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15 Classic First Date Mistakes To Avoid And Win A Second One

15 Classic First Date Mistakes To Avoid And Win A Second One

Updated on Nov 20, 2023

15 Classic First Date Mistakes To Avoid And Win A Second One

If you’re having difficulties landing a second date, it’s high time you look for first date mistakes to avoid. 

Perhaps you’re putting off your prospective partners with the way you act, speak, or even dress and smell!

For instance, some say that you should work on your appearance a lot. Put on a great outfit and make that effort to look special. 

If you are too unkept and look untidy in your appearance, then there is a high possibility that your date might think that you do not care enough. Also, it is always a good gesture to look good for the person you are showing up to.

But does only appearance matter on the first date? No. You have to be watchful about other aspects, too.

15 First Date Mistakes To Avoid 

Many people ruin their first date with just nervousness! But, the first impression will be your last impression. So, you have to be cautious by all means.

On the other hand, nobody likes to hear complaints on the first date. So stop nagging about your ex or the date place on your first meeting. If you keep on doing this, then your date might think that your company is irritating or unpleasant. 

Apart from this, here are some more mistakes you should steer clear of.

1. Being Late

Under all circumstances, ensure you are not late as it creates a very bad impression. Your date might think that you are not responsible enough. Or it might indicate that you don’t care for them and are uninterested.

2. Being Arrogant and Rude

Don’t be arrogant and rude while talking to your date. Otherwise, and there is a high chance that your date will never want to return for a second meeting.

Not only that, it leaves a negative impression, and this is not something you want your date to think about you.

3. Too Many Questions

Asking too many questions makes your date uncomfortable and might make them want to skip it. 

It might also set an example that you are extremely poky and do not have respect for anybody’s personal life and boundaries

Pose only relevant questions, and do not make your date feel like an examination hall.

4. Unnecessary Medical History 

Many people do not know how to initiate conversation, so they end up sharing too much medical information. Your date does not need to know when you had the gallbladder operation or if you have a hernia. 

Sharing too much unnecessary medical information on the first date itself makes your date feel boring. You need to avoid this so that your date does not get scared. 

Otherwise, they may feel that they have to keep taking rounds of the hospital if they continue dating you.

5. Bad Table Manners

Having the right table manners is extremely important, and it always makes you look more sophisticated than others. It could be like knowing how to fold the napkin or not making a sound while eating. 

Always ensure you don’t compromise on table manners as it is non-negotiable on any date. After all, none of us want to go on a date where our partner does not know how to eat, right? Otherwise, your date can get embarrassed in your company.

6. Making The Date All About Yourself

Always refrain from making the date entirely about yourself. It is important that you talk a little bit about yourself and let the person know about you. But this does not mean you make it completely revolve around you. 

If you speak about yourself, then it is important that you ask them to share something as well. If you keep on talking about yourself, it will make the date seem like you are too full of yourself. This is a red flag and must be avoided.

7. Too Many Compliments

Complimenting your date is important. But if you keep on throwing compliments at them without any references, then it will make you look like a fake person. Moreover, you might come off as a needy person, and this will certainly set your date off.

8. Sending Mixed Signals

You don’t want your date to feel that you are still confused about them. Hence, if you are on your first date, do not send any mixed signals. 

For instance, don’t crack jokes with double meanings or make statements that have more than one meaning. 

Otherwise, your date might get offended, and this is something that you do not want.

9. Too Much Of Physical Contact

Avoid initiating physical contact on the first date, or it’ll make you look like you don’t respect them. 

If they are comfortable, you will get to know them, and then you can give them a side hug or a peck on the cheek. 

If you are looking for something meaningful and want this person to meet you again, maintain a respectful distance and not indulge in too much physical contact.

10. Texting Immediately After Date

Avoid texting or calling immediately after the date. This is a big mistake that many people make. 

You have to give your date that time to go back and reflect on the date. If you keep on bothering them with texts and calls during that time as well, it will not go in your favor at all. 

You should also take this time to disengage from the situation and think if you want it and how the date was for you.

11. Being On The Phone Constantly

While meeting your date, being on the phone constantly is a serious problem, and you should avoid doing this. 

Ensure that you keep the phone away and talk to them by maintaining eye contact. Even if you get important updates like match scores or someone from your office calls you, ensure you do not give that importance. It will make your date uninterested.

12. Finance Discussions

It is better not to discuss financial worth in the first instance itself. First dates are for having romantic moments and connecting with the partner. 

If you start talking about what is your financial net worth or how much you are earning, it might look like a show-off. Most people do not like this. 

Hence, try to avoid the money talk as much as possible. Even if your date asks you, always be modest about it and refrain from giving a very precise number.

13. Drinking Too Much

If you are meeting your date for the first time in a place that serves drinks, try to limit your alcohol consumption. 

You do not want to convey the wrong message that you drink too much and have no control over yourself. 

Once you are drunk, there is a high chance that you will not know what to say and how to present yourself. Hence, even if you drink, only consume what you can handle.  

14. Forgetting Your Wallet 

This is a classic mistake. If you have asked them out on the date, then it is always suggested that you pay for the date as well. If your partner is insisting on splitting the bill, then you can go for that as well. 

But never say that you forgot the wallet, as it will leave a negative impression.

15. Discussing Your Ideal Partner

And finally, if you are on a date with a person and they do not meet your criteria, then don’t start talking about your ideal partner. This is extremely humiliating, and it might make your date feel uncomfortable. 

The major problem with this topic is that it might come off as a deal breaker, as most people cannot have all the qualities from your “ideal list.” There is a high chance that your date might feel put off.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

On a date, even if you know this person is not interested, is judgmental, or just not a good match, you must always put your best foot forward. 

If you feel nervous, excuse yourself to the washroom and calm yourself down. If you do end up making the mistakes, then instead of making a big deal out of it, simply move on.

But it’s important that you act in a classy way as long as you can. This will boost your chances of landing your perfect match in no time!

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