home at night and be a shoulder to cry on when she has had a rough day. 

17. He introduces her to his friends and family

Whether older or younger, a man introduces a woman to his friends and family only if he’s interested in her. He’ll also ensure that his loved ones like her as much as he appreciates her. He might also put in a good word for her. 

18. He respects her boundaries

Most older men know the importance of respecting someone’s boundaries. So, if he likes her, he’ll be receptive to her verbal and non-verbal cues and take the time to learn her boundaries. 

He’ll always apologize if and when he violates a boundary, whether it’s physical or emotional.

19. He’s protective of her

The older a man is, the more protective he’ll be about a woman he likes. So, he’ll always stick up for her and defend her even though he knows she can protect herself. He’ll never tolerate it if somebody threatens her in any way. 

20. He often gets jealous

If he likes her, he’ll get jealous about the presence of other men in her life despite the age difference. He wants her all to himself, so he’ll get worked up every time she flirts or even talks to another man.

21. He includes her in his future plans

He may not outright ask her to marry him. But, he might make plans like attending future events or even going on a trip together. He might even jokingly talk about what it’ll be like to move in together. 

22. He’s patient with her

The older a man is, the more patient he is. An obvious sign is that he’ll treat her patiently. He’ll accept her flaws and cherish all her little pet peeves. He’ll always listen to her rant about her day without even complaining. 

23. He buys her presents

Of course, this doesn’t mean he’ll give her something grand. But if he likes her enough, his presents will be thoughtful. From flowers and chocolates to a pair of earrings, his gifts will always bring a smile to her face. 

24. He brags about his accomplishments

This is a surefire sign of an older man liking a younger woman. He has more to brag about than his younger rivals. So, he uses them to impress the woman he’s into. He might talk about the medals he has won or even his salary. 

25. He’s consistent

If he’s into her, he’ll always respect her time and presence and never bail out on her. He’ll prove to her that he’s reliable, not by his words but by his actions. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice these signs in your connection, you’ve got an answer. Now it’s up to you what you truly want to do. 

If you’re the man, you can choose a good time and come clean about your feelings. Check if she also has the feels for you.

If you’re the woman, consider your feelings and whether you want to give the relationship a shot.

Remember, if there’s a strong connection between you both, don’t be afraid to work on it!

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