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What Does Soft Launch Mean In A Relationship? – Meaning, Benefits, Ways To Do It, And Everything Else!

What Does Soft Launch Mean In A Relationship? – Meaning, Benefits, Ways To Do It, And Everything Else!

Updated on Sep 21, 2023

What Does Soft Launch Mean In A Relationship - Meaning, Benefits, Ways To Do It, And Everything Else!

If you’re wondering what soft launch means in a relationship, it refers to indirectly including your partner in your social media. 

There are multiple benefits to this process, and GenZ is raving over this trend. It’s a great way to disclose it-bits of your relationship without hurrying.

So, if you want to hop on this bandwagon, get right into it!

What Does Soft Launch Mean In A Relationship?

A soft launch is like a teaser about your relationship, which lets your close ones and followers on social media know you are dating someone. 

Yet, you need to come up with posts that neither reveal your partner’s face nor mention their account details. You can also be creative and aesthetic with those photos. 

For example, you can simply post a picture of you both holding hands without showing faces. 

You can post a photo of the cake or the flowers they gifted you and write a thank you message in the caption without tagging them. 

Or you can even hold the photos in front of the face and focus on it, which blurs out him in the background. 

Most people choose soft launching in the initial dating stage. This is because they are unsure about the future but still want to update people about their romantic life.

In fact, a lot of promising celebrities use the soft launch tactic and slowly reveal their partner’s face when they are serious about the relationship. 

And if you’re curious, yes, there’s also something called “hard launching.” C’mon, let’s know the difference between the two here!

Soft Launching Vs. Hard Launching

In short, hard launching is the exact opposite of soft launching. For a clearer picture of the difference, here is a small representation!

Point of Difference Soft Launching Hard Launching 
Photographs The photographs are blurry or with just traces that someone is present.Direct photographs of your partner, which makes the face visible. 
NamingDoes not include the name of the partner.Includes mentioning the name of the partner. 
Profile TagsNo tagging to the profile of your partner’s account Direct tagging of your partner’s profile.
Indication Has to be an unclear image that does not direct at your romance directly but has a trace of it. A clear image that portrays the relationship you share with your partner. 

Now, if you’re curious whether soft launching can help you in more ways, let’s keep going…

What Are the Benefits of Soft Launching?

Soft launching in a relationship benefits you, specifically if you are a public figure and don’t want your dating life to be completely out. Some of the most common benefits associated with soft launching are:

1. It Keeps Your Personal Life Private

It keeps your personal and social life private. Sometimes, exposing your personal life too much to the public attracts a lot of unwanted problems and creates further conflicts in the relationship. Many even believe that it keeps evil intentions at bay! 

2. It Increases Inquisitiveness

If you are a public figure, then as a part of your social media presence, it is important to keep people invested in you. 

Soft launching ensures that people are curious about your life. It sparks questions like, are you dating? Who is the partner? What do they do?

3. You Celebrate Without Being Obvious

Sometimes people want to celebrate their romance and love on social media, yet they want to avoid bringing the deets of the relationship out in public. 

And soft launch ensures you can honor your love without sharing your partner’s face.

4. It Gives A Sense of Protection

Soft launching is a method used by many people to ensure that they can stay protected from malicious online activities and cyberbullies

Sometimes your partner might not be on the same page as you and do not want social media exposure. Soft launch ensures you can protect their privacy and simultaneously say that someone is in your life.

5. It Reduces Confusion 

And finally, people might doubt whether you have a partner in your life. If you want to answer them truthfully, soft launching helps you out with just the bare minimum revelation!

Now, if you’re wondering why this is so trendy, keep scrolling…

In the modern age, the concept of dating has completely changed today. More people meet their potential partners through dating sites which creates uncertainty about the connection.

Obviously, if you introduce your partner on your social media, you will feel awkward. After all, you don’t want to add the face of every person you’ll date online. Moreover, you don’t know how your close ones would react or judge your partner. 

You don’t want everyone to overwhelm your partner on their social media either.

So, soft launching helps your partner get time to warm up to your life and close ones gradually. This eases their tension and gives them enough time to adjust to everything.

They can gather their courage to know everyone and prepare to meet them and answer their questions later.

Moreover, if things don’t work out, nobody will know your partner’s identity. So, nobody will spam them to know the reasons or bully them into reconciling with you. 

Not only that, you will also not need to delete fewer posts. You will shorten the painful process.

But why else

Why do People Soft Launch their Relationships?

Soft launching a relationship has different purposes. The most common one is when you are a public personality. In such cases, you have a large following, which makes it hard to keep your relationship private. 

This is the most comprehensive way to help you maintain balance. You keep a mid-way approach where you neither hide the relationship nor be extremely vocal about it.

On the other hand, non-public figures adopt this to keep the relationship private. It is a great way to protect privacy and keep the relationship low.

But if you’re wondering what’s the perfect time to soft launch your love life, read on!

When do I soft launch my relationship?

If you are still at the initial stage of your relationship and have not figured out whether they are the one, it is an ideal time to soft launch the relationship. 

However, there are instances when, even after being sure, people don’t soft launch the relationship. 

In the end, there’s no hard and fast rule about the perfect timeline for soft launching. This is completely your personal choice. 

But usually, couples say that they do it after the first week or months later. However, couples that have been together for years yet haven’t soft launched usually go for the hard launch directly!

Now, if you’re also interested in embracing this, here’s your answer!

How can I soft launch my relationship?

Depending on your choice, you can make a soft launch extremely creative and aesthetic. However, some of the most promising ways of soft launching your relationship are:

1. Photo 

This is the most common way of soft launching, but you can be creative with it. You can add a hint of uniqueness with a personal touch as well!

In the pictures, focus on the shadow of you two, a photo of them covering their face, matching hoodies or phone cases, holding hands, your feet together, and so on. 

2. Write-Up Post 

Instead of posting a photo, you post a small quote or meme. It showcases that someone is there but without any tell-tale signals. 

3. Indirect Mentions 

You can post a gift that they have given or even an experience that you two share without mentioning their name directly. Instead of tagging his account, you can add a pet name you gave them to keep their identity hidden. 

4. Tag In Story

Most people scroll through Instagram stories within the blink of an eye or don’t even check them. Moreover, the story stays for 24 hours, and you can also upload a story for “close people” instead of going full-blown public. Only put the closest people to disclose to them.

5. Relationship Status Update without Tags

This one is totally your personal choice and not a must-do. You can update the status without tagging your partner. This helps you straightforwardly convey that you are in a relationship without going in circles. 

However, if your partner isn’t ready for this step, know how to resolve the issue here…

What to do if you or your partner’s decision on soft launching clashes?

You and your partner may not agree on soft launching your relationship. After all, it truly is too early, or they just don’t feel secure. 

Social media adds difficulties to the relationship, and your partner might not always have the right perspective. 

Well, the best way to deal with it is by discussing it with them. Share your perspective with them and allow them to explain their perspective. 

Then you can understand where each of you is coming from and your reasons. Assure them that you have the relationship’s best interest in mind and care deeply about them.

It might help you both reach a conclusion based on some adjustments.  

A word from ThePleasantDream

Soft launching is a common method new-age couples adopt to keep their personal life away from the limelight. It helps them to share their deets only when they are comfortable. 

However, it can be problematic if your partner has a different notion. Before making such decisions, you need to discuss the outcomes and how they might affect your relationship. 

Lastly, remember not to fight over your decision and choose the best for your relationship together!