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Are You Dating A Psychopath? – Signs, Effects, How To Break Up & Heal

Are You Dating A Psychopath? – Signs, Effects, How To Break Up & Heal

Published on Sep 29, 2023

Are You Dating A Psychopath - Signs, Effects, How To Break Up & Heal

When you have just started dating a psychopath, it can be nearly impossible to figure out whether they’re one. 

However, as you spend more and more time together, you see the red flags. The most common sign is their shallow interpersonal relationships. 

Whether you want to identify your partner as one or know your next steps, you’ve reached the right place. 

So come on, let’s get started!

15 Signs You’re Dating A Psychopath

Psychopathy is a personality disorder, and a psychopath partner often lacks empathy, has no guilty conscience, is a narcissist, and a lot more.

To understand whether your partner is one, these common signs will help!

1. They keep love-bombing you

Psychopaths are experts at love bombing! This is basically when they flatter and love you to the point where they force you to depend on them. 

So, if the relationship moves very fast, and before you know it, you’re too attached to them, that’s a major sign!

2. They give off a mysterious demeanor 

Not every mysterious person is a psychopath. But most psychopaths put on a fake demeanor of being dark and mysterious – which seems charming. 

So, if you got lured into their shallow charm but now found that it was all made up, you’re dating a psychopath.

3. They have a superiority complex

One of the biggest red flags of dating a psychopath is when they keep comparing you and other people to themselves. 

If your partner constantly shows or tells you that you’re less than them, it’s a clear sign that they are narcissistic – a sign of psychopaths. 

They always feel that they’re better than their friends, family, and partners.

4. They keep controlling you

Every psychopath loves to assert control over others. And when they get into a relationship with someone, they love to exert that power. 

So if you constantly feel that you can’t do anything you wish because you’re worried about your partner’s reactions, they are psychopaths.

5. They pull you within love triangles

If they’re a psychopath, the love triangles and games set in once you’re fully involved in the relationship. 

They’ll contact their exes and old flames to create drama and then place you in a sensitive spot. 

However, you might already be hooked on your partner by then. So you won’t feel like breaking up even though you know you should.

6. They are always bored

Remember, being bored doesn’t mean that your partner is a psychopath. 

However, it’s an alarming sign if all your efforts to please them go in vain and they never appreciate anything. Your partner simply doesn’t care enough.

7. They show a lack of remorse and empathy

This is probably the biggest telltale sign. 

Someone who shows a complete lack of remorse for even their worst actions is most definitely a psychopath. 

And this creates major problems in a relationship. No matter how much you try to explain to your partner that they’ve hurt you, they will always refuse to accept that.

8. They are compulsive liars

Compulsive liars lie whenever they want, even if they don’t need to lie. They’ll end up doing it anyway because they’re too accustomed to lying. 

If your partner is a compulsive liar and always twists their words, that’s another alarming sign.

9. They cheat on you

Cheating is perhaps one of the worst things that someone can do to their partner. And that’s exactly the kind of thing that a psychopath wouldn’t hesitate to do. 

They will not only cheat on you but also figure out ways to dump the whole incident on you. Instead of feeling guilty, they’ll blame you for making a deal out of this.

10. They isolate you from your loved ones

Some psychopaths are so dangerous that they actually have the power to pull you away from your loved ones. They do it because this fuels their jealousy and makes them insecure.

So, if your partner always whisks you away whenever you bond with loved ones, that’s something concerning! 

11. They keep gaslighting you

Psychopaths believe that the only role their partner has is to glorify them. Therefore, when you bring up topics like how they abused you emotionally or psychologically, they’ll instead blame you for it. 

If your partner tells you that you are overthinking things when you tell them of such times, your suspicions are right!

12. They are hypersensitive 

Psychopaths are hypersensitive, but only when it comes to themselves. 

Notice if your partner never accepts any criticism or harsh words about themselves. Even if someone says something unintentionally, if they overreact, they’re a psychopath.

13. They provoke jealousy and then act innocent

One common game that psychopaths play is when they get too close to someone else and provoke jealousy within you. 

And if you confront them about it, they’ll only shrug and tell you that you’re behaving like a jerk. 

Even though your partner knows they are responsible and doing the wrong deeds, they won’t stop.

14. They will make you lose your mind

People in abusive relationships start having severe attachment and trust issues. After all, dating a psychopath is incredibly tough. They twist your reality and make you see things that aren’t even true. 

If you start losing your mind and have nightmares, there’s your sign!

15. They constantly need attention

Another big sign of dating a psychopath is when they display a constant need for attention. 

Sure, everyone loves being paid attention to. 

But does your partner do that even when there’s absolutely no need? Do they try to steal the limelight from you and steer the entire attention toward themselves?

If yes, there’s no stronger sign!

Now, you’re sure your partner is a psychopath but want to make the relationship work even after knowing? Before any further decision, keep reading…

5 Effects Of Dating A Psychopath

Dating a psychopath can cause both short-term and long-term emotional and mental trauma to anyone. Here are some of the long-term effects that you need to be aware of.

1. Biological side effects

You might be surprised to hear that dating a psychopath can have adverse biological effects on your body! 

Research has shown that some of the most common symptoms exhibited by victims are drastic weight loss, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, and dehydration, along with perpetual tiredness.

2. Emotional side effects

This is the area where people are affected the most. Almost everyone who has dated a psychopath for a long time begins to develop trust issues, along with anxiety. 

Fear, panic, and paranoia are also some of the common signs that they show, as well as depressive episodes.

3. Interpersonal side effects

A romantic relationship with a psychopath can also affect your interpersonal relationships. 

This is because they always tear you away from your loved ones so that all your attention is on them. This way, you might even develop a feeling of being abandoned or ignored!

4. Behavioral side effects

Some of the most common behavioral changes are major changes in sleeping and eating schedules. 

People may also stop taking care of themselves or become overly obsessed with their looks. Many survivors also say that they engage much less frequently with other people.

5. Cognitive side effects

Cognitive changes while or after dating a psychopath are consistent with PTSD syndromes, such as insomnia, flashbacks, and difficulty in concentrating on something. 

Many people might also lose focus on their jobs because their mental well-being gets completely shattered.

Now, if you want to break free from your psychopath partner, let’s prepare here…

How To Break Up With A Psychopath? – 5 Steps

Breaking up with a psychopath can feel impossible, but it isn’t! Here are some steps that you can follow to gradually end your relationship with a psychopath.

1. Trust your gut feeling

Your gut can tell you so much more than what meets the eye! No matter what, if your inner voice tells you that the relationship is toxic, it’s time to wave your partner goodbye. 

Even if others tell you how amazing your boyfriend or girlfriend is, listen to your gut.

2. Set clear boundaries

The next step is to set clear boundaries and communicate them to your partner. 

Unfortunately, psychopaths don’t understand the concept of boundaries, which is why they won’t respect yours. 

But you have to give them an ultimatum and make it clear.

3. Look at the reality

When you start to look at reality, you’ll realize that a lot of things that you initially thought were cute are actually unhealthy. And this is one of the best ways of initiating a breakup. 

Whenever your partner tells or does something, try to understand the real meaning behind their actions.

4. Seek help from someone

If you’re too scared or worried about breaking up, it always helps to consult someone trusted. You can first talk to a friend or family member. 

If it doesn’t work out, there are innumerable counselors out there. Yes, counseling can feel intimidating, but remember to stay strong.

5. Be firm on your decision

This is probably the toughest step while breaking up with a psychopath. Even if you bring up anything related to this, a psychopath will twist their words. 

They’ll try their best to control and manipulate your decision. But you must never give them that advantage. Be firm on your decision.

But even if you’re set free, you might struggle because of the effects. So, let’s help you recover here… 

How Do You Heal After Breaking Up With A Psychopath? – 5 Steps

Now, it’s time to focus on healing and coping after the breakup. Remember, no matter how difficult this phase might seem, there are ways to feel better!

1. Keep yourself engaged with others

Surround yourself with people who genuinely love you. You’ll not only get support from them but also a lot of sound advice. Talk to your parents, friends, or whoever you think has been there for you.

2. Pursue your hobbies

Keep yourself occupied after the breakup by pursuing your hobbies. Even if you feel you don’t wish to get out of bed, a comforting activity will make you feel better. So go ahead and start scribbling, drawing, or singing!

3. Join a support group

You’ll probably be surprised to know that there are support groups for people who have suffered from terrible breakups with their psychopath partners! 

If you’re not sure of any such group near you, try to search online or join an online forum. Share your experiences and learn about how others coped with their trauma.

4. Don’t shy away from love

Most people often shy away from love after going through a major breakup. However, that only increases your pain and suffering. 

Open yourself to the lovely possibilities of finding a true soulmate!

5. Don’t blame yourself

Blaming yourself after breaking up with a psychopath is a common thing. This happens because staying with a psychopath causes you to constantly find faults within yourself. 

However, you must never undermine or blame yourself for the downfall of the relationship. Recognize the problem first and then take action.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, it’s not your fault that you fell in love with a psychopath. If anyone says so, cut off contact with them. They aren’t worth your time anyway!

If you ever feel helpless or lost, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Seek loved ones or even counseling – do everything to regain your self-worth!