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20 Detectable Signs Of A Lazy Girlfriend 

20 Detectable Signs Of A Lazy Girlfriend 

Updated on Sep 13, 2023

20 Detectable Signs Of A Lazy Girlfriend 

You need to check for signs of a lazy girlfriend, especially if you want to help her improve herself. Otherwise, she’ll miss out a lot on life, you might feel wronged, and even the relationship may suffer. 

But before you help her out, you must make sure whether your guess is correct. You have to analyze a lot before you declare anything. 

So, if you’re ready to figure things out, let’s get started!

20 Signs Of A Lazy Girlfriend 

You might tell yourself that she’s just more carefree. Or that she’s had a long week and is too lazy to spend time with you… or even do the basic chores. However, you can’t keep making excuses for her and expect things to improve by themselves.

So, let’s check out these signs and face the truth here…

1. She keeps procrastinating

If your girlfriend procrastinates every other day but never works on things, then there is a high chance that she is lazy. 

She plans something for today and then postpones it to tomorrow and then repeats the same thing tomorrow. She never finishes the work and instead keeps making plans to do it.

2. She doesn’t have an ambition 

Another sign of a lazy girlfriend is that she is comfortable in her current state and does not want to improve. 

According to her, comfort is more important, and she does not work hard to achieve any goals. She thinks that working too hard is a fool’s job and instead wants to sit back home and relax.

3. She does not take any initiative

If she’s lazy, you’ll hardly find her taking initiative. She never plans outings together or even a simple dinner or lunch. 

She never takes up the house chores, and even if you do everything alone, she does not mind.

4. She gives up easily

A grave sign of her laziness is that if she does not get immediate results, she will give up. Instant gratification is extremely important to her.

She’ll give up only because she cannot understand things and won’t even try to understand them. She’ll do the same in your relationships as well. 

5. She spends time on leisurely activities

Do you feel that she has more leisure time than anyone else?

If your girlfriend is always on the phone, watching movies, and doing her own thing, she sure is lazy.

6. She starts her activities but never finishes

Notice if she is too lazy to finish the activities she once started and often leaves them midway. Or she says giving too much time to anything is impossible, so she is okay with not completing them. 

If this happens all the time and she doesn’t even care about others’ judgment, she’s lazy.

7. She does not maintain personal hygiene

Unlike other girls, she does not spend time and effort maintaining her hygiene. She feels it is a waste of time and does not do the bare minimum to maintain personal hygiene. In fact, you have to convince her a lot to do the minimum. 

If all of that happens, your suspicions are right.

8. She always says, ‘I am busy,’ but doesn’t do anything

Recall if she ever told you or her friends that she is busy. However, she wasn’t doing anything in reality. She is busy either just scrolling on the phone or chilling with herself. Yes, that’s another sign of her laziness.

9. She doesn’t organize her things

A classic sign that your girlfriend is lazy is that she is disorganized. Whether it’s her books, belongings, or even her clothes, everything’s a mess.

For example, whenever you open her cupboard, everything falls out of it on your face. She does not organize the things she needs. She tells you that organizing things wastes time, and so she prefers to keep them scattered.

10. She doesn’t help you with your work

When you are tired and return home to sort the errands, does she never extend a helping hand?

If it is too much to get up and help you with the work, she’s lazy. She’ll watch that you are doing everything alone and yet does not even offer to help.

Instead, she complains and demands professional house help, even for washing the dishes. 

11. She lacks adventure

Observe how she reacts when you tell her your plans to go out together and explore. Some signs of her laziness in this instance are that she’ll often dismiss the plan and always prioritize comfort. 

She may just want to be at home doing nothing. This will only make your relationship boring and the bond weaker. 

12. She wants to depend on you

A common sign that your girlfriend is lazy is not taking up responsibilities at home or outdoors. She wants you to do every chore, be the sole breadwinner, and unconditionally put effort into pleasing her. She does not mind making you exhausted with all the work. 

13. She needs multiple reminders to finish work

If something needs to be done or you must go anywhere, do you have to constantly remind her? 

Perhaps you have to make numerous phone calls or messages to remind her that she has to do something important. 

Or, sometimes, even if you do all these things, she misses the timeline. It’s all because she was lazy and did not want to do it.

14. She sleeps a lot

She might need to sleep a lot because of some underlying concern. But if there’s no issue and she sleeps the entire day, that’s an issue. 

Instead of working or being active, she spends time sleeping without regretting it.  You’ll find her sleeping even on instances when she isn’t tired from work. It is something that she just wants to do because she is lazy.

15. She has excuses for everything

A glaring sign of her laziness is if she is always full of excuses whenever you counter her mistakes. She’ll never admit her fault in front of others. She avoids reflecting on her mistakes because it will take much effort.

16. She is unwilling to change

A grave sign of her laziness is that she is not willing to learn from you or anybody else. 

She says that it takes a lot of time and effort to learn something and does not want to devote that.

She thinks it is pointless and does not add value to her life. Even if you try to change her behavior, she is unwilling and often resists.

17. She does not have a full-time career

If you have a lazy girlfriend, she won’t have a full-time job or try to get employed. She thinks that doing a job will spoil her time and it’s too tedious. She’d rather spend the entire day doing nothing. 

18. She does not care if you call her lazy

Notice if she does not care much, even if you call her lazy to her face. If yes, it shows that she is too carefree and lazy to even pay you any heed. 

She doesn’t want to reflect on things, so she doesn’t even register the accusation. Instead, not caring about what you said allows her to stay lazy.

19. She is irresponsible

This is a common sign of your girlfriend’s laziness. She constantly avoids responsibilities and that too consciously.

She acts so that she does not have to do much, and you feel so disappointed that you’d rather take up every responsibility by yourself.

20. Her parents and friends complain the same

Whenever you meet her parents or her friends, do they complain about her laziness, too? 

If people around her are extremely fed up with her lazy behavior, you guessed it right. She is lazy, and it’s not something that happened out of the blue.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The chances of making a relationship with a lazy girlfriend are pretty low. After all. you will feel worn out after giving too much effort. 

If you notice these signs of laziness in your girlfriend, make an effort and talk to her about it. Help her realize her mistakes and work on things to move past the issues. 

If necessary, seek a therapist. But if things still don’t work, it’s your call to make a choice and chase a happier life!