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15 Serious Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist Woman And Need To Reconsider The Relationship

15 Serious Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist Woman And Need To Reconsider The Relationship

Updated on Oct 04, 2023

15 Serious Signs You're Dating A Narcissist Woman And Need To Reconsider The Relationship

One of the most common signs you’re dating a narcissist woman is that she always thinks about herself and only prioritizes her opinions.  

Most narcissistic women come off as loving and charming the first few times you meet them. So, it can be hard to pick on these signs. 

However, a strong indication is when they do not value or prioritize your ideals.

C’mon, let’s learn all the signs that can help you identify her.

15 Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist Woman

A narcissistic woman is manipulative, has a lot of ego, and lacks empathy. But until she has you in her palms, she doesn’t show these signs. 

She’ll wait till you completely let your guard down. Meanwhile, she acts like she’s just like any other woman. But once you open up to her, the traits show up. 

So, if you feel your woman is behaving differently, it’s time to compare these signs here…

1. You Are In Erratic Cycles Of Love And Volatility

A glaring sign of dating a narcissist woman is that there is no stability in her behavior. At one moment, she showers you with all the love. The next moment, if you do not approve of what she says, she will make sure to get you to rock bottom. 

The cycle is highly unpredictable. So, whenever you think everything is okay or nothing worse can happen, she will prove you wrong with her unpredictability.

2. She Has No Real Friends

Another sign of a female narcissist is her lack of real friends. Individuals who know her too well will not want to be associated with her in the long run. 

Additionally, she doesn’t like to be with people who can’t benefit her. For her, the value of friendship is nothing; hence, she lacks quality friends in life. 

Alternatively, she wouldn’t allow you to spend quality time with your friends as she thinks they are using you.

3. She Uses Sexuality As A Weapon

If she doesn’t use sexuality or intimacy to show passion but as a weapon, she’s a narcissist. 

Suppose you do not agree with something or have a strong opinion. She will try to change your mind using sex. She knows how much to tease you, so you can only think about her. 

She has no problems using her body to reach her goals. She does that in a very classy way so that you do not understand what is happening.

4. She Does Not Have Boundaries

If she has no sense of boundaries and does not let you have any privacy, that’s another warning sign of her narcissism. 

She will read all your messages and emails and not even ask if you are comfortable with it. Not only that, she will go through your cupboard thinking it’s her right to invade your space.

5. She Shows Lack Of Empathy

Women have inherent features of care, empathy, and nurturing. But if these traits are absent in her, she’s a narcissist. 

She has no empathy for anyone. She does not have any remorse or guilt, even if she hurts other people.

6. She Has A Gang Of Similar Narcissists

Initially, it’s mentioned that a narcissist woman does not have friends, but that’s only about having “real friends.”

So, if she has a gang of girls who are just like her, that’s another glaring sign. They aren’t “true friends,” but they have shared goals. 

This gang often validates what she does and helps her easily accomplish her activities. They are always with her and help her bully and torment others. 

7. She Can Create Ultimate Drama

A common sign that you are dating a female narcissist is when she is an absolute drama queen. No matter the situation, it takes her a couple of seconds to create an absolute drama and appear as the one to be tormented. 

Not only that, she’ll always be part of gossip and rumor. She can create a big scene out of any small matter.

For example, if she is hurt, she will make it the biggest deal. She’ll cry and show that the hurt is so deep that she can no longer take up the pain. 

8. She Is Always Pissed

No matter what you do, if she’s always pissed, there’s a high chance she’s a narcissist. If you dare to tell her that she is always mad, she will be even angrier with you. You cannot lightly criticize or even tell her you think she is wrong. 

She does not have any control over her tongue when she is angry. Her look, tone, words, body language, everything becomes insulting and too much to take.

9. She Is A ‘Type A’ Control Freak

If she is the ultimate “Type A” control freak you have ever met, that’s a major red flag of narcissism. No matter what you do, it always has to be her choice. 

It can be simple: where you want to eat or which shirt you’ll wear to the party. You have to abide by her way always. 

Everything in your life has to revolve around her.  And there is no other meaning in your life but to always satisfy her. 

If you can’t follow these, she will throw tantrums and sulk.

10. She Can Never Be Wrong

Another obvious sign that you are dating a female narcissist is that she thinks she is never wrong. 

Even if you point out any mistake, she will show that it is not really her mistake. Further, she’ll twist the situation to show that you are involved in it directly or indirectly. 

She will blame you but never acknowledge her possible mistakes. Her classic trait is to turn around the conversation whenever she can be blamed.

11. She Is An Attention Seeker

If she does anything to get any bit of attention in every situation and from every person, you definitely have a narcissist woman. 

If she does not get what she wants, she makes the environment extremely negative. She accuses you of neglecting her and not giving her the minimum attention she deserves.

12. She Plays The Victim Card

In every situation, if she portrays herself as the “victim,” that’s another alarming sign of a narcissistic woman. 

She’ll project herself as the victim of your behavior. Even if you explain, she will always play as if she is at the receiving end of your obnoxious behavior.

13. She Has An Extremely Destructive Thought Pattern

If she’s narcissistic, she’ll only think about all the negative things in life. Instead of thinking about how to nurture things so that they grow, she will always think of destroying them. 

For example, if she has problems with people, she will not think about talking and sorting it out. Instead, she will want to end the relationship.

14. She Is Not Humble When It Comes To Luxuries

If she never feels satisfied, you’re with a narcissistic woman. She’ll only be happy with you if you can treat her with expensive and luxurious gifts. For her, status and pride are more important than you.

She is not humble by nature. So, she always likes to show off things. If you’re a rich guy, she’ll love showing you off in public to gain approval, be popular, or even make others jealous.

15. She Does Not Care For You 

If you are dating a narcissistic woman, she will likely never care for you. She doesn’t care how you feel, what you have been going through, or what you might need. 

Instead, she focuses on herself and what she might need to live happily. She refuses to adjust in any way for your benefit. Instead, she makes you feel apologetic if you ask for anything.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

It can be extremely difficult to date a narcissistic woman, particularly because it gets stronger with time and can hurt the relationship. However, if you think you are still at the initial stage and want to break free, do it as soon as possible. 

Remember, a narcissistic woman often knows all the right tricks to manipulate you. So, if you stay, it can take a huge toll on you. She might even have ways to make you stay in the relationship. 

If that happens, seek help immediately and try to save yourself while you still have time!