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How To Get Over Someone You Love But Never Dated? 15 Key Steps To Start Healing

How To Get Over Someone You Love But Never Dated? 15 Key Steps To Start Healing

Published on Oct 20, 2023

How To Get Over Someone You Love But Never Dated 15 Key Steps To Start Healing

So, you got yourself into a complicated situation and now want to know how to get over someone you love but never dated? 

Not to discourage you, but that can be especially challenging! Even more so when you realize you’ve truly loved them for many months or years.

However, you need not feel hopeless and dwell on the past. Actively remind your heart to focus on the present and the future and slowly but surely erase them from your life. 

C’mon, let’s get started…

How To Get Over Someone You Love But Never Dated? – 15 Steps

Even though you may not have actually dated that person, it doesn’t mean you didn’t love them. In fact, it hurts so much more because they were around and you put up with this unrequited love.

So, if you’re prepared to turn over a fresh page in your life, you’ll get some unique ways to heal your heart. 

1. Cut off contact with them

The first thing that you must do to get over it is to cut off all kinds of contact with your crush. 

The more you hold on to their contact numbers and social media profiles, the worse it will hurt later. Cut off contact to not only heal your heart faster but also mingle with other people.

2. Make a list of qualities you want in a partner

Another trick you can try out is making a list of all the qualities and traits that you wish to see in an ideal partner

In a way, you can even compare and check whether your crush actually has those qualities or not. 

You’ll get a fair idea of what exactly you need in a relationship. This will let you move forward.

3. Get rid of physical reminders

When you’re trying to distance yourself from someone, it’s not enough to just unfriend them or delete their number from your contact list. 

It’s also important to get rid of any physical reminders, such as gifts that they might have given you or a photo of you both. You can either give the person back their gifts or donate them to someone.

4. Talk to someone you trust

Connect with people you love and trust to do wonders for your mental and emotional health. 

Tell them about your feelings and ask them if they can provide you with some tips and tricks. 

Maybe an inspiring story of a similar incident from your best friend or a family member can give you a push to move on!

5. Talk to a professional therapist 

Sometimes, talking to your loved ones might not feel that fulfilling. Or you may feel that it’s better to seek professional advice from someone. 

In these cases, a licensed therapist or counselor can be your biggest pillar of strength. They’ll keep your information discreet and give you sound advice on how to navigate your feelings.

6. Work on your hobbies

A packed schedule is one of the best ways to move on from someone you love. Once you start working on your hobbies, it will automatically give you a sense of purpose and belonging. 

Moreover, it will also stop you from contacting that person. So, go ahead and start writing, painting, singing, or doing whatever it is that makes you happy!

7. Affirm your feelings

One major mistake that a lot of people make is to deny their feelings or ignore them. They do so, especially since they know they weren’t in a relationship with that special someone. 

But if you continue to bury your feelings inside, you’ll feel even worse. So, make sure that you affirm and accept these feelings and realize that they are absolutely valid.

8. Let go of make-believe scenarios

When it comes to love, our minds can be funny. You might keep thinking of “what-ifs” and “buts.” 

You’ll constantly feel like holding on to this person because there might be a chance of dating them. 

But in reality, these imaginary scenarios are doing you more harm than good. Therefore, let go of these make-believe situations.

9. Write a journal

A lot of people have said that journaling is a great way to help your heart heal. If you haven’t tried journaling yet, try doing it today! 

You don’t need to be a seasoned writer to heal yourself. All you have to do is start penning down your thoughts in a notebook. Make sure whatever you write is authentic and vulnerable.

10. Open yourself up to new people

This might sound completely contrary to your current feelings. But if you consider opening up to the possibility of meeting new people, you’ll eventually realize that you can have a better chance at love! 

Right now, you may feel that you won’t be able to love anyone as much as this person in your life. But you never know what life gives you!

11. Don’t indulge in self-hatred

When someone you love doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, it can be difficult to love your own self. 

You might spiral down a path of self-hatred and feel that something is lacking in you. But that’s not true at all! 

Remember to tell yourself that you deserve every bit of love and affection from someone who will accept all of you.

12. Practice self-care

Along with practicing self-love, you should also practice self-care. Self-care doesn’t always have to mean fancy spa trips or vacations. 

You can simply watch a movie at home, make a DIY face mask, and pour a glass of wine. If you’re health-conscious, you can do some yoga, attend a Zumba session, or make a healthy smoothie!

13. Respect their decision

Different people have different reactions to heartbreak, especially in situationships. 

If you’re prone to get angry quite easily, remind yourself that you must respect their decision. 

Even though you both have never dated, that person has as much right as yours to look for an ideal partner.

14. Try self-affirmations

It’s really important to build your confidence and self-esteem when you want to move on from a complicated situationship. And self-affirmations can be useful, especially when you wish to heal yourself mentally. 

Practice standing in front of a mirror and telling yourself that you deserve great things in love, including true love!

15. Set realistic expectations

No matter how well you know someone, you can’t really know how they are as a partner unless you’ve dated them. 

So, to truly move on from them, understand that maybe you idealized them in your mind. Reflect on what you actually know about them and whether those traits would be good if you did date them.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

These are some effective ways to battle heartbreak and pain. While every individual has their own way of grieving and moving on, these steps will help almost anyone in need.

Other than that, you must also focus on the usual steps like nurturing yourself with good food, working out, and following a good sleep routine. Ensure you keep yourself physically healthy to overcome the pain. 

Regain your old confidence, and you’ll find true love eventually!