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How To Make A Fake Boyfriend? 15 Interesting Steps To Convince Others

How To Make A Fake Boyfriend? 15 Interesting Steps To Convince Others

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

How To Make A Fake Boyfriend 15 Interesting Steps To Convince Others

You may want to know how to make a fake boyfriend for various reasons. Perhaps you’re tired of hearing, “Why are you still single?”

Or, you don’t wanna be set up on any more dates. On the other hand, you might be feeling a bit lonely and want to fit in.

Well, your feelings are totally normal, and the good news is that you can make this fake man for yourself!

All you need to do is plan every detail about him carefully to avoid getting caught. So, if you’re ready, let’s guide you on how it’s done…

How To Make A Fake Boyfriend? 15 Steps

Nowadays, faking relationships is easier than having a real one. However, the key lies in whether you have ever been in a relationship with a man. 

If yes, you’ll naturally know what kind of things he’d do and have a go-to guide to refer to. If not, it can be a bit tough, but you can read a few romance novels to get a hint. 

Other than that, here’s everything you need to know to build this ruse… 

1. Create an identity

Decide on a name and age for your fake boyfriend. It can be anything you want. But don’t try to make it extraordinary or too simple. Name your fake boyfriend’s family also to make it more believable. 

Pick his age close to yours. You’ll find most of the couples of approximately the same age. So, a huge age gap can attract unwanted attention and blow your cover.  

2. Build his life story

Your friends may ask you more about your boyfriend. So, it’s better to craft a lot more details about him. 

Select a hometown where he lives, build an entire journey of schooling and college, what he is currently doing, and his profession. 

Take care that none of your friends or acquaintances should belong to these places. Otherwise, they might try to investigate and catch your lie. 

3. Give a character to your boyfriend 

It’s time to let your fantasy boy bring out your favorite book or movie. Feel your favorite character and pick his qualities. Create a constant personality for your boyfriend. 

Do you want him to be flirty, possessive, or cute? 

You can’t make him too shy and too funny at the same time. Whenever you talk about him, always remember how he’ll react and behave.  

4. Add a few flaws

If his character is too perfect, it can raise questions and doubts. To make him more realistic, give him a few flaws. 

It can be something like he’s forgetful or doesn’t like your favorite flavor. You can also create any difference in POV. Say your favorite movie genre doesn’t match, or you both prefer different foods. 

5. Make conversations about him to prove his existence                

Besides the basic portfolio, consider telling others about his routines as well. Tell them how fun last weekend was. 

Say, “My boyfriend and I had an amazing time together. We really enjoyed the day with his family.” 

To make it more realistic, discuss how much you or he spent on that trip or what discounts you got. 

6. Be confident and prepared for potential questions 

People are curious and will ask how you met him or how long you have been together. Be prepared to answer this. 

Craft a story. Don’t fantasize about it too much. Try to make it simple with a few ups and downs if you want to add. You can say you met through mutual friends, online dating apps, or at a social event. 

There is no need to answer every question. If certain questions are too personal or make you uncomfortable, politely communicate that you’re not okay discussing them. There are many people who prefer to keep things private, so don’t stress too much.  

7. Take help from your friend 

Your closest friend knows you the best, so it’s better not to lie to them about having a fake boyfriend. 

Make sure you tell them everything and ask them to cooperate and maintain the facade. Explain your situation honestly and openly to your friend. 

Share the reasons behind your request and the specific role you’d like them to play. Discuss the details of their role and what’s expected of them to avoid misunderstandings.

8. Create an email address or social media account for him

Your friends may want to connect with your man. So, create an email address and/or social media account for this fake boyfriend – whichever everyone generally uses to talk to others.

Use the chosen name or something meaningful to your fake relationship to create it. 

If they want to introduce him to them, let them connect to this address/account. You and your best friend can reply as your fake boyfriend. 

9. Show them the gifts he gave you

Make a list of gifts boyfriends give girlfriends. Buy a few of them and pretend like your boyfriend has gifted them to you. 

Express your appreciation for the gifts your boyfriend gave you. You can mention how thoughtful and special they are to you. Share pictures or physically show the gifts or use them during your time together. 

Mention the occasion or reason for the gifts, such as a birthday, anniversary, or a surprise gesture. 

10. Don’t go overboard with spending

You’re not fake-dating a Wattpad-Mafia or Kdrama-CEO. He doesn’t have all the wealth in the world. So, you will not get the most luxurious gifts or parties every weekend. If you try that, you’ll get caught!

So, make sure your stories about him and the gifts don’t include too much splurging!

11. Make a good excuse why he can’t meet your friends

When others want to meet your man, you can make one of your close friends play your boyfriend’s role. 

However, sometimes, nobody wants to play pretend. 

In that case, say, “I really wanted you to meet my boyfriend, but work is really stressing him out. He can’t make time.”

Instead, suggest an alternative plan to meet up without your boyfriend. 

12. Avoid clubbing every weekend

When in a relationship, your first priority is your man. So, you can’t go out clubbing with friends every weekend.

Most couples instead stay together during the weekends. If they can’t go out, they plan movie nights or other interesting at-home dates

So when people invite you to parties, opt to stay at home on most days. Say, “I won’t be able to join you this weekend. I’ve made plans with my boyfriend.” 

Suggest an alternative time or date for plans. Otherwise, they may think you’re being controlled and demand to meet your man.  

13. Get oversized T-shirts

Find an oversized t-shirt from the men’s section, or steal a few from your brother’s wardrobe. Put on the oversized T-shirt when you’re with your friends. You can pair it with leggings, jeans, or shorts for a casual and comfortable look. 

When your friends notice the T-shirt, casually mention it’s your boyfriend’s. Tell them that you love how his smell lingers on it. 

You can also compliment your boyfriend’s choice of clothing and express how much you like wearing his T-shirt. 

14. Change your wallpaper 

Take a picture with a close male friend or family member. Make sure to hide his face so nobody ever gets to dig for information on them. 

You can click some soft-launching pictures in different poses where his identification can’t be guessed. 

For instance, hug him and take a picture so his back and your face are visible. Consider taking pictures of holding hands. Or, click pictures of your feet together.

Set this as your phone’s or smartwatch’s wallpaper. 

15. Fake a breakup when you’re done with this game 

Once you’ve convinced everyone that you’re taken and you no longer want to continue the charade, break up. 

Act low in front of others to make them curious. Share that you guys are no longer together when asked. 

Briefly explain the reasons for the breakup. It could be a lack of compatibility, or he was cheating with other girls. 

Have a few answers for common post-breakup questions. Be prepared for their reactions, which could range from shock to empathy.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

Remember, while you play along with this lie, don’t go overdo anything. For instance, don’t fake having a man for too long. Make sure you don’t attract too much attention with anything dramatic. Don’t copy the relationship dynamics of any couple around you.

Otherwise, you’ll increase your chances of blowing the covers, and ruin your reputation. 

If you wrap things up ASAP and portray a “humble and normal” relationship, you’ll successfully reach your goal!

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