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15+ Serious Reasons Not To Kiss On The First Date And Wait Until Later

15+ Serious Reasons Not To Kiss On The First Date And Wait Until Later

Published on Nov 16, 2023

15+ Serious Reasons Not To Kiss On The First Date And Wait Until Later

There are several reasons not to kiss on the first date. For instance, certain individuals pay great importance to the first date kiss as it determines the prospect of a second date. 

Of course, a kiss is a sweet way to end a first date. But, without it, you can instill a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm in both parties. Needless to say, that’s even better!

Want to make up your mind whether to kiss or not on the first date? Let’s dive in!

17 Reasons Not To Kiss On The First Date

First dates can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. There’s the anticipation of meeting someone new and the hope of forming a genuine connection. 

However, when it comes to that pivotal moment, the first kiss, opinions are divided. 

In fact, an unfavorable first kiss leads to awkwardness and discomfort. It may damage any chance of a future date and a potential relationship.

But there are more reasons, so let’s keep reading!

1. You Should Get To Know Each Other Better

You should delay the first kiss until you get to know your date better. As both parties are practically strangers, the first interaction is nothing but an introduction. 

Waiting until a later date gives you an advantage. You may learn more about your possible partner’s personality and foster an emotional and mental link. 

2. You Need To Know Where The Date Will Lead

Sometimes, after only one encounter, you may decide that there isn’t quite the right chemistry. You feel they aren’t the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

When you delay the first kiss, it keeps you from putting too much emotional energy into a potentially unsuccessful situation. 

Then, you can determine compatibility and if going on a second date is beneficial.

3. You Need To Consider Your Health And Safety

It’s easy to think of kissing as a harmless act. But remember, it involves close physical contact. Kissing a virtual stranger on a first date carries certain risks. 

You might be unaware of how many other people your date has recently kissed. This raises concerns about potential exposure to germs, illnesses, or infections. 

If you don’t kiss on the first date, it serves as a precautionary measure to protect your health and well-being.

4. You Prefer To Wait To Establish Serious Intentions

Not kissing on the first date conveys a strong message about your intentions if you want a committed, serious relationship

It shows that you’re interested in developing a lasting relationship based on emotional compatibility and shared values. 

Additionally, it assists you in weeding out those who might not be looking for the same degree of commitment. It’ll spare you from disappointment and heartache.

5. You Desire Naturally Built Chemistry 

Often, chemistry takes time to develop. By delaying the first kiss, you allow the chemistry between you and your date to grow naturally. 

When the moment eventually arrives, the kiss is more likely to be filled with genuine passion and desire. It makes the experience all the more memorable.

6. You Want Time To Understand Your Feelings

It might be difficult to realize how deeply you feel for someone you just met. And you need to be sure about your feelings before you kiss. 

This way, you have time to decide if you’re ready to move further in with them and whether your feelings are sincere.

7. You Prefer Meaningful Connections

If you want to build a meaningful relationship over everything else, kissing strangers is definitely not your choice!

For you, a kiss lacks significance if it doesn’t emerge from a meaningful connection. You don’t see the point in sharing it with people you barely know. 

Even if your date is an old friend, you still won’t jump into a kiss. You want to build something stronger before stepping into the first intimate moment.

8. You Fear Rejection 

Your cautious approach to physical contact stems from a desire to ensure the other person’s genuine interest. 

You are often reluctant to make any moves too quickly because of fear of the possibility of rejection

This strategy may also give the impression that you are not interested, which isn’t always the case.

9. You Want To Avoid Clichés In Romantic Encounters

One reason is that you don’t want corny cliches in a relationship. You would want to look back on your first kiss with a serious partner as an unforgettable, impromptu, and intensely felt experience. 

You are not into the idea of a planned kiss after a first date, like in casual relationships.

10. You Want To Play Hard To Get 

Even when you genuinely like someone, you don’t want to kiss right away. It’s because you want to play hard to get and keep your romantic interest intrigued.

11. You Understand The Consequences of Premature Kisses

Kissing someone too soon can be misleading. On a magical night, you might feel inclined to kiss your date. But upon reflection, you realize it wasn’t as appealing as it seemed in the heat of the moment. 

Once that first kiss is exchanged, it gives the impression that you’re up for more dates. It becomes hard to turn them down afterward.

12. You Want To Avoid Public Displays Of Affection

Typically, the ‘first-date kiss goodnight’ occurs in a public setting. You may invite them to your home to have it. But let’s be honest, you can’t trust everyone to enter your home.

So, if you don’t like the idea of PDA, a kiss on the first date isn’t a good idea.

13. You Value Anticipation In Relationships

In your approach to dating, you value the buildup of anticipation and tension before reaching relationship milestones. 

So, you prefer spending more time together and building that yearning and expectation before making that moment special. 

14. You Want To Respect Boundaries And Comfort Levels

In dating, it’s essential to respect one’s comfort zone and personal limits. You want to make sure that you respect your date’s boundaries by not kissing them on the first date. 

You understand that everyone reacts differently to physical contact. And naturally, you can’t tell how comfortable your date is with you until you speak with them face-to-face. 

When in doubt, it’s wise to take the cautious route. So, hold off on trying to kiss until after the second date.

15. You Want To Avoid Any Kind Of Intimacy Pressure

Kissing on a first date sends the wrong signals. Dates think you’re easy and want to get a room. By refraining from initiating a kiss on the first date, you can avoid this misunderstanding. 

This also lets your date relax and understand you don’t want to get in their pants either.

16. You Don’t Want Things To Be Overwhelming

First dates can be nerve-wracking experiences on their own. Adding the anticipation of a first kiss can worsen the nervousness and anxiety. 

In this case, delaying the kiss until you’re more comfortable leads to a more relaxed, meaningful, and enjoyable experience for both.

17. You’re Not Confident In Your Skills

When you kiss on the first date, the impact of that kiss is amplified because your date doesn’t know you very well yet. They may scrutinize your kissing abilities more closely. 

If you lack confidence in your kissing skills, it’s advisable to wait until the second or even third date before making your move.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, if you wait for the right moment to kiss, you may find that a kiss is not just a physical gesture. It can turn into a powerful expression of your emotions and the beginning of a deeper, more meaningful connection. 

But ultimately, whether you’re in it for the thrill or the promise of a lasting relationship, the choice to kiss or not lies in your hands. So, think hard and play your cards right!