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20 Game-Changing Dating Etiquette For Women Who Want Something Serious

20 Game-Changing Dating Etiquette For Women Who Want Something Serious

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

20 Game-Changing Dating Etiquette For Women Who Want Something Serious

Do you think that dating etiquette for women is about rigid rules? 

Well, you’re wrong. These etiquettes can help you navigate through the struggles and roadblocks of the dating world. 

It helps you foster respectful, positive, and meaningful interactions with potential partners. You can also find the right man for yourself if you abide by these properly.

So, if you’re ready to find the man of your dreams, let’s get started…

20 Dating Etiquette For Women

The dating game has profoundly shifted in today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world. The advent of dating apps, changing relationship dynamics, and evolving societal norms have all contributed to a more diverse and dynamic dating landscape.  

With these changes comes the need for a fresh perspective on dating etiquette that aligns with current times. So, dive in to be on top of the game… 

1. Choose an interesting place to meet

Unusual dates are often more memorable and can help you stand out in your date’s mind. It can be exciting and adventurous. 

Think about both your interests and hobbies. An unusual place that aligns with your shared interests can make for a great date

For example, if you both love art, consider visiting a lesser-known art gallery or a quirky local art studio. 

2. Let your friends help you

Your friends likely know you well and can introduce you to potential partners with similar values and interests. They can pre-screen potential dates, helping avoid incompatible or potentially unsafe men.

Let your friends know that you’re open to being set up. If you haven’t ever been on a blind date, you might feel intimidated by this. But give it a chance, and you might find the perfect match! 

3. Know and stand by your deal breaker

If you have some deal breakers, never compromise them. If you don’t, it’s high time you figure those out and follow them. 

Consider your core values and non-negotiables in a relationship. These are often areas where deal breakers are most apparent.

When you have deal breakers, it shows that you value yourself enough not to settle for less than you deserve.  

4. Prepare some conversation starters

Nervousness is common on dates. This can lead to being at a loss for words and getting uncomfortable.

If you have conversation starters on hand, it prevents awkward moments of silence during a date. Thus helping to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.  

5. Put effort into first impression

A strong first impression makes you more attractive to your date and piques their interest in getting to know you better. It boosts your confidence and self-esteem, which can help you feel more at ease during the date.

So, choose an appropriate outfit according to the occasion and venue, and groom yourself well. Arrive on time for the date, or let your date know if you’ll be running late. 

6. Limit your drink 

If you overindulge in alcohol, it can lead to regretful behaviors or conversations. Too many drinks can hinder your ability to have a meaningful conversation. 

So, to have control over your actions and words, stick to lighter alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, or low-alcohol content cocktails. 

Avoid shots and strong drinks that can lead to quick intoxication. 

7. Don’t try to be too cool

Being cool or too reserved and distant hinders meaningful conversation and understanding between you and your date. It makes him feel unimportant or unappreciated, potentially leading to a lack of interest on their part. 

So, make sure you show genuine interest in him. Actively participate in the conversation. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and listen attentively to him. 

8. Avoid oversharing

Remember, a little mystery can be attractive and intriguing. So, before sharing something personal, think if it’s appropriate for the relationship stage and whether you’re comfortable with them knowing it.

Share about yourself, but be mindful of the balance. Give glimpses of your life and interests, but don’t overwhelm him with too much information at once. 

9. Be authentic

Pretending to be someone you’re not is exhausting and leads to disappointment and relationship problems.

But with authenticity, you can build genuine connections with potential partners who appreciate your true self. So, flaunt your real personality!

10. Think twice before diving into sex

If you’re dating to lead things to bed, that’s cool. But if you give away yourself too fast, men won’t take you seriously and assume you’re “too easy.” 

Conversely, if you don’t want sex on a first date, it’s perfectly okay to wait. If your date pressures you, set clear boundaries with an open and honest conversation before or during the date.  

11. Maintain eye contact

Eye contact plays a significant role in dating. It is a powerful non-verbal communication that effectively conveys emotions, feelings, and intentions. 

It enhances the quality of your verbal communication and shows you’re date that you’re into him. 

12. Be emotionally available

If you want a date to turn into something serious eventually, be emotionally available. 

For this, be aware of your own emotions. If you have past emotional wounds or baggage, work on addressing and healing them. Don’t use relationships to heal. Accept your past and move on.  

13. Play a little chase game

While it’s important for you to show interest and engage with him, it’s equally crucial to let him take the lead on the first date. 

So, don’t always be the initiator. Let him plan the date, activity, venue, and other itinerary. If he can’t make some plans, he’s not a good catch.

14. Let him contact you post-date

After a date, be patient and give him time to process the experience and feelings. Don’t bombard him with texts or about the next date. Otherwise, you seem too pushy or desperate and be a turn-off.

There’s no set time frame, but waiting a day or two is generally reasonable.  

15. Make a move if you like him 

If he doesn’t reach out, but you like him, let him know that you enjoyed the date. Be confident, and tell him or are interested in getting to know him better. 

Avoid pressuring or bombarding him with messages. Give him room to respond at his own pace. 

16. Explore men of different personalities

If you solely focus on one guy, you may overlook potential relationship red flags or warning signs.

So, in the early stages of dating, go on dates with multiple men of different personalities. This way, you can find the most compatible man for yourself.  

17. Don’t lie

Don’t tell any lies, whether about your lifestyle, success, or personal life. Honesty enables you to assess and determine whether the relationship has a strong foundation. 

As a partner, you’ll also not want him to lie to you. So respect the relationship from the beginning and strengthen your foundation.  

18. Treat your date the same way you want to be treated

Embody the qualities you value in a partner. This way, you’re more likely to connect with someone who has and appreciates those qualities.

Be thoughtful and considerate in your actions. Small gestures like offering compliments or remembering details from previous conversations can go a long way.  

19. Be flexible in your expectations

Excessive expectations can set you up for disappointment.  Be open to knowing people for who they are rather than making snap judgments based on superficial criteria.

Give your date a chance to reveal his true self over time. You may be surprised in a good way!

20. Don’t judge dating from bad dates 

Often, women demonize the entire male race after a bad date. But deep within, you know not all men are crappy!

Remember, the world is full of different kinds of people. And not all dates will be sophisticated, respectful men. So, don’t stop dating just because of one bad experience!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The dating journey, though uneven, can help you find the partner of your dreams. However, that’s not possible unless you play your cards right. 

You need to be vocal about your needs, boundaries, and intentions. You also need to play along to help your date feel wanted.

So, follow the above mentioned etiquettes and enjoy a rewarding dating experience! 

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