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20 Cute Signs She Likes You On First Date And Wants You To Ask Her Out Again

20 Cute Signs She Likes You On First Date And Wants You To Ask Her Out Again

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

20 Cute Signs She Likes You On First Date And Wants You To Ask Her Out Again

If you’re all set to go on a date with that cute girl, it’s super important to be aware of the signs she likes you on the first date

After all, unless you know how you’re performing, you’re bound to feel intensely nervous and mess up!

On the other hand, when you notice those little cues from your date, you’ll be able to feel more confident about the date.

So, if you’re all geared to leave a good impression on this date, keep reading…

20 Signs She Likes You On First Date

When a girl likes you, her attraction to you is quite evident through her actions. Especially if it’s the first date, she’s bound to act all cute to impress you… because she’s that into you.

However, men often overlook these signs… and they can’t be blamed! After all, it’s the man’s first date with her as well. 

So, if you don’t want to miss the little signs, dive right in!

1. She Maintains Thorough Eye Contact

If your girl keeps looking at you straight throughout the conversation, she likes you. Girls maintain eye contact only with guys they like. 

It indicates that she not only likes you on the first date but also wants your attention. In this case, things might turn into something beautiful.

2. She Makes Flirty Moves Like Lip Biting

A common sign that she likes you on your first date is when she is being a tad bit flirty with you but not in a vulgar way. 

She bites her lip, which is a classic sign for most girls. Purposeful lip-biting is a signal to tell you she likes you.

3. She Touches Her Hair

If she touches and fixes her hair, it shows that she wants you to notice her. Girls do this only when they like you a lot. She might also twirl her curls to convey the same. 

4. She Touches You Casually

Before you get any ideas, this sign does not mean she will be extremely physical. Rather, she will touch your hand or thigh casually while laughing. She may also lean towards you while speaking. 

If all of this happens, get the butterflies because she likes you.

5. She Seems To Be Comfortable

Usually, it takes some time for girls to be comfortable with a guy before they can start talking. 

However, if she is comfortable with you and there are no barriers between you two. It is a clear sign that she likes you. 

6. Her Friends Get In Touch With You

One of the most obvious signs that she likes you after the first date is when her friends send follow requests on social media platforms. 

It means she went back home and spoke to them about you to her friends. So, they are seeing the potential for something to happen.

7. She Shows Good Nervousness

If she is a little bit nervous on the date, it means she likes you. She is tense about how she maintains herself in front of you and whether you like her. You will be able to assess this nervousness very well.

8. She Gives You Complete Undivided Attention

Whether you’re talking, doing other things like serving the food or listening to her, notice what she’s focused on. If her attention stays focused on you constantly, it is a clear sign that she likes you.

9. She Is Highly Intended To Listen To You

If she likes you, she’ll look forward to listening to you. She will ask relevant questions to understand what you want to say. 

Not only that, if you do not give her complete insight, she will make it a point to know more about it from you. Seeing her, you can understand that she genuinely wants to listen to you.

10. She Initiates Conversations

It is quite common to run into awkward silences on first dates. This is because you do not know each other well enough. 

However, if you notice that she actively tries to initiate a conversation during the silence, she genuinely likes you.

11. She Plans For the Next Date

If she asks you out for a second date or poses an open-ended question like “What are you doing next weekend?” She likes you. 

She wants to know you better and asks for a second date. 

Girls plan for a second date only with those whom they genuinely like. Usually, they will wait till the end and then pop this question.

12. She Gives You A Genuine Compliment

While most people think that only guys compliment girls when they like them, even girls act the same. 

If your date notices small things about you, like what you wear with your trousers or how warm your smile is, she likes you. 

You will understand whether she gives you a genuine compliment or flatters you superficially from her tone and choice of words.

13. She Steals Glances At You

Throughout the date, you have caught her stealing glances at you. It could be while checking out the menu or even ordering the food. 

If she is stealing glances at you, she finds you quite cute and expresses a genuine interest in you. Many guys ignore this sign, but it is quite obvious.

14. She Points Out Things In Common

If she establishes common grounds for you both, she likes you and wants you to feel the same way for her. It could be something silly, like living in the same locality or liking the same food. 

If she deliberately points out things in common, it is a clear sign that she likes you.

15. The Date Lasts Longer Than You Thought

If she likes you, then there is a high possibility that the date will last much longer than you had anticipated. 

She will not be able to understand how time passes. If none of you attempt to end the date, it is a sign that she connected with you instantly and wants to spend more time with you.

16. She Is Mirroring You

People who feel attracted to each other will copy each other’s poses and mannerisms subconsciously. This is called mirroring.

Throughout the date, if there are multiple instances when you both were in the same posture, she is mirroring you. This usually happens when both of you have a matching wavelength.

17. There Are Some Casual Teases

If she casually teases you, it’s another positive indicator. This means that she feels comfortable enough with you to pull your leg. 

Teasing is also a kind of playful flirting. It means the vibe between you two is quite favourable, so she loves casually teasing you.

18. She Initiates A Hug

Girls will not physically touch someone unless they have a liking towards them. So, towards the end of the date, if she initiates a hug, you hit the jackpot! 

Especially if the hug is not sideways and more intimate, then it means that she likes you and would want to see you again.

19. She Shares Her Number Or Gives You A Follow

This is valid, especially if you guys found each other online and didn’t exchange contact numbers or are only connected on dating apps.

If the date kicks off and she likes you, then there is a high chance that she will give you a follow or even share her number with you. 

This will ensure that you can take the date forward and meet more often to get to know each other better.

20. She Gives You “That Look”

If, after the date, you get “that look” from her, it means that she likes you and would want to see you more often. 

If you’re wondering what “that look” is, it’s a mix of comfort, excitement, and naughtiness. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice a lot of these signs, know that she’s quite into you! Now, your sole job is to play along and ask her on the second date. 

However, if she doesn’t show any sign of interest even after trying your best, don’t feel low. You can always connect with more people and find the one that’s right for you!

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