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How to Make Him Regret Losing You? – 25 Surefire Ways

How to Make Him Regret Losing You? – 25 Surefire Ways

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

How to Make Him Regret Losing You – 25 Surefire Ways

Did your ex leave you for someone else? Are you wondering how to make him regret losing you?

Looks like you are in the mood to serve some ice-cold revenge! Eh?

Well, breakups are always painful, and you are bound to feel resentful and humiliated later on. The only thing that comes to your mind at that point in time is to make sure your ex-boyfriend feels the same pain and humiliation.

But hey, you don’t wanna travel the dreaded path… so here are a few ways you can make him regret without being bitchy!

How to Make Him Regret Losing You? 25 Ways

After a breakup… It’s only human to want him to regret his actions that left you hurt and heartbroken. It’s only human to want to show somebody that what he had was amazing (almost close to perfect, really!).

But is it even possible to make him feel what you went through even though they chose it?

While I cannot guarantee that he would admit their mistake to you, I can definitely guarantee that with these few tips, you can actually make him regret losing you!

So, keep reading, darling…

1. Set boundaries

The best way to make a man regret hurting you is to make him realize he no longer has unrestricted access to you.

Scrap all kinds of routines you both had as a couple and strictly maintain no contact for at least one to two months. Set clear boundaries and identify the negotiables and non-negotiables for you.

This will make him feel that “you don’t need him” and trigger the male ego… for your good!

2. Make yourself your #1 priority

Shift your focus from your ex and the old relationship to you and only you. Make yourself your first priority in life.

This will not only help you achieve life goals but also make your ex curious about how you are dealing with the whole breakup scenario.

Let him wonder while you create the life of your dreams. No one is more important to you than yourself.

3. Do not send resentful messages

When you are dumped, your mind will force you to grab your phone and send him awful or nasty text messages. Never do that. It will only make you look resentful and drive him further away.

The best way to calm such emotions is to write them in a journal, talk to a friend or visit a professional counselor. You may also delete his number for a while to prevent yourself from anything stupid like drunk dials!

Listen to music, indulge in your hobbies, meditate or take yourself (and your dog, if you have one) for a walk to soothe your rage for the moment.

4. Do not beg or plead

If you beg him and plead with him to come back – well, sorry to break it to you – it won’t work. It will instead make you look weak and needy, and worse still, he may even enjoy seeing you in this state!

Instead, give your ex the space and time to reflect on his actions and wait for them actually to miss you.

If you stay within your boundaries, break all ties with him, and most importantly, do not ask him to come back… he is bound to repent his actions!

5. Embrace the single life and enjoy it

It may be tempting to start dating right away; but in the early days of the breakup, it is likely to be for all the wrong reasons.

Allow yourself to grieve your lost relationship, regain your calm and reflect on your actions. You don’t want your relationship to be a rebound and face the same death.

So, instead first learn to be happy with yourself and focus on yourself. However, don’t expect it to happen overnight, because it is a process.

6. Do everything you ever wanted to

Your relationship is over. Utilize this time to do things you couldn’t do while you were in the relationship.

If your ex prevented you from doing stuff that you liked, this is the time to reclaim your life back and enjoy it.

For example, maybe you rarely got to hang out with your friends because he didn’t want you to. Go out and catch up with them more often. If you liked romcoms and your ex preferred horror, binge-watch all the romcoms that you can possibly find! You get the idea, right?

7. Become a better version of yourself

After a painful breakup, it is obviously difficult to think straight. But, calm yourself down, gather all your emotions and think about what actually triggered your ex to leave you.

Did you have a habit that he did not like? And in spite of his repeated warnings, you did not give it up? Or was it you who completely neglected yourself and are now sulking?

If that is the case then you should start to focus on yourself more. Focus on your overall well-being and health. Find your life goals and do everything in your power to grow in life!

8. Step up your financial game

Now that you are single again, you do not have to worry about useless expenses like Christmas cards, or birthday gifts for anniversary dinners. You can save up all the money that you have and invest them to grow and stabilize yourself financially.

Being financially stable will not only make you feel better but it will also make you more confident. Both of these would make your ex boyfriend regret losing you.

9. Show them you have a happy life

Regardless of how heartbroken you get; you need to pull yourself up and show him that you’re doing great. I am sure you’ve heard the saying ­– fake it til you make it. Act as if nothing happened and believe that time heals all wounds.

This trick would make him feel jealous that his impact on you is going away. He may even soon begin to rack his brains to analyze how you could handle this breakup so well.

It may even prompt him to put effort into your life one more time in some capacity.

10. Prepare a good story

It is obvious that your paths would cross again if you still have mutual friends and when you do, make sure you have a proper story to serve to your ex-boyfriend.

When you two run into each other, your ex will be sure to ask you about your job, your family and most importantly how you are doing.

Do not falter while speaking, make sure you have your answers ready for all those questions. Be extremely confident while answering him and show him how this break up did nothing to you.

It will make him think what a mistake he has made to have given you up.

11. Recall happy memories

This may seem weird, but it is a psychological trick – and it works!

When you encounter your ex, it is useless to discuss the breakup. Instead, you should remind him about your funniest memories or experiences.

Keep in mind to speak about the good times but not the causes of why the two of you broke up. You can recall the honeymoon stage of your romantic relationship. It will remind him of all the happy memories you both made.

This trick will throw him into the memory lane and remind him how happy the two of you were in the relationship.

12. Make him jealous

Your ex is probably sure that you have cried yourself to a river after they left you. Don’t give them such pleasures. Instead, try to evoke a little jealousy in him.

Although this may seem a bit below the belt; but well, all is fair in love and war… 😉

Just tell him that you’re ready to be in a serious romantic relationship with a man… but don’t forget to mention it’s NOT him!

13. Try new things

It can be anything. Ask yourself what is the one thing you always wanted to try but never got a chance to do till now? Is it painting? Is it pottery? Or is it learning to skate?

Whatever it is, however whacky it may be, this is the time to try it. You have all the time in the world now, so why not utilize it to do something?

Also, share everything on social media; post pictures about all your new ventures. It might just make your ex regret knowing that you can try new things and have fun without him too!

14. Step out for a solo adventure

Step out of the house. Take a mini vacation or a staycation at a nearby destination or even a fun road trip with your friends. Not only will this take your mind off the breakup, but it will also make you happy.

Don’t forget posting pictures on social media. Your ex will hate the fact that you are having fun without him and would want to get back with you in no time.

15. Sweat it out

When you are overwhelmed by your emotions, the best thing to do is exercise! Why? Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good and happy.

Further, exercise allows you to be in shape and you start feeling good about yourself. This takes your mind off your ex for a while and focuses on yourself only.

Join a new workout class, or begin a new training routine at home. Not only will this make you feel good – the end results would make you happier and more confident. And when your ex sees you in mirror-smashing shape, he is bound to regret his decision to have dumped you.

16. Hang out with friends more often (especially mutual friends)

The best way to get to his head will be to hang out more with friends, your girl gang as well as those that are mutual to you and your ex.

Be your happy self and do not speak about your ex at all. Do not talk about the breakup or about how sad and miserable you are (hopefully you are better after that amazing workout sesh). You would come across as a confident girl who has a life outside of the relationship.

And then the “word” is bound to go around, reach him and is bound to make him repent his decision to leave you.

17. Act like it didn’t really matter to you

When you’re around a mutual friend, act like nothing ever really happened. What breakup, huh?

You were and always will be splendidly fine, with or without him. Even if it hurts you inside, never reveal your emotions in public.

Make people think that the breakup never affected you at all. You have got your life in control and are acing it every single day. People talk, and when the word reaches your ex, he won’t be smiling anymore!

18. Don’t fall for his mixed signals

If the relationship ended on a sour note, this guy would not let you go so easily (even though he was the one who dumped you).

Occasionally, when he feels lonely or bored, he will call you and text you. He might even say he has been thinking about the breakup. But do not be surprised if he goes M.I.A for the next couple of days or even a week.

So, if he drops mixed signals, understand that he is a player and he just wants to mess up with your head. Your confidence in yourself will drive him nuts!

19. Don’t be his complimentary treat

A lot of guys would always like to have a backup girlfriend for “just in case he is lonely” times.

Sometimes men like these come back once in a while to mess with your head and have a grip over you, just in case he fails to find someone to replace you.

Realize your worth and do not fall for this trap. This will make him regret leaving you.

20. Talk about your accomplishments

When you meet him next, or suddenly bump into him, drop subtle hints that tell him you are doing well for yourself in life – that too without him!

Tell him proudly about any new accomplishments in your life – a new car, a new apartment, that much-awaited promotion or even the solo vacation you went on recently.

For a guy who thought he was everything to you, these post-breakup accomplishments will make him lose his mind.

21. Show that you are least bothered about him

If your ex tries to talk to you about his life problems (probably he has no one else to share them with) even after the breakup, show little or no interest at all.

He will be confused to find that someone who used to be his shoulder to cry on has suddenly turned so cold!

It will probably bother him so much that he would want to get back with you like before.

22. Flirt with other guys

Suppose you meet at a mutual friend’s birthday party or a wedding, make sure to flirt (but be cautious) with other guys in front of him.

Don’t do it right in his face, but do it in a way he can see you both from a distance or at least get a hint of what’s happening.

Male ego and jealousy will overpower him, and even though he broke up with you, he would want to regain his control over you. That’s when you show him his right place and ignore him in the face!

He will lament and repent losing you to the new guy!

23. Make new friends

Once you start going out, you will of course meet new people. Choose your new friends wisely and make sure your ex knows that you have a new friend circle now.

A new friend circle means no news or updates about you – which he would definitely not like.

24. Focus on self-care

Post-break-up time is hard. Focus on improving your spiritual wellness and mental health. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa session.

You can also follow a self-care routine at home, sleep and eat on time, eat healthy, adopt healthy habits and look after yourself.

Show your ex-boyfriend that you can live well, without him!

25. Talk to him

When you are in a much calmer state, get out there and talk to him face to face. Tell him how he made you feel and what state you were in after he broke up with you.

Show him what he did to you and how you picked yourself up from there and fixed yourself. Tell him in his face how you became your own hero!

This will make him ponder over his actions and regret his decision to let you go.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

So, these are a few ways to remind your ex that you were best thing to happen to him!

But you should not hold on to what your ex is thinking or doing. Instead, focus on your own self-improvement and what you have learned from the relationship about yourself.

Words of wisdom: It will give you more satisfaction if you move on and live life on your own terms – instead of trying to make your ex wish he had not broken up with you in the first place.

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