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How to Win Over a Girl Who Rejected You? 15 Tried-and-Tested Ways

How to Win Over a Girl Who Rejected You? 15 Tried-and-Tested Ways

Updated on Sep 21, 2023

How to Win Over a Girl Who Rejected You 15 Tried-and-Tested Ways

The answer to how to win over a girl rejecting you is not one word. There are a number of ways to do that. Start with giving her some space, and meanwhile, work on your flaws.

If you are curious to know the other ways, then keep reading!

How to Win Over a Girl Who Rejected You? – 15 Actionable Ways 

Rejection stings, especially when it’s your dream girl on the other end. But is it the end of your dream relationship? Absolutely NO.

There are ways to get her back, but the question is, are you willing to put in the effort it requires? If yes, this think-piece will not disappoint you.

1. Stop pursuing her

After getting rejected, do not chase the girl who rejected you. If you do that, she will never be yours.

The truth is, if you keep running behind her, she will keep running away from you. Give her some space and time. Allow her to feel your absence, and maybe she will come running back.

2. Work on yourself

A human is a mix of both – the good and the bad. But if the girl rejected you because of your bad(s), it is just the right time to start working on them.

Along with that, hone your goods and don’t shy away from showcasing them. The more she notices your strengths, the higher your chances of winning her back will be. 

3. Stop dwelling over it

It’s true that we all hate getting rejected. You might spend your entire day thinking about it. Well, there is no point in doing that. It will do you more harm than good.

Instead, think about how to improve the situation. If you are not able to find the solution all by yourself, talk to your friends and family or start journaling. Try to distract your mind and keep yourself occupied.

4. Seek advice from an expert

Often, rejection hits you so hard that you start questioning your worth. But it is important to understand that there are several reasons why a girl rejects a boy. Sometimes, it might not be about you at all. She may have decided in haste or might have been influenced.

But if you cannot brush it off, seek a relationship coach or a counselor. They employ tired-and-tested ways to help you regain your lost confidence… and strengthen to win her back! 😉

5. Do things to make yourself feel better

Instead of being sad about being rejected, indulge yourself in your hobbies. Maybe you can join a cooking class or enroll yourself in swimming.

This will allow you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and send a strong message to her that you are undefeated and living a good life despite it all.

6. Figure out where you went wrong

As the pain subsides, sit down and look back. It is time you reflect on your actions. Try to find out if you made any mistake while asking her out. See whether you need to make a change in your course of action.

If you’re able to pinpoint where you messed up, you’ve already won half the battle. The rest half is to work on it and wait for her to return. 

7. Maintain a healthy friendship with her

Who says you can’t be friends with a girl who rejected you? You absolutely can. If you’re able to achieve this sweet spot, you will surely be able to win her back.

However, remember to not overdo it. Keep the conversations light and casual. Find out ways to stay in touch with her – texts, social media, or even calls.

Plan a “Would you like to go for a coffee?” or check on her often.

8. Use your body language to attract her

It might seem alien to you, but it is possible that you gave her some wrong cues that led to your rejection. Your body language speaks much more than you. So, learn the cues and give her the right signals to (re)attract her.

Maybe maintain coy eye contact with her amidst a crowd full of people or slightly brush her while asking for a pen in class.

9. Find out what you both have in common

You might be aware of everything she likes, so find out things that also match your interest area.

This will help you find more ways to connect with her and show her how much she will enjoy being with someone like you.

So, indirectly, the more things you have in common with her, the more the chances of winning her over.

10. Do not force her to change her mind

Never force someone into liking you (back). If she is not ready to date you, it will be a wise idea if you take a step back. You have to accept and respect her decision.

Try to move on and not make her feel bad about it. If you keep pestering her, she might hue you even more. You might even end up on her block list as well.

11. Be patient

Do not be in a hurry to win her over. Give yourself and her some time. Just because she rejected you once does not mean that she will reject you again in the future.

Try to gain her trust and be there for her whenever she needs you. Listen to her. Girls love it when she is heard and valued.

It is quite possible that you will not be able to change her mind at the moment. However, if you patiently wait for some time, things might turn in your favor.

12. Start afresh

If nothing works, just hit the restart button.

Start from step one. Try to know her – her likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, and fears once again. Aim at being her best friend first.

The more you genuinely try to connect with her, the more she will be able to appreciate your efforts. It will make her realize that you are the one for her.

13. Respect her despite the rejection

Even though she has rejected you, make sure that you do not stop respecting her. Do not go around bad-mouthing her.

Women find people who respect them to be attractive. Show her that you still adore her and care for her.

If you get disrespectful, she will cut you off from her life without even considering it.

14. Be friends with her friends

Try and connect with her close friends and other important people in her life. This will also allow you to learn more about her – the details that you won’t be able to gather from her.  

Find out what puts her off and can instantly make her happy. You can even pitch her friends to help you win her over. However, make sure that the girl doesn’t get to know about this, or else it will make you appear desperate.

15. Look for an opportunity to ask her out again

Maybe the girl rejected you because she was in a bad mental space. Maybe, at the time, something else required her time and attention more than you.

Make sure that whenever you ask her out again, she is in a happy space. Try to look for signs that assure you of her normal life, and your chances of winning her over will multiply ten folds.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

You might feel sad upon being rejected but do not give up. From the power of body language to respecting her decisions, there are innumerable ways in which you can win over a girl who rejected you.

Figure out what went wrong and start working on it immediately. Be patient, establish a genuine connection with her, and she will return to you.

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