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20 Sweet And Subtle Signs He Wants You In His Future And Until His Last Breath

20 Sweet And Subtle Signs He Wants You In His Future And Until His Last Breath

Published on Nov 01, 2023

20 Sweet And Subtle Signs He Wants You In His Future And Until His Last Breath

If you’re not sure of where your relationship is headed, don’t worry and look for signs he wants you in his future

When a man likes you enough to want you forever, his actions and words will tell you a million stories. 

If he truly loves you and wants to spend all the seasons of his life with you, he’ll also helplessly show these signs. 

Come on, let’s know more about those here!

20 Signs He Wants You In His Future

When it comes to romance, men might seem uninterested or inexperienced. They can be so oblivious that they seem like a fool.

But when a guy meets his perfect woman, he’s ready to do almost anything to make her happy and stay for the long haul!

If you’re dating someone and you don’t know whether or not your boyfriend wants you in his future, then let’s know the signs here!

1. He is truly interested to know you 

A man who goes above and beyond to know his partner is truly a keeper. 

If your boyfriend knows almost everything about you but still wishes to know more about your thoughts and goals, he wants to be serious with you. 

He wishes to form a foundation, and being interested in you is the first step.

2. His family knows you

Another major sign that a guy is serious about you is when he introduces you to his family members and relatives. This is his way of telling you that he wants a forever relationship with you! 

Everyone, right from his siblings to his closest friends, knows that you both are dating.

3. He shows you off on social media

Guys who don’t want a long-term relationship will often hesitate to show off their girlfriends on social media. 

But if he not only tells people that he’s dating you but also posts your pictures on social media and shows off, he wants you to be with him.

4. His actions are consistent

Someone who doesn’t love you might shower you with love and affection in the beginning but then become cold toward you. 

However, if he wants you in his life, his actions will remain consistent. He will show the same love toward you now as the one he showed when you first dated.

5. There is progress in the relationship

There are relationships where time seems to stand still, and not in a good way. 

But if your boyfriend progresses the relationship and moves it from a casual one to a serious companionship, he’s worth keeping. 

Someone who progresses the relationship on their own will always want you.

6. He doesn’t make you jealous

Remember, a man who shows off other women in front of his girlfriend is insecure. 

On the other hand, someone who truly loves his partner and is secure in the relationship will never show off his exes or other partners. 

He’ll never evoke any kind of jealousy. Instead, he’ll make you feel cherished as his only girlfriend.

7. He doesn’t get jealous either

Similarly, if he wants you in his life, he will understand that you want him, too. As a result, you both will be secure with each other. 

Even if your man sees you with someone else hitting on you, he won’t throw a fit. This is because he’s confident in his plans to have a future with you.

8. He is always honest

Being honest is one of the rarest traits that a partner can have. A good boyfriend knows that honesty is the best way to maintain a relationship. 

So, even when he makes a mistake or does something that he knows will upset you, he won’t hide it. He tells you the truth and tries to rectify himself.

9. He makes time for you

Making time for your partner is important, especially if both of you wish to see a future together. 

And if your boyfriend makes time for you despite his busy schedule, it’s a clear sign that he wants you in his life. Moreover, he might also schedule regular date nights or romantic outings!

10. He takes care of your health

Sure, many boyfriends take care of their girlfriend’s physical health. But when it comes to emotional or mental well-being, many men fail to understand that their partner is going through a hard time. 

But if your man wants to spend his future with you, he will be attentive to your health.

11. He celebrates your achievements

Unfortunately, a lot of men today still feel threatened by their girlfriend’s achievements. 

But if your boyfriend loves you and wants you in his life, he’ll support you no matter what. 

He will be with you through your highs and lows and celebrate your achievements with you!

12. He isn’t afraid to express his love

Different men have different ways of expressing their love and appreciation for their girlfriends. 

But in general, if he wants to be with you, he’ll make it quite obvious. For example, he’ll hold your hand or give you a cute kiss when you both go out in public. He won’t be afraid of what others say.

13. He opens up to you

Men don’t generally open up to people unless they wholeheartedly trust them. So, if you see your boyfriend being his most vulnerable self in front of you, consider it as a positive sign. 

He wants to spend his life with you, and that is why he isn’t afraid or embarrassed to open up.

14. He wants to know your family

When a man falls head over heels in love with his woman, he’ll take an active interest in knowing her friends and family. 

Just as he wants you to know his loved ones, he will also try his best to mingle you with his social circle. This is his way of telling you to be in his future!

15. He remembers important dates

You must have heard the joke that men are terrible with dates, right? 

When it comes to a man who’s serious about his relationship, this doesn’t hold true! 

Even if his memory fails him sometimes, he’ll still do his best to remember your relationship anniversary or the first time you kissed!

16. He makes plans in advance

If your boyfriend books concert tickets well in advance or plans for a romantic trip many months prior, be sure that he’ll want a future with you. 

Making plans in advance is a telltale trait in a relationship. It shows your partner’s commitment toward a particular task.

17. He wants to compromise

Again, compromising is a rare trait in most people nowadays. While most people prefer to ignore their partner’s needs, a true gentleman knows how to compromise. 

If he wants you in his future, he will understand when to tone down his ego and listen to you rather than dominate his will.

18. He respects your boundaries

True respect is when your boyfriend knows your boundaries and remembers to maintain them. 

For example, if you have a strict “no sex before marriage” policy, your partner will understand that and not force himself on you. 

This also means that he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or exhausted by the relationship.

19. There is room for your things in his house

Even though you both live in separate households, notice if your man created some space in his wardrobe or room. 

Well, this again, is a sign that he clearly thinks of a future with you. He wants you to feel welcome in his home and wants a future where both of you can happily live together.

20. You are a major part of his life

If your boyfriend sees you in his future, he will make you a big part of his life. He will tell you everything, right from his professional life to his deepest secrets. 

For example, he might ask you to make some important decisions on his behalf because he trusts your judgment and knows that you will support him.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

So, dear women, if you see that your man exhibits most or all of these signs, you must celebrate him wholeheartedly! 

It’s time to let your man know how precious he is and how you, too, wish to be with him in the future. Rejoice for finding each other and set off on this long journey!