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What Attracts A Woman To A Man At First Sight? 30 Outstanding Characteristics That Never Go Unnoticed

What Attracts A Woman To A Man At First Sight? 30 Outstanding Characteristics That Never Go Unnoticed

Updated on Nov 17, 2023

What Attracts A Woman To A Man At First Sight 30 Outstanding Characteristics That Never Go Unnoticed

So, you are head over heels for her, but she doesn’t pay you enough attention, leaving you wondering what attracts a woman to a man at first sight.

Well, when it comes to the art of wooing women, most men are confused about how to charm them. Some even try to do the right trick but overdo things and spoil everything. 

If that rings a bell, here are some of the things you must focus on to unleash the charismatic powerhouse within you.

What Attracts A Woman To A Man At First Sight? 30 Characteristics

Attraction is often a balanced mixture of sexual interest and desire. But what’s the secret recipe that sparks a woman’s fascination for a man?

The answer to this captivating question lies in the intricate interplay of both conscious and subconscious factors. 

Delve into the realm of hidden forces to know how to attract the girl of your dreams the first time you meet her.

1. Facial Features

A woman first notices a man’s facial features. Truly striking characteristics include a chiseled jawline, sharp features, and a glowing skin tone. 

A neatly groomed appearance, a clean-shaven appearance, a trendy haircut, well-shaped eyebrows, and trimmed nose hair may provide that additional dash of appeal. 

2. Dressing Sense

Dressing decently is a powerful way to catch a woman’s eye. Your choice of clothing and how you wear it can speak volumes about your personality. 

Beyond just throwing on a formal shirt and trousers, consider well-fitted attire and complementing accessories. 

Whether it’s a quality watch, a classic plaid scarf, or a stylish fedora hat, put thought into your outfit for a dapper look that no woman can resist.

3. Gorgeous Eyes

Women often find expressive, deep-set eyes to be quite appealing. It doesn’t matter if you have attractive brown eyes or hypnotic gray eyes; what matters is how you utilize your eyes to communicate. 

4. A Good Posture

Your overall physique and posture can significantly influence how women perceive you. A tall, well-built man with good posture can stand out in a crowd and catch a woman’s attention

Carry yourself to convey confidence and charisma. A slouched or hunched posture can detract from your overall appeal. 

5. A Sweet Smile

A sincere and pleasant smile is appealing to infatuate a lady. Even if you don’t have the most attractive facial features, a captivating smile may make you appear more attractive. 

Smile at her with sincerity and innocence to draw her to you. When a woman is captivated by your smile, she may shower you with compliments, encouraging you to smile even more.

6. Sexy Perfume

Women get drawn to a man’s strong, alluring fragrance. While some perfumes may emphasize natural body odors, that’s not generally attractive to most women. 

Instead, a unique deodorant that gives you a distinctive scent or an enticing aftershave can be the right aroma for men.

7. Politeness

Undoubtedly, politeness is the most alluring quality that draws a woman to a man. As the adage goes, your behavior toward the waiter at the restaurant says a lot about your manners. 

Even if you are attractive and affluent, bad manners can undo whatever good impressions you may have created. 

8. Great Conversation Skills

Conversational skills hold the power to emotionally attract a woman to a man. 

Even after the date ends, a woman will fondly remember you for a day or two if you engage her in a captivating conversation. 

A man who can articulate himself well, showcasing his impressive linguistic abilities, instantly adds an extra layer of appeal.

9. A Good Sense Of Humor

One of a man’s many admirable traits that stands out is his humor. A man who can make women laugh is well-liked and goes a long way toward gaining a woman’s respect and love.

Women recognize and admire men who find humor in themselves. It shows that those men feel secure. 

10. Shoes

The type of shoes a man wears and how well he maintains them is something women notice. Neglected shoes with no polish, mud-stained soles, and poorly kept sneakers are definite turn-offs.

11. Personal Hygiene

By consistently maintaining your personal hygiene, you ensure you won’t miss your chance to capture her heart.

Daily showers, clean clothes, and good oral hygiene are some of the grooming tips you should consider. 

Maintain your facial hair properly. Keep it neat. Trim your nails and attend to your skin. Dismiss the notion that skincare is exclusively for women and have a religious skincare routine.

12. Healthy Hair

Women may not be excessively concerned with your particular hairdo. But they notice how well you take care of your hair.

A well-kept haircut that goes with your look greatly enhances the image you provide. 

Even if going bald is your preferred look, maintaining cleanliness and wearing it with confidence are essential components of your entire appearance and vibe.

13. Clean Hands

Your hands can make women feel attracted to you. Keep your fingernails clean, let her see your hands, and that’s all you need!

Whether your hands are large or small, soft or rough, elegant or sturdy, women will appreciate your hands no matter their type. 

14. A Husky Voice

Guys with seductive voices are extremely attractive to women. But use your voice carefully. There’s no need to pretend to have a deeper or smoother voice than you actually possess.

Control your voice level, speak gently, and unwind. When you run out of oxygen, pause instead of gasping for air. 

15. Good Impression

When a woman first lays eyes on you, she’ll definitely sense the overall impression you give off. It’s essentially the energy you radiate, how you impact those around you, and your overall initial image.

Based on your aura, a woman categorizes you as friendly, serious, cool, irritable, or even unsettling. 

Some people gravitate towards a relaxed impression, while others are more drawn to an energetic one.

16. Positive Vibes

A man who exerts positive vibes is always a heartthrob for women. 

To be attractive to a woman, you must appreciate what you have in life. Keep a realistic perspective on your accomplishments without being overly humble or arrogant. 

Furthermore, be conscious of the current moment and seek positivity in every circumstance.

17. Your Body Language 

A man’s non-verbal communication is a significant attention-grabber for women. It serves as a clear indicator of his self-perception and feelings towards her. 

When you show assertive body language, you convey a vastly different impression compared to when you slouch and avoid eye contact.

If you have your back turned to her and seldom make eye contact, she will interpret your lack of interest. 

Similarly, tapping your foot and repeatedly checking your watch will make her think you’d rather be somewhere else.

18. That Right Attitude 

When trying to draw ladies, it’s critical to keep the proper attitude. Women often don’t favor nasty or unkind people. 

However, don’t constantly boast about your sincerity or kindness. Give your best effort in everything you do, and let your genuine personality shine through. 

19. Confidence 

Women find confidence to be a very appealing trait in men because of their air of fearlessness. 

For this, recognize and love yourself to increase your self-assurance. Be passionate and sincere, and live your life the way you want to. 

It’ll boost your mental health and beauty as soon as you acknowledge your innate worth and value.

20. Right Approach 

If how you approach a woman makes her feel good and creates a positive atmosphere, she’ll be naturally drawn to you. 

For this, think before you speak, ask thoughtful questions, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Be authentic and forthright about your intentions. Be emotionally available, sharing your feelings and thoughts while acknowledging and valuing hers.

21. Intelligence, Not Just Knowledge

Women feel attracted to intelligent men. Intelligence goes way beyond IQ scores. They judge your intelligence based on mental exercises like reading, learning, or strategic gaming. 

By keeping up with current affairs, you can have interesting conversations with a woman. It also expands your knowledge base and provides conversation starters.

22. Strong Beliefs 

Women find males who have unshakeable ideas and a strong point of view appealing. 

Your character is enriched by having conviction in your ideas, whether they are based on spirituality or your own personal principles. 

However, you must also respect others’ views.

23. Attentiveness

Attentiveness forms the cornerstone of emotional intimacy. Be present at the moment, actively listen, give her your undivided attention, and demonstrate a genuine interest in your partner’s life to forge a profound emotional bond. 

Remembering the details shared, both big and small, underscores your sincerity, making her feel cherished and valued. 

24. Enthusiasm About Life’s Joys

An infectious enthusiasm for life can be magnetic. While dealing with sadness can be difficult, even a small amount of enthusiasm can capture women’s attention. 

To embrace this trait, set aside time for fun pursuits and exchange moments of laughter.

25. Spontaneity And Fun

Life is too short to deal with everything with seriousness. Your fun side also attracts women and connects hearts. 

Discover shared interests and pursue activities that bring joy and kindle romantic sparks. 

Prioritize spontaneity to infuse excitement and showcase your adventurous spirit, illustrating your openness to new experiences.

26. Honesty And Trustworthiness

Honesty and openness establish the groundwork for trust, a crucial component in every prospective relationship. 

So, women like men who don’t hide information or pretend to be something they are not. 

Be real to avoid any misunderstanding and misunderstanding.  An atmosphere of emotional safety is fostered by open communication, openness, and genuineness. 

She feels your genuineness and a true attraction that is based on mutual respect and trust grows.

27. Challenging Nature

While relationships thrive on tranquility, a touch of challenge adds vibrancy. 

Encourage her aspirations, engage in healthy debates, and respectfully challenge her perspectives to demonstrate your intellectual depth and respect for her autonomy. 

Balance stability with a dash of unpredictability to keep the flames of passion burning.

28. Adventurous Side

Women want men who are daring, those who are unafraid to pack their bags and relocate to the other side of the world on a whim. 

This willingness to embrace adventure and take risks significantly heightens a man’s appeal to women. 

29. Friendliness With Kids

Men who engage with babies or young children are much more likely to obtain a woman’s phone number compared to their counterparts.

A man’s ability to interact affectionately with children is perceived as a heartwarming quality, kindling initial attraction.

Thus, if you are trying to win a lady for the first time, make sure to show off those daddy skills.

30. Passion And Romance

Passionate men have a distinct allure, especially when it comes to attracting good-looking women. 

A burning desire to pursue your goals and ambitions is a magnet for those who share similar passions or admire the necessary determination.

It makes you seem more attractive, as it reflects a level of emotional intelligence that is highly appealing to women. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Attracting women isn’t solely about physical appearance but also about how you present yourself. 

Pay attention to these above mentioned details, and you’ll be well on your way to leaving a positive and lasting impression on the women you meet.

Remember to be authentic, as there is no better way to attract a woman than to be shamelessly you. 

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