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What Guys Want In A Long Distance Relationship? 20 Simple Things

What Guys Want In A Long Distance Relationship? 20 Simple Things

Published on Nov 02, 2023

What Guys Want In A Long Distance Relationship 20 Simple Things

The question “what guys want in a long distance relationship” often lingers in women’s minds as they navigate the challenging terrain of separation. 

While each individual is unique and their desires vary, some universal themes shed light on guys’ true expectations in long-distance relationships. 

Ready to uncover the heartfelt desires that fuel the connections that bridge the miles? Jump right in.

What Guys Want In A Long Distance Relationship? 20 Simple Secrets 

A long-distance relationship can be quite challenging, primarily because you constantly yearn for the presence of your man. 

Just as the longing to be with him drains you, it’s essential to acknowledge that your man also feels the same. Moreover, he also has his own set of expectations. 

Just because he’s less expressive about his feelings, don’t blindside those. So, dig in to know what exactly your man wants.

1. Open Communication

Any successful relationship is built on effective communication, but this is especially true for long-distance relationships. 

In long-distance relationships, men highly value when women start communicating and are honest with them. Express your thoughts and feelings, as well as talk about important issues. 

These exchanges of words work as a link, bridging the distance between people and fostering a sense of unity.

2. Honesty And Trust 

Men, like women, value honesty and openness in their partners. These qualities are instrumental in building and preserving trust, even when you are miles apart.

It is built through consistent honesty, transparency, and a shared commitment to making the relationship work. 

Be truthful about feelings, intentions, and actions. This goes a long way in reassuring your man that he can rely on you, no matter the distance.

3. Hanging Out With You Online

Men understand the value of establishing shared experiences, even in a virtual world. 

You can cultivate an emotional bond through activities like watching movies together, playing online games on social media sites, or even just having video chats.

Even if he isn’t with you in person, these virtual dates provide you the chance to connect, laugh, and share experiences. 

Find inventive and proactive methods to communicate with each other online. These conversations are just as valuable as those in person.

4. You Being There Emotionally

Guys appreciate partners who can offer a reliable and empathetic ear, especially in the ups and downs of life. 

Be emotionally present for him, encourage his aspirations, and provide a listening ear during challenging times.

By offering support, understanding, and unwavering care, you can ensure that he feels cherished and valued, even when you can’t be there physically.

5. Common Interests With You

Shared interests and goals foster a feeling of collaboration and give you something to work for. 

Whether you’re scheduling your next meeting, talking about your future, or simply thinking about what you want to accomplish as a partnership.

Regardless of the physical separation, a sense of purpose and togetherness is fostered when you both strive toward the same objectives. 

6. Surprises

In a long-distance relationship, seemingly insignificant actions can have a big impact. He wants unexpected surprises like acts of kindness to create excitement and connection. 

Send unanticipated presents, write sincere messages, or organize impromptu visits to deepen the emotional bond between partners.

Guys understand that the spark might diminish since they are miles apart. Hence they want to keep the fire ignited between you two.

7. Intellectual And Emotional Closeness

Any good relationship is built on connection on both the emotional and intellectual levels. And a man wants to foster this in a long-distance relationship as well. 

You can build such deep understanding through meaningful talks about inner thoughts and feelings like your hopes, anxieties, and opinions, and a range of subjects. 

8. Constructive Conflict Resolution

Any relationship will inevitably have disagreements. However, how a couple handles them determines how strong their bond is. 

Even when you are apart, a man wants you both to make an effort to resolve disputes amicably, politely, and cooperatively. 

You must understand one another’s viewpoints and cooperate to find solutions to strengthen the relationship and make it more resistant to setbacks.

9. Balance Between Togetherness and Independence

A man also wants you to give each other space to develop and follow unique interests. He expects the need for independence in each of you to be respected. 

You should know that this does not lessen their love for one another. Rather, understand that the stability and duration of your bond may be improved by fostering personal growth.

10. Patience And Positivity

Men intensely desire a special balance of patience and optimism in long-distance bonds. He wants you to have a positive outlook and confidence in the strength of your relationship. 

You both should gracefully and patiently bear the distance. He wants you to be motivated by a future where physical distance won’t be an issue.

11. A Connection Through Virtual Dates

He wants to connect with you through virtual dates whenever both of your schedules align. For this, you can select a movie, set a time, and sync up your streaming services for a virtual movie night. 

Share your thoughts and emotions throughout the movie via text, video chat, or voice messages. 

Or, cook the same meal together while on a video call. Choose a recipe, shop for ingredients together online, and cook simultaneously while sharing your culinary adventures. 

12. Special Moments

Sharing experiences, no matter how far apart you are, is an essential aspect of strengthening your long-distance relationship.

To help achieve this, read the same book and discuss it as you progress through the chapters. Share intellectual and emotional experiences.

Or engage in virtual workout sessions together to stay physically fit and create a unique bond. 

13. Love And Care

Love and caring must be shown verbally in a long-distance relationship. Though men don’t say it, they want it as much.

Regularly say ‘I love you’ and express your emotions to reassure one another. Develop the emotional foundation of your relationship.

Make him feel loved and appreciated with simple acts like mailing surprise presents, creating virtual surprise parties, or setting up unexpected video conversations.

14. Creativity With Your Online Dates 

Online dates are the only way to connect well for you both. However, things are bound to get boring if you don’t get creative. 

So, he expects you to send voice messages with heartfelt messages or write love notes to add a personal touch. 

Create playlists of songs that remind you both of your journey together. Share these playlists with him and discuss the meaning of each song. 

15. Planning Of The Next Visit Together

One of the things that keeps long-distance relationships going is the possibility of meeting in person. A man also wants to talk about it and fantasize about a time together. 

Work together to plan trips, visit beloved locations again, or discover new ones. Make a joint countdown timer and anticipate the day when you may once more be in each other’s arms.

16. Growing Past Insecurities

Physical distance can breed insecurity, leading to doubts and potential strain. Men, just like anyone else, can experience feelings of insecurity and anxiety.

To address insecurities, practice openness and honesty. Extend trust by giving him the benefit of the doubt and empathizing with his emotions. 

If these feelings go unaddressed, they lead to communication breakdowns and heightened relationship tension.

17. Future Plans With You

For a man in a long-distance relationship, having a clear end goal is vital.

He seeks confirmation that you both are actively pursuing a future where you can end the long-distance scenario. 

So, talk about your future ambitions. Being on the same page about the future is reassuring and comforting.

18. Someone To Confide In

In long-distance relationships, this is frequently overlooked. Couples may find it difficult to establish this connection over the phone.

But your man wants you to ask about his views and if there’s anything he’d want to talk about. He’ll be quite grateful if you show interest and build a deep connection and safe space for him to confide in. 

19. To Be Understood And Heard

Men have a strong yearning for a mate who understands their emotional experiences and gives a listening ear. 

Engage your guy in meaningful talks about his hobbies, friendships, ambitions, and the difficulties he confronts daily to foster an atmosphere where he will feel comfortable opening up. 

Indulge in active listening when your main goal is to comprehend him rather than thinking through your response. 

Empathize with him and validate his feelings. Encourage him and let him know you believe in him while he’s going through a difficult period.

20. Physical Intimacy Even From Afar

A quick, humorous message might occasionally add excitement and ignite a flame of passion. It works especially well when your guy isn’t expecting it.

A flirty message might stay in his mind despite the physical distance. If you’re feeling very daring, you may even throw in a few seductive images that make him want you.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Figuring out what men desire in a long-distance relationship isn’t overly complicated. It primarily involves effective communication, a strong foundation of trust, and ensuring your partner feels valued and cherished. 

Don’t let geographical separation be a barrier to your connection. Keep in mind that love is not limited by distance. By grasping each other’s desires and needs, you can create a bond that can endure the challenges of time and physical separation.