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How to Start Dating in Your 40s and Why it is So Hard to Find the One?

How to Start Dating in Your 40s and Why it is So Hard to Find the One?

Updated on Oct 11, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Start Dating in Your 40s and Why it is So Hard to Find the One

Are you anxious about dating in your 40s? Wondering if you’re too old to find a partner?

Stop that train of overthinking right there! Remember that falling in love, loving, and being loved… all of these don’t have an age.

So, pull up your spirits, and let’s say that you found the best place to put an end to all of your worries!

If you’re a 40-something, welcome to this think-piece where you’ll know everything to find your partner… so, let’s head in…

How to Start Dating in Your 40s and Why it is So Hard to Find the One
How to Start Dating in Your 40s?
How to Start Dating in Your 40s and Why it is So Hard to Find the One
Tips for Dating in Your 40s

Why is dating in your 40s so hard?

Often people warn you to get settled before you reach 30. So, while dating in your 40s, “what to expect” becomes a big question. But, just to clarify, it’s not that you become ugly or unlovable in your 40s… so don’t let your thoughts run wild.

However, other issues arise which make your situation a bit more difficult, so let’s know if they’re really that big of a deal here…

1. Compromises become harder

In your early 20s, you had yet to know better, you easily gave in to others’ points of view and it’s just not the same being a 40-year-old man or woman.

By 40, you have tons of personal and life experiences. You’re aware of your likes and dislikes. You know what kind of life choices can lead to doom or bloom.

You become judgemental because of your valuable experiences. So, at this point, it becomes super hard to adjust to others’ views.

2. Divorce is another reason for complications

Either you’re a divorcee looking for a partner or you’ll find lots of divorcees as potential mates… this factor is quite common and comes with its own set of emotional baggage.

After a poor experience in marriage, a divorcee will always hesitate about getting back in the dating scenes.

If a divorcee (you or your date) doesn’t take enough time to heal wounds, it’ll naturally affect the dating experiences. 

3. It’s hard if the kids aren’t understanding

Kids are like angels but their innocence also attracts lots of insecurities and doubts.

Suppose, you’re a divorcee with kids and you wanna date. Your children might judge you for not loving their other parents enough… even if that’s not the case.

Your kids might even fear that their only parent will be taken away, so they’ll do every possible thing to make you postpone your dates.

If you date a divorced single parent, they might face a similar situation and it’ll impact your dating schedules.

4. You might not meet partners of the “expected” age

If you have age criteria for finding love, you might get disappointed. Especially, if you want someone young like in your late 20s, you might not find true love.

They might even try to use your influence and money and leave you once they’re done.

Moreover, since you’re dating in your 40s, a younger date might expect you to be well-established and even reject you if you’re not… which takes a huge toll on your confidence.

5. Age might take a toll

If you’re dating in your 40s as a woman, don’t have children yet, and want them ASAP, you might not find a man good enough to father your kids in a hurry.

If you’re dating in your 40s as a man, for the same scenario, you might not even find a woman around your age who’ll be willing to have kids. You might be forced to seek women in their early 30s.

6. You feel like a newbie

In your 20s, you probably had a flourishing dating life and went on dates quite frequently. You knew the exact moves that were popular and might catch a maiden/lad’s heart instantly.

After almost 2 decades, the idea of dating has changed relatively so you’ll definitely feel unfamiliar with it. Adjusting to the new ways of dating might even tire you out or intimidate you.

7. You hardly meet people “naturally”

Finding love in teens, 20s, and even 30s is much easier and feels “natural” because everyone is out on a quest for love around you. You found many singles in your best friends, classmates, or even colleague’s circle.

In your 40s, your circle consists of a handful of people… and even their circle is equally small. The option of finding people in your extended circle lessens which makes it tough.

8. You lose potential matches due to your tech-disability

Since you can’t easily find many available people in their 40s around you, you’re forcibly directed to dating sites.

Now I won’t assume you’re not tech-savvy, but many in their 40s aren’t. Even if you used many dating apps in your 20s, the apps changed a lot over the past decade.

If you don’t learn to use the apps properly, it puts you at a disadvantage.

9. Dating games might create lots of misunderstandings

Online dating is mostly about chatting and sending emojis and media. While that’s cute, it makes a lot of room for misunderstandings. The way you frame a message might not sit well with another person.

On the other hand, you might judge your potential date based on the frequency, quickness, and excitement of their replies.

If you’re not used to turning a blind eye to these factors, you might blow a fuse and turn off your dates.

10. You have unrealistic expectations from yourself

When you start dating in your 40s, thoughts like “I look old”, “my skin isn’t good enough”, and “I’m not fit as back then” pop up randomly and you lose your confidence over petty issues.

And even if you try hard to ignore these thoughts, a person or even an advertisement will make you feel that you’re too old to wear something… that you must dress your age. It feels miserable AF!

11. You judge others no less

On dating apps, many people use photoshopped and retouched pictures that hide all of their flaws perfectly. Some people have impeccable bios which make them look so quirky.

You feel this “imperfection” is normal or a must-have as you scroll through more such dating profiles. In your mind, you hope that you’ll date a similar man/woman.

So, when someone without similar appealing pictures or bio reaches out, you don’t feel excited because you subconsciously judge them.

12. Juggling dating and life becomes tough

Back in your 20s, you didn’t have a lot of responsibilities which allowed you to invest more time in socializing, getting drunk at parties until you black out, or even crashing on your friend’s couch. Everything was so much easier also because your body coped up with it better.

However, in your 40s, you have a flourishing career, kids (probably), family and financial responsibilities, and so on. Even your body can’t deal with excessive drinking and partying.

13. Your priorities change

In your youth, enjoying life was one of your highest priorities. But with time when your responsibilities grow, the urge to have fun eventually diminishes.

You don’t wish to know more people because you have already met many in your workplace and other life areas.

You desire to sleep in on weekends after a tiring week instead of heading to the pub which gets in the way of your dating life.

14. You don’t feel as enthusiastic

When you were young, you wanted to fall in love with a prince/princess, host a fairytale wedding, build your mansion, make beautiful babies, and so on.

By your 40s, you fulfilled most of these desires so you don’t feel as excited about finding a partner.

The lack of new dreams gets in your way to step into the dating world… because you’re no longer that innocent soul after the divorce or a past heartbreak.

15. Most people around you have a partner

Everyone is open to falling in love, relationships, and other romantic things in their youth. You have lots of singles bustling around you when you’re young.

But when you’re 40, almost everyone around you is taken, married, and even busy planning their second or third child.

Even if you find a supermarket cashier extremely attractive, you see a ring on their finger and turn away. You hardly meet enough people and you feel like the black sheep.

16. You go in with too much intensity

The average life expectancy of human beings is between 70-80. So, in your 40s, you might take dating too seriously like an interview for a spouse instead of soaking in the experience of falling in love.

You judge your partner with a set of criteria, put them off, overlook their qualities and have a great chance of missing someone wonderful just because you weren’t open-minded.

17. You set a high bar, unrealistically

With age, more life experiences, and accomplishments, you become picky… I don’t blame you for that as it’s natural, but it’s a major issue in your 40s dating life.

Hardly enough people fit in your unrealistic high standards. So, you naturally stunt the range of date-able people in your life. You find everyone lacking in something or other and eventually stay single and frustrated for a while.

18. You have “type” issues

You either want a certain “type” or avoid another “type” and it all comes down to your life experiences. You might believe you can’t date an Aries because all of your Aries exes were toxic.

You might assume a woman with too many tattoos and piercings are too easy or a man with a belly neglects himself and will also neglect you because you experienced something similar.

With the piling life experiences, you grow a bit more judgmental which lowers your chance of finding a date.

19. Sex won’t be as magical

Sex in your youth might be the most satisfying thing ever… but in your 40s, your sexual organs don’t function the same. You might have awkward experiences with dryness, lack of virility, and so on even if you feel extremely turned on.

Though sex isn’t a must, it always added the spark to your old relationships. So, you naturally feel disappointed in your body. Instead of figuring out new techniques, you feel self-conscious and insecure and might even give up on dating.

20. You think you’re old… when you’re definitely not!

Your 40s define your mid-life… it’s definitely not old! However, with grey hairs, fine wrinkles, and saggy skin, you rapidly lose confidence in yourself.

You feel you’re just not enough for potential mates. Mentally, you reject yourself even before putting yourself out in the dating pool. It’s heartbreaking how many people give up on dating just because they don’t feel young!

Despite these “issues” I’ll still say dating in your 40s is definitely possible. But before that, prepare yourself here…

How to start dating in your 40s?

Possibly it’s been a long time since you last dated? And you obviously feel quite self-conscious about that. But, no worries! Because a little physical and mental grooming here and there can make you the most appealing 40-something single.

So, follow this before the actual quest…

1. Shed some calories

Plus size or zero sizes, all body shapes and sizes are beautiful… so don’t get me wrong! Don’t assume that dating and relationships all depend on your body type… and if anyone judges your body, you deserve much better.

However, if you work out, you’ll glow from within and it’ll boost your charm by a few folds. Since appearance is important in the initial phase of dating, invest some time to get fit, not slim!

2. Get a makeover

Before you book an appointment to bleach your hair or throw away your old clothes, hold a minute!

Don’t get any treatments if you’re not really interested in it. For your hair and skin, a fresh haircut, body hair grooming, and a slight hint of highlights (if you want) are enough.

About your wardrobe, your old clothes are good enough… so, instead of investing in an entirely new set of trendy clothes, learn to mix and match your outfits well.

3. Be optimistic AF

Your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and even your inner critic might demotivate you. While approaching dating, you can’t keep a negative mind. Boost your self-esteem with whatever works for you. Read and watch things that make you smile and feel more optimistic.

Try your best to beat the negatives with new ways and a lot of people will naturally feel attracted to your charisma… after all, nobody wants to date someone with insecurities as it might rub off on them.

4. Hang out at the hub of potential mates

If you’re looking for men in their 40s, you’ll find them in sports supply stores, pubs, and even golf arenas. If you’re seeking quality women in their 40s, visit the bookstores, shopping malls, and even baby supply stores.

Moreover, think about what kind of man/woman you want. If you want someone with common interests, then you might just hang out at the usual spot more frequently.

5. Be choosy about dating sites

Many dating sites are available out there but they’re not the same. In fact, some are simply for hooking up, some promote serious relationships and marriage, while others have a bit of both.

So, before you sign up for any dating app or site, relationship experts always remind you to research the options and choose wisely.

Otherwise, you might meet uncomfortable situations. For instance, you might want a wholesome romantic and long-term relationship but your date wants casual sex.

6. Don’t feel shy to hit the send button

Once you’re on the app, don’t get shy as that’ll only delay the real process. If you find a match, hit them up right away. Exchange texts as frequently as you both can to know and understand each other faster.

Even if you’re not suitable for each other, quick and open communication will help you find that soon and waste a lot less time.

7. Never hurry!

You must always invest time in the entire process which includes: matching online, exchanging contact numbers, texting and calling, meeting up, visiting each other’s places, getting serious, hitting the hay, and so on.

I know time is precious… but you aren’t old so don’t rush. I mentioned knowing each other faster only through texts. Don’t apply the same logic in the entire process or you might regret your choices.

8. Know about current affairs

Oh, don’t reach out for the newspaper… I’m referring to what’s hot among potential dates of your target age groups. What’s popular and fascinating for a 40-something might not be as interesting for people in their late 30s.

So, if you want to date someone from a different age bracket, learn their common likes and dislikes, and be more appealing to them. This will help you land more dates easily and you’ll even understand whether you match with particular age groups.

9. Proceed with caution

In the past, you possibly dated more than one person, committed mistakes, regretted, and learned your lessons. Most of that happened because both sides didn’t communicate well or misunderstood your date’s needs.

So, pay attention to these to avoid the same mistakes. Just because you want your date to get serious, don’t discuss what kind of parent your kids want… if your date likes the idea of a serious relationship, they’ll tell you.

Don’t play games to understand their intentions, rather shoot the questions directly.

10. Don’t get disappointed too fast

Dating was always tough, so finding the perfect partner on the first go is impossible. Don’t get demotivated or highlight your insecurity for that.

Enjoy the process instead of stressing about finding a treasure. Remember, you’ll find better dates easily, only if you flaunt your charming side, so focus!

People fall in love even after their 80s, so it’s okay to not feed your insecurities and self-doubts.

Once you’re all set with the grooming, the actual journey begins! So, let’s check some rules for dating in your 40s here…

Tips for dating in your 40s

So, you feel you’re all mentally and physically prepared to find your date… but your heart still trembles at the thought of rejection? Well, that’s normal in dating at every age. I don’t think anyone is confident when they start dating in their youth!

But, just to enhance your experience, here you go with some amazing ideas…

1. Don’t let judgment affect you

You might be a divorcee, a widower, or you were so engrossed in your career that you’re late for a relationship… you might seek new love for many reasons and you know what? Your determination and dedication to fall in love and cherish yourself make you amazing.

So, don’t care about gossip and just go for it. Ignore others’ unwanted opinions and advice because clearly, their words don’t make you any less fabulous.

2. Be clear and upfront about your needs

If you want to find your perfect match quicker, don’t dilly-dally. Be honest and open about your expectations, needs, and desires.

Whether you want a casual fling or a long-term commitment… if you want to have babies or don’t want that… if you have children, do you expect your partner to play a parental role for them?

Understand yourself clearly to avoid confusion and, of course, heartbreaks in this journey.

3. Think twice before hitting the hay too soon

Make sure you don’t try dating right after the divorce or death of your spouse. If you feel casual sex will heal and comfort you, that’s so wrong!

In fact, it will make you feel even more void and make you miss the last relationship/marriage.

Of course, you may seek a sex-only relationship, but don’t expect anything life-changing healing from it.

Moreover, casual dating and sex is okay… but do you really want that or do you need a life partner? Explore your deepest desires carefully.

4. Don’t judge online dating apps

To date in your 40s, dating apps are a must… otherwise, it’s quite hard to find singles around your age as most people are taken. So, don’t judge the dating apps… they aren’t that bad.

Instead, if you find any difficulty using the apps and sites, learn to use them better. If you dislike dating apps because of bad experiences, find what led to that and take precautions for next time.

5. Don’t just gather icebreakers, use them appropriately!

Striking a conversation is always nerve-wracking, but you can start dating only if you make the first move. So, look up icebreakers, conversation starters, and even pickup lines.

But don’t throw in the lines randomly. Understand which phrase is apt for which situation. For instance, don’t send an overly sexual icebreaker for the first text or don’t compliment a girl with brown eyes about their deep blue eyes.

6. Put the rambles about ex to rest

Divorcees and people with failed relationships share their sob stories to their dates frequently to gain sympathy or just to show their humane side. But make sure you avoid it at all costs.

Especially, even if your date asks you about your past relationships, don’t criticize your ex… they’ll think you’re a whining immature person.

Moreover, don’t talk too lovingly about your ex, your date will think you’re not over the past.

7. Don’t let the cynicism creep in before dates

So, you’re dating in your 40s for a long time but didn’t yet score? That’s okay because it’s not that regular… so don’t mentally beat yourself up, buddy. Give yourself a rest and let that confidence bloom without interfering.

Your doubts won’t help you in any way. Instead, honestly judge these self-perceived issues. Does it really matter that you’re 40 or that you don’t have a partner yet? If yes, hunt the issue and work on it.

8. Be open to pushing your boundaries

So, if you only ever sought a type or avoided them, it’s time to get rid of these inhibitions. You may miss the opportunity to date a truly compatible person and regret it later.

Furthermore, if you seek “types” just because you had a bad experience with a single parent, don’t judge every other potential date with a child. Be open to dating people of all kinds and decide only afterward.

9. Remember that love doesn’t just happen in this age

Your perfect match won’t magically appear beside you if you pray to the fairy godmother. You must put serious effort into this quest.

Ask your friends, family, and even coworkers to introduce you to potential partners.

If you feel shy or lose brain cells over what others might think… this won’t do. Try your shot everywhere you can and keep trying whatever outcome you meet.

10. Don’t expect to get married on your first date

The love of your life might be right around you… yet you might need a long time to find them. Your destiny also plays a big role in your dating game… but don’t get this wrong!

This doesn’t mean you must wait for destiny to bring your fated partner. Do your part of the deal, but also be patient enough to let your stars cross. Don’t settle for just anyone and tie the knot.

11. Don’t respond impulsively to dating apps

Dating apps ask you a number of questions about your interests, likes, and dislikes. Many people respond positively to questions they don’t even mean to increase their chances to get a date.

On the other hand, some people swipe right to literally all the profiles they come across.

Being impulsive won’t help, so hold it and try to be honest with your online responses, or you might be responsible for a disappointing experience.

12. Focus on the fun factor

Dating is all about fun and knowing each other. So, instead of being too uptight, let loose and enjoy your time. If you don’t show your fun side, your potential partner will assume you’re a dull person and your chances of success will drastically fall.

Similarly, if someone rejects you, don’t take it to heart, keep a light and fun attitude. Part your ways without hard feelings because it was a fun experience.

13. Make sure you invest time in dating

Whether you’re a full-time parent or a workaholic, if you want to date, commit to it. You can’t say you want to date but ignore your potential partner as you like. Make time for them even amidst your busy schedule.

But, of course, you might have emergencies on certain days and it’s okay to postpone plans for that. Don’t forget to update your partner, reschedule, and apologize. Your date will love your thoughtfulness.

14. If kids are on board, be respectful

If you or your date has kids, make sure the children don’t feel neglected, threatened, or abandoned. A child’s heart is fragile, so do your best to respect them or it’ll give them serious issues in their adulthood.

Of course, you have a right to your own life or your date must be committed to you… but that doesn’t allow either of you to not soothe the young souls.

15. Don’t let the old wounds hurt you

If you have issues from past romantic connections, work it out with an expert and become healthy both emotionally and psychologically. Don’t let the little suckers sit and drain your life force.

If you want to enjoy the new relationship genuinely, you must make yourself someone worthy of it… otherwise, isn’t it unfair for your date?

They also deserve a partner that’ll make them feel they mean the world to them.

16. Never ignore meeting IRL for online convenience

Meeting new people online is definitely cool and convenient. You can connect with millions of people within a few minutes. But that’s no excuse to hole up in your room and tap the screen throughout the weekends.

Explore the world on and off screen equally and keep an eye out for new love around you. This will help you expand your chances and find your lover real quick.

17. Learn to compromise, not sacrifice!

If you lived an independent life until now, it’ll be pretty hard to grasp the idea of compromise. Some people assume it’s all about giving up your happiness for the other person.

But a relationship won’t work with too many sacrifices. Instead, you’ll become resentful and have a bad ending. Compromise means balancing both sides.

For instance, if you like spicy food but your date likes sweet, have sweets this time and spicy the next. Make sure you’re both happy.

18. Find someone that makes you happy

Once again, out of insecurity about your age, you might go for anyone that shows interest in you. Always go on a date without assumptions and test whether they make your heart flutter or intrigue your mind.

However, if they don’t make you happy if their words or actions don’t sit right with you… don’t force yourself to date someone forcibly. Respectfully decline them and go on with your life.

19. Do a quick research on red flags

Learn about red flags online as they’re the early markers of a toxic personality. Your date’s behavior can give away a lot of things about their thoughts and beliefs.

If someone doesn’t keep their promises, treats workers arrogantly, or is violent, those are some red flags. If you notice a lot of red flags in a potential mate, be alert. Try to subtly ask questions if you suspect toxicity or abusive traits.

20. Also, read up on green flags

If you want a long-lasting relationship, read up on green flags. These signs show whether you have a higher chance to build a healthy relationship and make it work in the long run. These signs give you the OK to trust the person more.

Some green flags are being attentive, keeping promises, respecting boundaries, sharing constructive criticism, being enthusiastic about your personal and professional growth, accepting differences, apologizing when they’re wrong, etc.

21. Be open to new activities

If your potential date asks you out on a date and plans to show their fun side with the activities they usually enjoy, always agree unless you feel unsafe.

Even if you never tried anything or thought it was boring, give it a shot, you’ll never know but you might actually find something that is much more fun than you thought.

Moreover, turning down your date’s plans is a bad choice as they’ll assume you’re incompatible and start seeking a date right away.

22. Take time until you get married

If you don’t wanna get married anytime soon, that’s totally fine. Just make sure your date knows it and holds similar expectations. But, if your date wants to get married, never let them force marriage on you.

The same goes for your friends and family. If they try to set you up and convince you to get married… don’t let them. Otherwise, you and your partner will suffer from it.

23. Ensure you both learned your lessons

During your date, discuss your goals and long-term plans. Make sure you’re both ready to deal with a new relationship and move on from your pasts.

Try to know what went wrong in their last relationship and share yours. If either of you can’t answer these questions, you need to do more work on yourself and probably aren’t over the past yet.

24. Take time before you introduce them to kids

If you have children, whether they’re teens or just toddlers, don’t introduce your dates to them.

If they get attached to this person who might be temporary in your life, they’ll relive the loss of their parents once more when you guys break up.

So, unless you’re pretty sure about making a person your lifelong partner, keep them away from the kids. If, however, they accidentally meet each other, try to cut the time short so the children don’t get emotionally involved.

25. Learn each other’s expectations, boundaries, and deal breakers

A decade or two back, you were probably clueless about what puts you off, but not anymore. So, by this time you have some non-negotiable boundaries, surefire dealbreakers, and basic expectations.

It might be the same for your date. So, take your time to write them down together on a home date. Exchange the notes, check your compatibility, and how much you must adjust.

Communicate to understand how you guys can enhance your dating life.

26. Let’s clarify the gender roles

Do you expect the man will always cover the tab for a date? Do you believe men must always open the door for you? Do you want your woman to take care of dinner?

Gender roles and stereotypes aren’t always the same for everyone. So, check if you guys are on the same page about this with clear communication. Otherwise, you might face awkward situations and even feel resentful about something a man or woman “must do but didn’t”.

27. Rely on your guts

If your gut instincts ever say something is fishy about your date but don’t know why don’t ignore the feeling. Your gut feelings are the result of different cues you subconsciously pick up.

So, if you have a hunch someone is bad news, they probably are. Don’t wait for this feeling to go away… otherwise, it might become too late. Pick the hint and walk away ASAP.

28. Discuss your social media life

In the early stages of dating, you both must refrain from posting anything about each other online… especially if your kids, their friends, their friend’s parents, or their teachers are connected with you.

If you guys break up soon, others will gossip and it’ll impact your kids.

Moreover, if your partner isn’t into social media, take permission before you post a picture when you get serious. Don’t overreact if they don’t give consent.  

29. Share a calendar to reduce conflicts

You have multiple responsibilities and obligations, so you can’t go on dates like teenagers. Sometimes, you might have to work on the weekends… other times, your kids might unexpectedly fall sick. Your date might eventually resent you for not prioritizing them.

So, eliminate the chances of misunderstandings with a shared calendar. You both must input the days you both are free or busy. Whoever postpones dates must plan the next date ASAP.

30. Don’t assume anything… that’s rude!

So a dude with lots of tattoos took advantage of your young and innocent heart… or a girl with lots of male friends cheated on you. Now you can’t help but judge potential dates with similar traits?

Well, I understand you’re traumatized, but don’t project your baggage on someone else. Never assume a person will hurt you before allowing them to prove themselves. Wait and watch as they might surprise you.

31. Make the first date fun

Keep the formal discussions about kids, finances, responsibilities, and past away from the first date. Ensure that you choose a fun and warm place like coffee shops or a park where you guys can actually communicate.

Don’t go for thrilling activities which leave you no chance to share a word.

If you feel a bit lost on the idea, look up a few ideas online or ask your date about their likes to make it even more welcoming.

32. Remember that your age makes everything better

Most people in their 40s ponder on the fact that they have gray hair, wrinkled skin, painful bones, and even a few ailments like blood pressure, blood sugar, and even midlife crises.

But think about the brighter side… these small things you call “flaws” are the very sign of your maturity. You grew up, picked experiences, and you know exactly what you want in a relationship.

You have lower chances of messing up, so be confident.

33. Be the date you desire

Do you want your date to be outgoing, fun, optimistic, and bubbly? Chances are that the perfect person for you hopes you to be the same. So, gather valuable experiences starting now.

Try out the new restaurants in your locality, plan yourself a solo vacation, and enroll in the gym and other exotic activities. If you become the kind of person you desire, you’ll attract them easily and succeed in the dating game faster.

34. Swipe left on someone like your ex

If a potential date reminds you of your ex, don’t hesitate and break contact with them. Of course, I won’t ask you to judge them because of a crazy superficial similarity. But if you see multiple similarities in habits… especially the ones that led to the relationship failure… retreat, buddy!

You weren’t able to handle it once… so, don’t expect miracles for the second time. But if you seem to frequently attract people with traits similar to your ex, seek a therapist as it might have deep-seated issues.

35. Be honest on your dating profile

While you create a dating profile, don’t copy anything from the examples online. Lend ideas, but make sure all the details are true and unique… don’t add things randomly just because it sounds edgy.

Though the edgy and cool words might attract more dates, will it lead to a strong relationship? I bet not. So, pour your heart out to paint yourself in a romantic light. It’ll be hard but all worth it!

36. Don’t get too absorbed in the future

In the initial phases of dating, don’t think too far into the future. For instance, don’t dream about whether your date’s kids and family will accept you as a parent figure.

Live in the moment and make the best out of everything at present. In the dating phase, focus on knowing each other, understanding your compatibility, differences, and your abilities to accept each other genuinely.

Leave the serious and deeper thoughts about the future for later.

37. Don’t let others influence your choice

Always choose the person you wish to date independently. Nobody else knows your likes and dislikes any better than you.

So, if anyone advises you to get back with your toxic ex and leave your current date because they think you don’t match… even before you ask them anything… show them the way out of your life.

You have the complete right to choose for yourself. So, unless you ask them any favor, who are they to interfere?

38. Know that love will not magically change your life

Once you find your perfect match, what do you expect from your love life? Do you hope something amazing will happen and your life will change?

Never expect love to change your life like a magic spell. With a lover by your side, you’ll have a permanent cheerleader and supporter. But, they won’t and can’t fight your battles.

You’ll always be responsible for your own happiness, so don’t blame it on your date if they can’t “make you happier”.

39. Be open to finding a date far away

You may not find your perfect partner in your city… did you ever consider that?

If you’re dating locally for a long time and had hard luck, this is a must-try. Expand the geographic range of your dating community to outside your locality.

Of course, if you’re not into a long-distance relationship, don’t expand it too much. But even a little more might help you find the best person ever. So, think it over and give it a shot.

40. Consider a dating coach

You can either enroll in paid dating classes from relationship experts or search them up on YouTube and have a free ride of dating tips.

They’ll motivate you to grow out of bad experiences and stay strong throughout the journey.

You might get even more valuable dating tips about the modern dating scene, about what kind of dating profile pictures or bio will help you get more dates, or even how to act in your dating phase to turn it into a serious relationship.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, you’re worth all the happiness in the world, so your age and physical appearance have nothing to do with it. Sure, you’ll have a hard time finding the one around your age… but that’s how life works. You can’t help certain things but that doesn’t mean you can’t find love.

So, be confident about your one-of-a-kind charms and take the first step to fulfilling your heart’s desires. I won’t lie… the journey will be tough… but it will be all worth it when you hug that special person tight every day.

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