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How To Cancel A First Date Last Minute? 15 Best Ways To Avoid Being Rude

How To Cancel A First Date Last Minute? 15 Best Ways To Avoid Being Rude

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

How To Cancel A First Date Last Minute 15 Best Ways To Avoid Being Rude

Oops, you’re in that awkward situation and wondering how to cancel a first date last minute! 

You know it’s bad dating ethics, but you faced unavoidable circumstances. You didn’t even want to stand your date. 

Now, you’re overcome by extreme guilt. The overwhelming emotion has completely puzzled you, and you’re wondering how to face them. 

Well, don’t worry, and keep reading!

How To Cancel A First Date Last Minute? – 15 Ways

In order to cancel your date at the last moment, you need to have a few things clear in your mind. 

A few things are the reason for your cancellation and the potential reaction that your date might have. 

If you have those in mind, avoid sounding rude by following these ways!

1. Call them up like an adult

Cancelling your date at the last minute is bad enough. But if you do it over text, it can sound a lot worse. 

It gives the impression that you’re uninterested in the date. Moreover, it shows that you’re scared of the other person’s reaction. 

A phone call, therefore, creates a much warmer impression. Make sure your voice is firm but also apologetic.

2. Accept that your date may find your reason as trivial

Even if you feel that the reason for your cancellation was an emergency, your date has every right to feel otherwise. 

For example, a certain kind of sickness is obviously a big deal for you. But for your date, it can seem like just another excuse to get out of a romantic evening. And you’ll have to accept their perspective anyway.

3. Apologize right in the beginning

It can seem easy to beat around the bush without actually getting to the point. But that’s a really bad thing to do, especially when you’re canceling at the last moment. 

So apologize right in the beginning. Tell your date how sorry you are and that the reason for your cancellation truly happened all of a sudden. The phrase “I’m sorry” can really do wonders if you say it with genuineness.

4. Be honest with them

If you have to opt out of the date due to a personal issue that you’d rather not disclose to them, that’s completely fine. However, it’s better to always be honest about it. 

All you have to do is tell them, “I’m really sorry, but I’ve had some unexpected emergency right now, and I won’t be able to make it.”

Don’t make up stories or say things that can backfire. Be truthful, even if you can’t explain the entire reason.

5. Give a valid reason

In case you don’t really have a genuine reason, and you probably forgot to cancel earlier, you’ll have to lie to them to cancel. Then, make sure that the lie can’t be easily figured out. 

Suppose you lie that you’re down with a fever. Don’t let them see you’re partying on your Snapchat stories. Otherwise, it’ll reflect very badly on you.

6. Ask for a reschedule

One good way to make it up to your date is to ask them to consider rescheduling the date. After apologizing, see if they’re willing to give you another chance. 

If your reason is genuine and your date understands that, then there should be no problem in taking a rain check. 

Tell your partner that you would still love to spend a day with them, just at another date and time.

7. Offer to reschedule as soon as possible

When you’re asking for a reschedule, make sure that this date and time are as close as possible to the original date’s timing. 

Suppose you have a date on Sunday evening, and you’ve declined it on Sunday morning. Offer to reschedule the date for Monday if you guys are available. 

This will let your partner know that you’re still interested in meeting them. If you postpone it to a week later, it will seem as if you’re doing it only out of obligation.

However, if you guys have other commitments, then suggest other closest days.

8. Make it up to them

If they’re unconvinced or really upset, you can take things further by offering to make up for them in some way. 

For example, you can tell them that the dinner bill for the next date is on you or that you’d bring them a nice gift as a form of apology. You can also promise a surprise with a unique date idea!

If your date sees that you’re truly sorry and you wish to do something nice for them, they’re much more likely to reconsider.

9. Keep things short

While explaining, try to keep things crisp and short. Sure, you’ll have to provide a valid reason for canceling at the last minute. But even then, don’t go into an unnecessary monologue. 

Be direct and go straight to the point. If you really wish to explain your actions to your date, you can always save it for when you meet the next time!

10. Don’t post anything on social media afterward

As a mark of respect, don’t post too much on social media, especially on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. 

For example, if you said no to your date because you had another function to attend, try to not post anything related to the function. 

Many people don’t take it lightly when their date backs out. And things can get even worse if they see that their date is busy enjoying elsewhere.

11. Try your best to keep your promise

Sure, getting out of one date is alright. But constantly making up excuses and canceling at the last moment will inevitably result in a nasty quarrel with your date. 

If you have offered to reschedule or meet up soon, make it a point to not cancel this date at any cost. 

It might be helpful to first plan out your schedule and then offer an alternate date and time. It will ensure that your commitments don’t clash once again.

12. Be prepared for them to feel hurt

No matter how valid you think your reason is, the other person is bound to feel hurt and upset. And that’s just something you will have to accept. 

Suppose your partner seems angry or hurt, and you know that your reason isn’t a very strong one. 

Then, make sure to apologize and let them know that they have every right to be angry with you. Don’t keep defending your point or ignoring their emotions.

13. Be polite but also firm

In rare cases, your date might throw a tantrum and treat you much more harshly than you would have originally expected. 

In these situations, remember to stay calm and composed. Tell them you’re sorry for canceling at the last moment. But also make it clear that you had no other choice but to say no. 

This is especially valid if you had a major reason for saying no to the date.

14. Tell them that it’s not working out

In case you feel that you both just won’t work out in the long run, it’s best to let them know upfront. 

Do it in a kind way, so that neither of you feels embarrassed or upset. Tell your date, “I had a lovely time with you, but I feel we’re at different places right now.” 

You may also extend your friendship toward them and ask them if they would like to remain friends with you.

15. Let them know quickly

As soon as you get to know that you’ll have to cancel your date, don’t delay in telling them the news. 

You might feel that they’ll be angry with you or that you’ll be able to manage both your prior commitments and the date. 

But overthinking this will only lead to a worse situation later. If you see that there’s no way you can make it to the date, do the kinder thing and communicate it to them as quickly as possible.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

It’s needless to say that after you have canceled your first date, you’ll be in a bit of debt. If you actually plan to never see your date again, you need not overthink the situation.

But if you genuinely like your date, then have some romantic ideas in mind. Don’t hesitate to try them out to win back your partner!

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