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How To Test A Guy Before Dating Him? 20 Unique Ways To Know If He’s Worth The Shot

How To Test A Guy Before Dating Him? 20 Unique Ways To Know If He’s Worth The Shot

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

How To Test A Guy Before Dating Him 20 Unique Ways To Know If He’s Worth The Shot

If you met someone recently and are wondering whether you should walk the romantic path with him, it’s time to know how to test a guy before dating him

Now, many men claim that the entire testing men thing is manipulative. But don’t let that influence you because only the flawed men are scared of that. 

So, to know whether he fits your standards well or not, let’s keep reading!

How To Test A Guy Before Dating Him? 20 Ways 

A man’s charm, intellect, income, or family background isn’t the only factor for a peaceful and fulfilling relationship. 

There are many other significant factors that can help determine whether you guys are a good match. So, let’s know how each of those can be tested here…

1. Go for the chewing gum test

You can tell a lot about a guy by how he chews gum. You do not want your man to be drooling or being unnecessarily loud. So, you better test it before dating him. 

Make him chew gum and see if he keeps his mouth open or blows bubbles. If you do not like it, go for a ‘no’ straightaway.

2. See how he undergoes a self-checkout machine

Yes, this can tell you about his lifestyle and traits in a better way, whether he follows the rules and guidelines. 

If he happens to carry excessive baggage with him, which seems unnecessary, it is a red flag.

3. Travel with him on a train or a tube

Traveling with people reveals many things about them. So why not use it as a weapon to test your guy? 

Ask him to travel with you. Throughout the trip, analyze how he reacts to queues and whether he offers seats to others. 

If he’s compassionate and understanding towards fellow passengers and the workers, that’s great!

4. Analyze the way he gives oral sex

If you’re open to taking him to bed, definitely test his oral sex skills. Watch him do the unthinkable to understand how devoted he is to you. 

If he refuses or can’t do it right, even if you guide him, he fails!

But he’s a great catch, given he has skills or pleasures you as you ask him.

5. Ask how he would joke around with your mother

Before dating him, you should know how he would behave before your family. After all, you have to eventually introduce him to your folks. You can start by asking him what joke he would tell your mother.

If he comes up with something, leave him right there. Why would he tell your mother a joke in the first place? He should respect her and maintain that distance!

6. Request him to make tea

Are you a tea person? If yes, you should test the guy for his tea-making skills. The taste of the tea does not alone make him good for dating. But the way he handles the kitchen while doing it matters the most.

So, he might not be the one if he does not clean up after himself, doesn’t wash the utensils before using them, or takes excessive sugar.

7. Watch him put his aftershave before you

Yes, it may sound stupid, but it will expose many things about him. For instance, if he uses too much aftershave at once, his entire household and even you will smell like that. 

If he uses aftershave anywhere other than the places he shaved, he’s just too frugal to invest in deodorants. 

If these habits make you uncomfortable, drop him immediately. 

8. Go for a drive with him

How can you forget to test his driving skills? 

If you have to stay safe on the road, you should test his driving speed and how he responds to red signals and traffic. If he tailgates, swears at others, or gets frustrated from usual traffic, he’s not the one.

Further, if he doesn’t have a car yet, but you do, let him be your passenger princess. Notice how he reacts to you opening windows without asking. 

Or, if he judges you because you didn’t take his known shortcut or didn’t disobey the red lights, that also tells you a lot about his behavior.

If you don’t have a car either, take a cab together. Watch how he reacts to the driver’s actions.

9. Make him do the laundry

The way a man handles his laundry reveals a lot about him. If he has stuffed his dirty clothes for a long time, he is lazy, untidy, and nasty. Someone who does not do their laundry on time and overfloods their laundry bag is a total ‘no.’

10. Introduce him to your annoying friend

If you have an annoying friend, they can help you test a guy before dating him. 

Introduce them to each other. If he can handle your friend well and does not get irritated at you or them, think of moving forward with him. 

It shows his tolerance level and calmness towards annoying people. So, he can be a good date for you.

11. Ask him about his bad qualities

If you want to know about his flaws, ask him straightaway. If he is a decent guy, he will genuinely tell you about his imperfections. 

But if he denies having flaws, he is full of them and simply is not ready to accept them.

12. Talk about commitment 

Try surprising him with talks on commitment and long-term relationships. How he reacts to them will tell you if he is into you or simply killing his time.

13. Explore his sense of humor

A great sense of humor is a must in a guy if you want to date him. So, pull off some really funny pickup lines

If he cringes at your sense of humor instead of replying with cornier lines, part ways with him.

14. Observe the way he uses his phone

Notice whether he is too loud on the phone. If yes, you should walk away immediately. 

Moreover, if you do not like his ringtone or wallpaper, ask him to change it. If he does not try to change it at all or straight away drops the request, he’s not the one!

15. Know his perspective about people in general

What he thinks about other people reveals his characteristics. He cannot be trusted if he tells you he does not trust people.

But he might be the one if he says he does not believe in perfection and people come with flaws and goodness. 

16. Go against his wishes

If this dude is a red flag, he won’t be able to stand it if you don’t give him what you want. It’s okay if he’s disappointed or even angry. But if he gives you breakup ultimatums, know better!

17. Pick a fight

Nag him about a random issue and notice how he behaves. If he tries to understand you or even agrees to disagree with you, that’s great.

But if he manipulates you into believing his way is right, that’s another red flag. You need to drop him. 

18. Figure out how quickly he loses his calm

Test his patience by doing a bunch of annoying things. Understand how easily he loses his temper and regains it. If he doesn’t let things blow out of proportion, you have a keeper.

19. Keep your phone off for an entire day

If he’s deeply in love with you, he’ll blow your phone with texts and calls to know your whereabouts. If he can’t get through to you, he’ll somehow get in touch with your friends. 

But he’s not worth your time if he doesn’t text or call you at all.

20. Compliment another guy

It’s normal to be angry when your partner compliments a person of the opposite gender. However, if he lets it affect his mood too much, he’s too immature to date. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Dating is not easy, especially if you want peace of mind. So, it is always good to test a guy before dating him. This way, you will not end up with a toxic or nasty person. 

And with these tests, you can make sure that you don’t have to tolerate their shortcomings and can easily choose your Mr. Right!

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