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After A Breakup Man Vs Woman: All Significant Differences That Matter

After A Breakup Man Vs Woman: All Significant Differences That Matter

Updated on Oct 04, 2023

After A Breakup Man Vs Woman All Significant Differences That Matter

The comparison of after a breakup man vs woman will tell you how differently both genders deal with separation and their emotions. 

Breakup is a devastating experience, irrespective of gender. However, 

Some fundamental differences impact their actions and behaviors.

So, let’s understand things better here!

After A Breakup, Man Vs Woman – 13 Differences

If you’re in a heterosexual relationship, separation won’t impact you both similarly. This is because the biological and cognitive make-up highly differs between genders. You both will register your emotions and thoughts in different ways. 

So, if you want a quick idea, let’s get right into it here!

Handling PainMen are less connected emotionally, and face pain much laterWomen are more emotionally involved, experience higher pain
Emotional BreakdownMen suffer less emotional breakdowns, hurt lessWomen suffer greater emotional breakdown, hurt more
Post-Breakup StressMen find it harder to deal with stressWomen are better at fighting stress and recover quicker
Overcoming Breakup TimeMen take longer time due to avoiding emotionsWomen have quicker recovery by facing emotional pain
Feelings of AngerMen are more prone to anger and seeking revengeWomen are less likely to turn to violent feelings
Urge to Reverse ThingsMen are more inclined to get back with exWomen are better at moving forward, less likely to return
Healing ProcessMen may never completely healWomen recover faster from damages
Restart DatingMen restart dating sooner, with less emotional connectionWomen are less likely to have rebounds or meaningless dates
Social InteractionsMen keep reminders and social interactions longerWomen delete reminders immediately, cut off interactions
Impact on ConfidenceGreater impact on self-esteem and confidence in menLesser impact on self-esteem and confidence in women
Embracing FeelingsMen struggle to embrace pain, guilt, and despairWomen process feelings better, recover faster
Seeking HelpMen hesitate due to social stigmasWomen easily reach out for support from loved ones
Growth and ReflectionMen don’t work on past issues, so they don’t growWomen work out their issues and improve themselves

But it’s always wiser to understand it much better from detailed information here!

1. Unlike men, women experience pain right away

Breakups may involve immense mental pain. However, women experience a greater amount of pain compared to men. 

This is because women are more involved emotionally in a relationship than men. So, they react to the pain instantly and eventually improve.

However, men may not connect well with their emotional sides. So they don’t feel anything until much later.

2. Compared to men, women emotionally break down more often

When it comes to breakups, women suffer more emotional breakdowns compared to men. The surge of emotions is greater in the former as they are more emotionally involved in a relationship. 

While men may experience loneliness and trauma, they hurt less due to emotional pain.

3. Men struggle to deal with post-breakup stress compared to women

Breakups can be responsible for a lot of stress and trauma. While both men and women experience post-breakup stress, men find it harder to deal with. 

Women, on the other hand, can fight the stress and pull themselves together.

4. Men take more time to overcome a breakup than women

Breakups disturb the normal flow of life. But people eventually overcome the aftermath. However, the time taken to overcome it differs for men and women. Men take longer to deal with breakups because they tend to avoid emotions. 

But women face the emotional pain instead of running away from it. So they get out of that phase quicker.

5. Men experience violent feelings of anger, unlike women

Men show feelings of anger and frustration after a breakup more than women. It may lead men to seek revenge on their exes. 

But women hardly take to violent feelings post-breakup. Most women don’t think about hurting an ex. 

6. Men have higher urges to reverse things than women

The urge to get back together is greater in men compared to women. Men tend to cling to their exes when they understand their value. They may even beg or threaten to get back a partner. 

But women are better off moving forward. Initially, women entertain this idea, but they soon get over it for good. It’s either because they know their value or don’t want to keep false hopes.

7. Men don’t heal as fast as women

Men may never completely heal from the breakup. They learn to live with the pain. On the other hand, women fight this pain actively and eventually recover from the damages of a breakup faster than men. 

8. Men restart dating before women

Men often resume their dating life sooner than women. They fill the void with a new partner despite having no emotional connection. 

But women usually have fewer rebounds and do not fill the gap with meaningless connections.

9. Unlike men, women completely cut off social interactions with exes

Men don’t often make changes in their social media. They have their exes in their friend list and don’t delete the stocked pictures of their partners for a long time. All of that causes confusion in their mind. 

Women completely cut off social interactions with their partners after a breakup. They delete old pictures to not get reminded of the past. They also delete and block contacts.

10. It impacts men’s self-confidence more than women’s 

Breakups impact self-confidence and esteem to a great extent for both genders. But even if it’s a little, the impact is more in men than women.

Men take it deeply on their self-esteem – feel unattractive, question their desirability, and even reassess their value in life. This usually happens much later when the regret seeps in.

While women also feel similarly distressed, they face it early on. So, they work on these issues much earlier and regain self-confidence.

11. Men struggle to accept their feelings compared to women

Men are bad at embracing pain, despair, and guilt after a breakup. On the other hand, women process these feelings better and hence come out of it faster than men.

12. Men can’t and don’t seek help as easily as women

After a breakup, it’s important to seek help and support from loved ones. However, men usually hesitate about this step because of social stigmas. But women easily reach out to their friends or family for support.

13. Men may not reflect on themselves compared to women

After the breakup, men focus on work or new connections. They don’t reflect or improve themselves. So, they repeat the same mistakes. 

But women work on themselves and change for the better. They undergo personal growth from a breakup.

But of course, if you still have some more questions in mind, check out the next section for some more clarity.


Even though you know how men and women deal with a breakup, some things might still be a mystery to you. Whether it’s about the time of getting over an ex or social expectations regarding how you deal with breakups. Keep scrolling to get your answers!

1. How long after a breakup do men miss their ex? What do they miss the most?

Men often miss their exes within a few weeks of breakup if they are deeply involved in a long-term relationship. They miss the feeling of security and intimacy with their exes.

2. Does a breakup hit men much later?

Yes, a breakup hits men at a later stage. It is because men avoid facing their emotional pain and keep it suppressed. But it eventually oozes out and hurts even more.

3. Why do men and women deal with breakups differently?

The most important reason men and women deal with breakups differently is social stigmas and expectations. Men hide their emotions for fear of being called a coward in society. But women are welcome to open up about hurt and loss.

4. Are there any social expectations about how men and women deal with a breakup?

Social expectations and stigmas greatly affect how men and women deal with breakups. Society expects men to be emotionally stronger and less vulnerable, which makes them suppress the emotional pain and act unaffected by a breakup. 

On the other hand, the same society considers women fragile beings and encourages them to seek the help and support of their loved ones. It makes women more open about their emotions and feelings, helping them deal with things better than men.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

In the end, men have a much tougher time dealing with breakups in the long run compared to women. Women may become devastated, but they pick themselves up pretty quickly. 

Knowing these differences, you can register ways to improve your or loved ones’ breakup process and sort out feelings better.

Lastly, don’t forget that this difference is applied more to the average man and woman. There will always be some exceptions. So, all factors may not always stand for everyone based on personality traits. 

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