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How To Stop Taking Your Partner For Granted? 20 Eye-Opening Ways 

How To Stop Taking Your Partner For Granted? 20 Eye-Opening Ways 

Updated on Dec 01, 2023

How To Stop Taking Your Partner For Granted 20 Eye-Opening Ways 

Lately, are you wondering how to stop taking your partner for granted

Even though you are all lovey-dovey, you’re scared of not doing the bare minimum and ruining the relationship.

As time goes by, you know it’s all too easy to slip into a routine. You may take your partner for granted without even realizing it. 

So if you want to stop treating your partner like that or prevent it from happening, read on to find out.

How To Stop Taking Your Partner For Granted? 20 Ways 

To maintain a healthy, vibrant relationship, you need to continuously put effort and nurture your bond. 

Of course, your every glance, every word, and every touch is a form of appreciation for them. But that’s definitely not enough. Your partner needs to feel your intentions clearly!

So, let’s discover the essential steps to stop taking your partner for granted and create a stronger bond here. 

1. Show Love Through Actions And Service

Assess who is in charge of what when it comes to handling family and home chores. Then, show each other that you are committed to helping each other in every part of life while distributing the job fairly. 

For instance, offer to assist with their tasks or proactively take on other responsibilities. Your partner will feel noticed and valued this way.

2. Embrace Physical Connection

Public displays of affection are another way to reinforce your bond. Regularly touch each other, hold hands when walking together, and increase the frequency of kisses and hugs. 

These physical gestures release happiness-inducing love hormones like dopamine in the brain and provide comfort during stressful moments.

3. Revive Fun and Fantasy

To infuse fun in your relationship, spend quality time together during romantic excursions, vacations, or priceless evenings. 

While you make love, think about bringing some fresh experiences into your personal life. 

4. Put Each Other First

Let everyone know that your relationship comes first in your life. Always prioritize your partner’s needs before your own and everyone else. 

Make time for each other every night by effectively handling your day obligations and chores. Let your partner know that you are dedicated to them.

Set aside devoted one-on-one time with your partner at least once a day, if feasible, despite the constraints of work and everyday life. 

Even in the busiest of schedules, remember that your partner deserves your focused attention

5. Make Time And Keep The Spark Alive

It’s crucial to plan activities together and check in with each other regularly. 

Spend quality time alone together for at least two hours every two weeks without the company of other couples. 

Explore shared interests, engage in new experiences, and create lasting memories. 

Turn off distractions like your phone as you focus on deepening your emotional connection. 

6. Understand Your Partner’s Preferences 

Be mindful of your partner’s preferences and appreciate the small things they find enjoyable. Ask questions and take note of each other’s changing preferences and desires.

This might be as easy as cooking their favorite food, giving them a soothing back rub, or sending a brief note to check in. 

In the end, it all comes down to identifying and consistently doing those tiny gestures that give your spouse a sense of importance and adoration. 

7. Communicate Regularly 

Designate a daily time for open communication where you can discuss various aspects of your lives, such as your day, family, friends, work, and, most importantly, your relationship. 

During these conversations, provide a space for both of you to express yourselves and feel heard. 

These conversations need not be lengthy. Even just 10 minutes per person can contribute significantly to the health of your relationship.

8. Apologize And Take Responsibility 

When disagreements occur, it’s critical to apologize. If you own up to your mistakes, your partner will be open to admitting their fault in the problem. Then you both can figure out solutions on how to fix it together. 

9. Go For A Relationship Vacation

Occasionally, spend some time apart to reignite your attraction for each other. Some distance can help you recognize the significance of your partner in your life. 

So, to remind yourself of their importance, miss the little things, like their handmade morning coffee or the sound of their snoring on the other side of the bed.

10. Stay Connected Through Greetings

One of the simplest yet most powerful rituals in a relationship is greeting each other every day. 

It can be a warm welcome when your partner returns home or a friendly hello in the morning. These intentional greetings can foster a strong connection between you and your partner. 

If you acknowledge their presence with a simple nod or grunt, it can seem like taking them for granted. 

11. Remember That You Are A Team

Working as a team means communicating with each other, supporting one another as partners, and reaching important choices as a group. 

Don’t make them feel insignificant or left out of choices. If they seek your opinions for their choices, listen well and respond appropriately. 

12. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself 

Sure, try hard to treat your partner well. But don’t be too critical of yourself. Remind yourself that you can take your partner for granted because there’s a level of comfort and trust in the relationship itself. 

So, don’t think that your relationship is breaking down. Know that you’ve found a home in them. You just need to avoid slipping into boredom and be more kind and attentive to your partner. 

13. Give Compliments Frequently

To maintain a healthy and thriving relationship, acknowledge and appreciate your partner’s efforts consistently. 

Take a moment at least once a day to recognize something your partner has done that contributes to your relationship’s well-being. 

This practice not only validates their actions but also conveys your preferences.

14. Foster Mutual Appreciation And Gratitude

Tell your partner how much you appreciate them. Express that their presence is a gift in your life.

Share your appreciation with words or actions that communicate the depth of your feelings. Show that you not only accept what they offer but also value it greatly. 

Be grateful for your partner and life itself naturally. It nurtures a positive emotional connection that far surpasses the exchange of material goods. 

15. Switch Roles With Your Partner

One of the best ways to appreciate your partner’s contributions is to swap household duties. This exercise can not only foster appreciation but also reinforce the love you have for each other.

16. Reflect On Past Relationships

Remember how bad your previous relationships were to cherish your present relationship. Contrast the past experiences with the positive qualities of your current partner. 

This ‘worst moments playbook’ can help you recognize and appreciate the differences in your current relationship.

17. Surprise Them With Gifts 

A modest, kind gesture goes a long way toward expressing your gratitude. Spend a few minutes selecting a present for your partner, like flowers, a card, or a useful item. 

Your spouse will feel appreciated and cared for in your relationship if you give them these ‘just because’ presents.

18. Plan Fun Dates 

Cultivate excitement and connection in your relationship by going on enjoyable dates. Particularly if you live together, it’s easy to forget the thrill of dating. 

Try unique and fun activities like trapeze lessons or a hot air balloon ride to rekindle the excitement and novelty of your relationship. 

19. Be Prepared For Advice

Of course, there are benefits to being single as well. But, most of the time, being in a relationship is far better than singlehood challenges.

Tell your buddies you’re listening if they want to vent about being single and the awful dates they’ve been on. This will motivate you to treat your partner right!

You can also take advice from all your single friends to treat your partner better.

20. Shift Your Focus On Yourself

While you try to treat your partner right, don’t forget about yourself! Make time for your profession, stay in touch with people, take daily breaks, and engage in all of the activities that make you happy. 

The goal is to become a more contented version of yourself so that you can be a better and happier partner. And you’ll naturally treat your lover the best!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

Almost in every long-term relationship, partners run the risk of taking each other’s presence for granted. However, since you noticed the problem early on, things will eventually get better.

Your intent and love for your partner is pretty obvious. So, your desire to improve your relationship and make your partner feel loved will show results soon!

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