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How To Make Your Husband Miss You When He’s Away? – 20 Handy Tips

How To Make Your Husband Miss You When He’s Away? – 20 Handy Tips

Published on Jan 03, 2024

How To Make Your Husband Miss You When He's Away - 20 Handy Tips

Are you wondering how to make your husband miss you when he’s away? He’s gone on a business trip, a boys’ vacation, or even to meet a faraway family member. It’ll take him quite a while to return. 

Meanwhile, you can’t tag along because of the kids’ school or your job. You miss him so much, but he doesn’t even initiate texts. This is such a bummer, and you might even feel unwanted.

Well, if you’re eager to fix this situation and his attitude, let’s get started!

How to Make Your Husband Miss You When He’s Away? – 20 Tips

While your man is away – whether it’s for a few days, weeks, or months, your first instinct is to wait for his text/call all day long. You might even nag him to make time for you. But that won’t work. So, follow these amazing tips right here…

1. Don’t be available all the time 

Marriage makes you lose your individual identity. You play the role of a wife more than “you.” It’s not wrong to be a dutiful wife. But you need to make him yearn for you. So, don’t be available for every call or text from him. 

Give him the space and time to miss you. When your life doesn’t revolve around him, he’ll want to return and be right by your side!

2. But show small loving gestures 

Just because you’ll create some space, don’t forget to surprise him. Otherwise, you guys might get emotionally disconnected, which won’t help the situation. 

So, send him reminders to have his medications on time. Or text him good morning and good night. If he hasn’t yet set off for his journey, sneak in a few loving messages in his luggage. 

3. Focus on yourself 

You must also take care of your personal needs. Feed yourself healthy meals, work out, get the proper amount of shut-eye, and groom yourself regularly. 

Nurture a close relationship with yourself. Focus on your own independence, and don’t always worry about him. It will make him yearn for your attention.

4. Never beg for his attention 

Just because you miss him heaps, you must not act desperate or clingy. This might sound weird, but a man desires a woman more when she “doesn’t need him.”

So, don’t convey that you’re dying for his attention. Don’t text that you miss him or cry over calls for wanting more time. 

5. Avoid bombarding him with texts 

Whenever you text him once, wait for his reply until you send another text. When he texts you, don’t reply right away. Delay your response to make him miss you. This will make him wonder whether you don’t miss him like old times.

Of course, during emergencies, go ahead and blast his phone with texts and calls. 

6. Stop interaction on social media 

Probably, your husband doesn’t initiate many texts and calls. Instead, he sends you relatable videos and memes whenever he can. You watch those when you have time and send him more. This probably satisfies his need to bond with you. 

So, to make him miss you, keep the social media interaction down. Once he misses the exchange of posts, he’ll understand!

7. Go out with your friends 

While your man is away, don’t shut yourself in your house. Make plans with your friends. Go out with them for dinner, clubbing, or even a short trip. 

You can also arrange a house party and tell them your concerns. You might also find some unique ways to deal with your situation.

This will keep you distracted and give your husband a reason to miss you. He will feel lonely because he can’t get your attention whenever he wants. 

8. Flaunt your happy social life 

Don’t just spend time with your friends and family. Click fun pictures and videos of the best moments and post them on social media. Show him you’re having the best time of your life even when he is away. 

However, don’t make the mistake of adding sad captions, which show that you’re actually sad without your husband. He’ll hate that you can be happy without him and hurry to return by your side!

9. Focus on your job and responsibilities 

Loneliness, in the absence of your husband, can often make you absent-minded. You might not be mindful when you’re at work, doing your chores, or taking care of your kids. 

In that case, at the end of the day, you might feel hollow and frustrated at yourself for not being productive throughout the day. This breaks your will, and you might break down and seek his attention. So, to avoid that, consciously make an effort to focus on everything!

10. Don’t drop the communication 

While you give your husband the space and time to miss you, keep the communication going. You must not give him the cold shoulder. 

Update him about your day with a short text. Make sure he feels involved in your life even when you don’t share a lot. 

When he has a lot to share, listen and share advice. Good communication is important to keep your marriage healthy!

11. Talk about the times you spent together 

During these calls and texts, remind him of sweet memories together. Jerk his memory to make him miss you further.

If he tells you about a restaurant at that other place, bring up your first dinner date. If he confesses feeling low, tell him how you both can deal with every setback together.

12. End the conversation by yourself 

Whether it’s a text or call conversation, don’t extend it for too long. Otherwise, he will hang up on you, and you’ll feel the worst, even if he didn’t mean to hurt you. 

Instead, hang up when he gets excited about the conversation. He’ll yearn for your attention and call you often. 

13. Make sure he initiates dates more 

Is he going to be away for a long time – like a long business trip or even a job overseas? Then, you guys must at least have date nights to hang out and connect. 

But you must not always initiate these dates. Remember, your man must put in enough effort and time for the marriage to work out. So, for a while, don’t connect with him on a video call. Make him work hard for it by preparing from scratch!

14. Don’t agree to everything he decides 

When a woman is attention-deprived, she agrees with anything her man suggests. So, he might schedule a video call at the end of the day with no arrangement at all. 

However, you need to know your worth and not agree to such a half-hearted effort. Otherwise, he’ll know that you yearn for him and won’t miss you at all.

15. Spend quality time when the opportunity arrives 

When he finally plans a date night, go ahead and enjoy yourself. Don’t act distant and show him that you appreciate it.

Some men can’t treat their women right because they don’t know what to do. So, if you give a positive reaction, he’ll feel good about himself and do it more!

16. Dress to impress 

During the video call dates, go all out with your outfits and looks. Wear your sexiest red to seduce him. To be pampered and praised, wear something cute and act playful. 

Style your outfit with the right accessories and makeup. This will make him regret not being around you. 

17. Be his mystery lady 

If you’re married for a long time, you might think it’s impossible to be mysterious. However, that’s so wrong! You only need to keep some things to yourself. 

For instance, don’t tell him everything about your girl’s night out. Say that you had a good time, but skip the details. He’ll keep thinking about you and miss you.

18. Cook him his favorite dish and send a picture 

Prepare all the ingredients and cook his favorite cuisine. You can also send him a picture of the dish to him so he wants to do nothing but run back into your arms. 

Especially if he’s away on a one/two-day trip, he will try to get everything done and return ASAP

19. Treat him like your hero 

Whenever you face any trouble, ask him for his advice. Show him that you’re helpless in some matters without him. It’ll trigger the hero instinct within him, and he’ll crave for you.

20. Mail him a heartwarming letter

Lastly, if it’s a long trip to the point that you guys are in a long-distance marriage, this will help a lot. Write a sweet letter about how much you miss him, and add your signature fragrance so he feels closer to you. Add a thoughtful gift or even something you own.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If your husband dotes on you a lot, he’ll definitely miss you like crazy. However, if you feel anxious, use the various tips based on your circumstances. Follow every tip systematically to make the best impact on him. 

Lastly, don’t forget to say “I love you” every night. This will keep misunderstandings, and he’ll understand your emotions even when you play around with these tips. He’ll know that you’re still his priority and want you in his arms in no time!