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How To Reassure Your Girlfriend? – 25 Surefire Ways

How To Reassure Your Girlfriend? – 25 Surefire Ways

Updated on Sep 15, 2023

How To Reassure Your Girlfriend - 25 Surefire Ways

You have to know how to reassure your girlfriend if she shows signs of insecurity. A woman needs a lot of effort to feel that you’ll stay with her in the long haul.

Moreover, if she has had bad experiences in her past, she needs to know you’re loyal even more. But even if there’s no gruesome history, it’s a good idea to remind your lady how smitten you are.

So, let’s learn the art of reassurance here!

How to Reassure Your Girlfriend? – 25 Ways 

She sent you a text, but you were too busy to notice it. Or your phone was just silent. You return home to see her feeling low. Some days she throws a fit over it, and other days, she acts distant. You just don’t know how to tell her that you only have eyes for her!

Well, clear communication won’t always help you. You need to show it with your actions. So, keep reading to find out how!

1. Tell her she’s the one

Make sure you let her know this – both verbally and with your actions. Show that you are sure about her being the life partner you want. 

Look her in the eye and firmly tell her with all your heart that she is the one you have been looking for. 

Make sure your actions correspond to your words. Together, they will have a stronger impact on her mind and heart. 

So, don’t hesitate when it’s your turn to show her affection. Make her feel special because she’s truly the only one for you.

2. Make her feel desired and do not take her for granted

Reminisce about how you fell in love with her, what about her attracted you. Whether it was her beauty, her kindness, or her entire presence felt like a blessing.

Well, don’t keep these sweet nothings to yourself.

Tell her how much you love her. Confess what you love about her and how she lights up your world. Listen to what she has to say and whether she feels loved. 

Remember, she should not feel unattended at any point in your relationship. Pay attention to her needs and issues and support her. 

Give her the sense of security she needs and make her feel protected and special. 

3. Send her romantic texts

Don’t shy away from sending loving messages throughout the day. For instance, begin the day with a cute good morning text. You can follow up with more romantic messages that convey how much you miss her and want to see her. 

Text her during your breaks or share cute social media posts to express your love easily. 

4. Get her presents pretty often

No, you don’t need to send out luxurious and branded gifts every time. Instead, send her simple and thoughtful gifts to keep her hooked on you. 

Even the simplest of things will swoon her heart and make her feel loved. She’ll understand that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. After all, she’s always on your mind!

5. Talk to her about your future

If it’s too soon for marriage talks, it’s okay! But if you truly love her, there are certainly other plans for your near future. 

For instance, tell her how you want to build a successful life together. Or discuss the trip you want to take together and the activities during it. Give her constant reassurance of your plans with her for the future. 

Along with that, ask her if she has any plans in mind. Try to understand and validate her feelings even if you don’t have similar plans. 

6. Value her in front of others

Pay attention to your girl and appreciate her in front of others. This is the biggest green flag you can show her about your intentions. When there are witnesses to your confession, she’ll know that you’re serious. 

She’ll know you’re not keeping her under wraps and acknowledge her presence publicly. This way, she’ll know you won’t go back on your words.

7. Make her trust everything you say or do

Yes, you cannot make her trust you unless she wants to by herself. Moreover, it is difficult for women to trust men in one go. 

So, avoid doing things that can waver her faith in you. If you don’t lie, cheat, or violate her boundaries, she will trust you and your words better!

8. Meet her friends and let her meet yours

Friends are a crucial part of your dating life. They even help in understanding whether the other person is suitable for their friend without any prejudice. Moreover, the introduced person feels recognized as a close person!

So, introduce your girlfriend to your friends. She’ll feel special, included, and reassured that she’s an integral part of your life. 

Likewise, meet her friends to learn about her life and her preferences. Get the green signal from her friends so that she trusts you more. It is also a good way to get to know each other better. 

9. Accept her entirely and let her be herself

Initially, when you chased her, she definitely impressed you with some of her qualities. 

But, now that she is with you, you know her even more. You know about her not-so-attractive traits. And, of course, she feels insecure about whether you’ll accept her unconditionally.

So, help her feel comfortable in her own skin. Tell her you accept her flaws and imperfections and let her be her true self. 

10. Forgive her for past mistakes

Mistakes are normal for every human being. But you must not hold a grudge about past issues for too long. Otherwise, it will only lead to resentment and also cause major issues. 

So, leave her past mistakes in the past – given she’s repentant and agrees to change. Give her proper closure and verbally convey that you’ll move forward together without any bitterness. 

11. Compliment her 

Compliment your girl as often as you can to reassure her you love her as much as before… or even more! It will also rebuild trust and confidence in your partner. 

Appreciate her looks, outfits, choice of makeup, and even her soul. Tell her how mesmerized you feel instead of just silently getting drunk in her beauty. Validate her actions to please you, even if she’s clumsy. 

12. Show that she can always count on you

Romantic relationships suffer a great deal if partners cannot support each other during crises. After all, you expect each other to be your pillar when you can’t stand properly on your feet. 

So, when she seeks your help, leave everything as earliest possible to be by her side. This will help her understand that she can lean on you anytime. 

But if she hasn’t ever sought you for such things, tell her you’ll be there. Make sure she knows how you’re willing to be her strongest backing. 

13. Don’t turn a blind eye toward your goals

No woman wants to feel like an obstacle between you and your goals. So, another way to reassure her is to do your part as a lover and simultaneously focus on your career goals. 

Don’t be so immersed in your dating life that your career suffers for it. Show that you can balance both together!

14. Be a good listener

Sure, you can’t stop gushing over how she makes your heart race. But you must also let her talk at times. And make sure you actually hear her feelings and understand her. 

Be there when she wants to speak about her everyday life, rant about a bad day, feel proud about her achievements, or even if it’s a fight with one of her buddies. 

Lastly, listen to validate her feelings and not advise her. 

15. Open up about your life

If you always have your guard up about your life, she can’t trust you easily… let alone feel reassured. 

You will only be able to form a strong bond if you both open up to each other about your lives and issues. So, let your partner into your life to help her build a sense of security and trust. 

16. Don’t avoid difficult conversations

In relationships, it’s normal to go through a rough patch. Sometimes, you’ll both have opposite choices and feel that things won’t work out. 

If you avoid this conversation, you and your girlfriend may have grudges. Or, you might have the same fights repeatedly.

So, address your issues and listen to hers. Answer her questions, ask the ones that bug you, no matter how difficult it might feel to speak out. 

17. Honesty is still the best policy

Never lie, cheat, or play mind games. Even if you do, remember it won’t work out in the long run. The truth always comes out. So, pave your way in this connection with sheer honesty!

Girls appreciate honesty and will stick around if you are truthful about everything… whether it’s about your feelings or what you did on your last boys’ trip.

18. Don’t reciprocate others’ advances

If your eyes are not set on one woman, your girlfriend can’t be sure about you either. 

So, if you want this relationship to stay in the long run, be careful how you act around other girls. 

As a rule of thumb, you retreat as the first sign of some other girl’s approach towards you. If the other woman wants more than a platonic connection, stay out of it. 

19. Don’t let your ex ruin your present

Had your ex been the right person for you, you would have been together. So, don’t compare your ex with your current girlfriend… even subconsciously. 

Similarly, don’t mention her in your conversations, even if your girl isn’t around. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your present, and your girlfriend will doubt you.

20. Never down-talk her

If you ever feel she’s saying something ridiculous, don’t make fun of her. If you believe she’s complaining about something meager, don’t belittle her.

Instead, understand where she’s coming from. Tell her how she might be wrong but also clarify that you understand her troubles. Put yourself in her shoes before every comeback. This will reassure her that she can speak to you without being judged.

21. Give her the time she deserves

You may not be able to give her your entire time… after all, you also want your space. But remember, nothing can beat the feeling when you give her your time. 

So, make sure that you at least prioritize her more than others. This way, she’ll know that despite your busy schedule, she’s still your most beloved!

22. Show it more than you say it

If your words don’t align with your actions, your girl will surely have trust issues. When you say you want to be with her, you need to take out time for her before she asks for it. This is the only way to make her trust your words. 

23. Tell her you believe in her

For women, nothing is better than being hyped by their own men. So, be there when she stumbles on her path to her goals. 

Tell her that she can achieve everything she aims for. And when she needs to work till late, help her with chores so she can focus!

24. Have faith in her

You need to trust her as well to make your bond last. Whether it’s her words, actions, aspirations, or intentions, trust it all. Don’t doubt her capabilities or loyalty. 

If you feel she’s on the wrong track, communicate without making her feel less. If you’re insecure about her guy friend, tell her so she can fix things for you. 

25. Make her your best buddy

The greatest foundation of love is friendship. Treat her like she’s your best friend to make your bond even more precious. Go on fun dates like hiking, visiting the amusement park and arcades, and have innocent fun. Your dates don’t always need to be romantic!

A friendship between lovers adds a different dimension of intimacy. So, show that she’s truly your partner in all senses!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Follow these steps religiously from now on, and you will eventually reassure her of your intentions. Of course, she may not notice things right away. But you’ll help her establish faith in you and your relationship with time.

Alongside, don’t forget to check in and communicate to learn how she feels. If these steps still don’t get rid of her doubts, seek a relationship coach ASAP!

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