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What Does it Mean if a Man Never Compliments You? 12 Solid Reasons

What Does it Mean if a Man Never Compliments You? 12 Solid Reasons

Updated on Sep 21, 2023

What Does it Mean if a Man Never Compliments You? 12 Solid Reasons

So, the question “What does it mean if a man never compliments you” has been constantly buzzing in your mind, and you’re finally here to quench your curiosity.

It may be because your partner, who never got enough of you, now doesn’t bother looking at you. Or, because you are dating an absolutely perfect man who has never complimented you.

Whatever it may be, there can be many reasons why he is never complimenting you. Keep reading to know a few.

What does it mean if a man never compliments you? – 12 reasons

It is natural for you to notice the dearth of compliments from your man, especially if he used to write poems for you in the past.

There can be a few explanations for this other than the one already in your mind, that is, he is no longer interested in you.

Do not worry and read on to see if any other reasons apply to your situation…

1. He does not think you need them

If your man is an absolute sweetheart but a bit reserved, this might be for you!

So, your only complaint about him is that “he never compliments you”. There can be a simple explanation for this because you seem very confident.

He is not complimenting you because he thinks you don’t need them. As a self-assured woman, you practice self-love and already know about your good qualities.

And if you already know, why should he tell you that… when he can admire you secretly?

2. He never compliments anyone

Notice if your man is the type who never compliments anyone. If that’s the case, it may be because it’s not in his personality.   

Maybe he grew up in a situation where praises were not handed out freely, and he learned not to give compliments like ‘You are looking pretty’, or ‘Your hair looks nice’.

Or, it is his personal choice to not compliment people but show that he appreciates them in other ways.

3. He is too shy

Some men are painfully shy; if he’s one of them, he just can’t gather the courage to tell you how you make his heart flutter. This is likely to happen when your relationship is new and, as a beautiful woman, you intimidate him.

Other than that, shy men also find it very hard to express themselves clearly with words. He is thinking about a list of compliments for you but chickens out every time.

4. He likes to show love in another way

Different people have different love languages to show affection.

While some people may use words to show you how special you are to them, others might hug you close or be your shining armor on tough days.

If you like to use words to show your love, you must be expecting words in return, but if he has a different love language, like physical touch or acts of service, you will not be getting pretty words from him.

So, here you need to understand, accept and embrace him!

5. He thinks compliments make you uncomfortable

Did he give you compliments earlier, and now he doesn’t do that anymore?

Then, try to remember how you reacted to his compliments in the initial days of your relationship.

If you always brush off all his lovely words and instead say, “Don’t lie!”, he has stopped complimenting you because of you.

He thinks you are uncomfortable when he tells you how beautiful or talented you look because you never believed him when he said that to you. So, he is trying to consider your feelings and resists the urge to compliment you.

6. He is too busy at work

Check in to see if his work is taking the best out of him. He is just too exhausted to notice the little things you do to catch his eye.

A man who is too stressed at work will be more focused on solving the prevailing issues.

If you both have been dating for years, he may temporarily put you in the backseat.

This is not necessarily bad, as it shows how comfortable he is with you, but it certainly means that he will not notice the subtle change in your hairstyle or the new recipe you tried out.

But don’t get flustered; it is only until his work life gets sorted.

7. He just sees your flaws

A man who is an aggressive perfectionist will only see your flaws instead of your strengths.

He values a certain kind of beauty or intelligence in a woman; you just do not match that.

Observe if he compliments some other women who are different because if he doesn’t, then he just finds fault with everything.

8. He is too insecure and trying to control you

Some men are jealous of an independent woman. Yes, you heard that right.

As cheap as it sounds, men who are insecure about themselves never appreciate their partner forfor fear of “she might think lowly of me.”

He is trying to control you by not giving you any compliments because he is afraid you will leave him otherwise.

9. He is a narcissist

When your boyfriend is a narcissist, he will make everything about him. He will find a way to bring back the topic of the conversation to himself and his successes and problems.

If your boyfriend is such a selfish person, he will hold back all praises and demand appreciation from you for even the bare minimum that he does to keep your relationship alive.

10. He has taken you for granted

Is your relationship hitting the one-year mark? It is usually around this time when men lose interest in the girl they thought they liked.

If he is away often and does not reply to your texts, this is probably why he isn’t complimenting you, either.

You are not the shiny new person he was hitting on anymore. Now that he has seen the real you, he doesn’t want you anymore. Your boyfriend is afraid of a serious relationship, so he never appreciates you anymore.

11. He wants to leave

Your relationship is over in his head when he stops complimenting you for a long time. He does not want to make you happy anymore or make any attempts to keep this relationship.

Men often avoid conflict and try to hint that they want to break up.

When he does not look at you or notice what you do for him, he wants you to get tired and leave first.

12. He is cheating on you

Did you go to the spa, put on lingerie, and spray a lovely perfume to welcome your boyfriend home? Did he say he was too tired and never commented on how sexy you looked?

That is when you must know another woman is in the picture.

He has his eyes on another woman, and all his needs are getting met there. He has stopped responding to your advances and seems blind to your beauty.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

A man in love will compliment his romantic partner because it is the easiest way to make someone feel special.

If your partner is not complimenting anything you are doing, it is because he has lost interest in your relationship.

When that is not the case, you will see him admire you in other ways, like doing things for you and hugging you.

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