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20 Telltale Signs He’s Not Interested After First Date And He’s Done For Good

20 Telltale Signs He’s Not Interested After First Date And He’s Done For Good

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

20 Telltale Signs He’s Not Interested After First Date And He’s Done For Good

It’s time to check for some signs he’s not interested after first date if this guy didn’t reach out at all. 

Of course, emergencies may arise, and he might not be in the right headspace to take time for romance. But let’s be honest, he could’ve still told you that! 

So, there’s no point pondering over other possibilities. C’mon, let’s know the truth here…

20 Signs He’s Not Interested After First Date

You dolled up to meet this absolutely dashing guy. The evening was perfect, and you even wondered how it’d be to have a serious relationship with him. He also told you that he’d text you during your goodbyes… but now it’s been three days already!

So, should you keep waiting? Let’s figure out whether he’ll actually connect with you again!

1. There was no chemistry

While you may have gotten the butterflies, he may not have felt the same. You can know this by his body language. 

Was he always looking somewhere else, or had his arms crossed? 

If yes, he wasn’t interested in you. 

Or if he tried touching you, he felt something. If he didn’t, he felt nothing. 

2. Your opinions didn’t match

You are an independent and vocal girl. You have your opinions about everything, and that’s not wrong. 

A man won’t mind if you’re opinionated. But he may not like your opinions. 

He won’t tell you this on your face, but he will politely change the topic and keep ghosting you for a second date. 

3. You follow different lifestyles

You may have had a nice time and are waiting to see him again. But he’d lose interest if you follow different lifestyles. 

For example, if you are more of a book person, while he prefers movies, he knows it’s difficult to get along the line in the future. So, he wants to end it here only.

4. He seemed fake

Of course, all guys are the same. But let’s accept that if a guy seems like the perfect match for you, he is only being fake. 

It’s to get something from you – probably sex! 

And if you deny it, he is already moving on to the next girl. 

5. You shared too much

Did you share your emotional trauma with him on the first date? 

While you were just relieving yourself from your emotional baggage, he lost interest after the first meeting. 

It freaked him to know that he has to deal with so much if he dates you. 

Of course, you weren’t wrong, but he was not on the same page as you. So he won’t ask you for a second date. 

6. You sounded offensive

Did you say you hate a political party without realizing that his family belongs to the same? Or you mentioned you don’t like a game unknowingly, which is actually the guy’s passion? 

Well, if you sounded offensive about such matters, it’s a definite sign he won’t turn up for a second date. 

7. He was constantly on his phone

He’s there on the date with you to build a bond or check if you guys click together. 

But if he keeps using the phone, he’s distracted from you. This is certainly not a good sign on the first date and clearly indicates he isn’t interested anymore. 

8. He kept talking about his ex

It’s not wrong to discuss your past relationships on your first date. So, if he discusses what he learned from his ex, don’t feel offended. 

But, if he keeps talking about his ex and their relationship, he hasn’t moved on from her yet. And that’s a huge sign he doesn’t want to go on a second date with you. 

9. It was a short date

Usually, a date lasts for at least two hours. But if your date gets over in less than 90 minutes, he isn’t interested in you. 

Otherwise, he’d have spent more time getting to know you.  

10. The goodbye didn’t say you will meet again

How did he bid you goodbye on your first date? Did he pull you closer to him or leave a kiss? If yes, he’s certainly desperate to see you again.

Consequently, if he hugged you one-armed and didn’t have a broad smile on his face, he wouldn’t want another date… even if he said he wanted it. 

11. He hasn’t contacted you after your date

You only need to tap a screen a few times to connect. It doesn’t take much time to do that!

So, if he hasn’t messaged you within 24 hours of the day saying he enjoyed the date or when you can meet again, take the sign. He doesn’t want to go out again with you. 

12. The date didn’t have much laughter

Perhaps you think that some intense discussions on your first date make you sound intellectual. You expected that will draw him towards a second date. 

However, without laughter, a date is dull. And he didn’t come for a professional meeting but to develop a bond with you. 

So, if there were not much laughter, he wouldn’t ask for a second date. 

13. He made excuses

Did he suddenly want to leave early on the first date? When you asked him, he gave lame excuses. And now, when you are planning another date with him, he says he is busy or he cannot move out now. 

If yes, it’s clear he is avoiding another date with you.  

14. He didn’t get too personal

Of course, you can’t dig in too much into someone’s life on the first date. But if he doesn’t ask you basic questions or isn’t interested in knowing what’s going on in your life, it’s a sign. 

It can also be the opposite. If he avoids answering your questions, he probably doesn’t think you are the one for him. 

15. He didn’t talk about dating for a long time

When you were talking before the date, he always said that he was looking for something long-term. But on the first date, did he not mention anything about it? 

If he suddenly swapped from something serious to casual, you must take it as a sign. He doesn’t want to go on a date with you again. 

16. He stands you up

If he keeps you waiting and doesn’t show up for the first date at all, it’s a clear sign. If this guy didn’t have the courtesy to text you that he wouldn’t turn up, he’s not interested in a second one, either. 

17. He doesn’t make much effort

Reflect on your first date. How much did he converse with you? How interested was he in your thoughts? Did he give you his utmost attention, or was he distracted? 

If he maintained eye contact or tried to make you feel special, you can take it as a positive sign. Otherwise, accept that you aren’t going on a second date. 

18. He didn’t compliment you

Guys usually compliment their date. After all, you have dressed up for hours to impress him, and if he doesn’t notice that, it’s a waste. 

So, if he didn’t compliment your fashion sense or appearance, you should consider it as a telltale sign. 

19. He doesn’t make eye contact

When you are into someone, you just cannot stop looking into their eyes and making them a part of your world. 

But, if he listens to you throughout the date but doesn’t make eye contact, he is not attracted to you. 

20. He doesn’t initiate

Were you the one to ask him out? Did you choose the place? Have you been calling him after your first date? 

If you answered ‘YES’ to all these questions, the guy isn’t interested at all. You probably missed these signs in the first go. 

It’s rare for a guy to refuse a girl he’s interested in. So, if he doesn’t take the initiative to make it work, he is not interested in you. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If a lot of these signs appeared in your case, you have your answer. You probably feel the worst, but don’t let it discourage you. After all, there are many men who want a girl like you.  

So, keep going on dates, and you’ll find the perfect guy for you!

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