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20 Disheartening Signs He Finds You Unattractive And He’s Not Worth The Effort

20 Disheartening Signs He Finds You Unattractive And He’s Not Worth The Effort

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

20 Disheartening Signs He Finds You Unattractive And He’s Not Worth The Effort

Whether this man is your steady boyfriend or husband, if he doesn’t treat you right, look for the signs he finds you unattractive

Of course, it doesn’t imply that the conclusion of every fight or ignoring is his waning or lack of attraction. However, couples tend to have more fights when physical attraction becomes non-existent.

Not sure if you are being rejected solely for your appearance? Stay tuned to confirm your suspicions.

20 Signs He Finds You Unattractive

In healthy relationships, couples treat each other like the most attractive person in the entire world. It doesn’t matter whether others agree or not. 

However, if he starts believing you’re not exactly a sight for sore eyes, it’ll be evident in the way he behaves and treats you.

So, if you’re concerned about that being the case, let’s check out these signs…

1. He Rarely Compliments You 

In a loving bond, partners see each other as the best and shower compliments all the time,

If your man rarely compliments your looks, this is one of the telltale signals that he might not find you attractive. 

2. He Frequently Discusses Other Women’s Looks 

Let’s not be delusional… neither you nor your man is the best-looking person in the world. So it’s normal to find other people beautiful. 

But if your man regularly compliments other women’s beauty, it can be a sign that he is not satisfied with your looks. 

3. He Avoids Being In Photos With You 

Photos are one way of making great memories and cherishing them for life.

While not everyone enjoys being in photos, a deliberate refusal to participate in images with you could indicate a lack of interest.

If your man repeatedly declines to click photos together, it’s a hint that he’s embarrassed to be seen with you. 

4. You Have No Clue About His Friends

When your partner hesitates to introduce you to their friends, that is another warning sign. 

However, there may be several explanations for this, such as wanting to keep the relationship a secret. 

But intentionally avoiding introductions to his friends shows that he doesn’t feel proud to be seen with you – probably because he considers you unattractive.

5. He Criticizes The Way You Look

If your man often mocks your looks, he definitely does not find you attractive. Regardless of how much effort you put into looking good for him, you fail, and that’s betraying. 

Constructive criticism is common in relationships. But complaining about your looks all the time is a different form of disrespect.

6. He Frequently Compares You To His Exes 

Another red flag to watch out for is if he frequently makes comparisons between you and one of his exes. It shows he’s still hung up on his ex and feels you’re not good enough for him. 

7. He Makes You Feel Concerned About Your Weight 

Your weight is not something that you can control. It can either be a genetic condition or a result of an underlying issue. 

If your man constantly criticizes you for your weight and you’ve tried your best to lose it, that’s another concerning sign. 

Continual body shaming hints that he’s unhappy with the way you look.

8. He Doesn’t Want To Impress You 

Does he never take you out on dates, forget your special days, or never surprise you?

While these might sound like materialistic pleasures, they are healthy for a long-lasting relationship.

Although regular attempts aren’t required, it could be a red flag if he never does any of these.

9. He Ignores You In Public

There is no need for regular public demonstrations of affection. But purposefully avoiding proximity in public could indicate a lack of desire.

When you go out together, does your partner repeatedly ignore you or never pay attention to you?

Well, it’s a sign that he doesn’t feel comfortable being seen with you. 

10. He Avoids Public Appearances With You

If your partner intentionally avoids being seen with you in public, that is another warning sign to look out for. This can raise serious concerns and make you feel you are not good enough.

11. He Never Prioritizes Time With You

It is normal to be busy in today’s world. But how long does it take to send a quick text saying something romantic? Hardly 5 seconds, right? 

If your man is continually putting other things before your relationship or fails to make time for you, he finds you unattractive.

12. He Lacks Affection For You

You do not always have to hit straight to the bed to be affectionate. A normal hug or hand holding or a peck on the cheek can suffice the cause.

But it’s a bad hint that there is no attraction if he rarely makes such gestures or appears uninterested in getting near to you.

13. He Doesn’t Want To Look Good For You

Dressing to the nines all the time isn’t required. But if your man makes little attempt to no attempt to appear attractive to you, he is not attracted to you. 

14. He Frequently Cancels His Plans With You

Occasional disagreements and adjustments to plans are common. However, a pattern of canceling plans frequently or making little effort to spend time with you is suspicious.

If he regularly changes plans or breaks promises, unfortunately, he doesn’t find you attractive. 

15. He Disregards Your Values And Opinions 

It’s important to preserve separate viewpoints in a relationship. But if he routinely ignores or shows little interest in what you have to say or hardly asks for your opinions and thoughts, that’s a gloomy sign.

If he constantly ignores your comments and doesn’t appear to appreciate them, the attraction is lost. 

16. He Doesn’t Support Your Aspirations Or Goals 

Of course, it’s not vital for your man to constantly share your hobbies. But notice if he is unwilling to support your objectives and goals or even stop you from pursuing your goals.

If he also shows little to no interest in knowing about your interests and hobbies, these are also red flags of losing attraction. 

17. He Doesn’t Boost Your Self-Esteem 

He pulls your leg and scares you about everything you want to do in life. Further, he always has an opinion and tries to restrict you when you want to pursue personal development.

If your man constantly criticizes you or makes you feel inadequate and lose self-esteem, he finds you anything but attractive. 

18. He Constantly Puts You Down 

Does your man constantly dismiss your efforts or belittle you?

Recall if he tells you that you are not worthy to be a part of his life. He might always act superior and blame you for anything wrong happening. 

If these sound familiar, it may indicate that the attraction is waning.

19. He Is Always Unavailable Emotionally

Some men are generally closed off and take a lot of time to open up. So, it’s crucial to respect your partner’s demand for privacy. 

However, does he always hesitate to talk about his feelings?

Persistent emotional distance or unwillingness to communicate are signs of him finding you unattractive.

20. He Has Another Woman In His Life

Cheating is the worst sin anyone can ever commit while being in a relationship. While it is normal to get attracted to someone now and then, there are limits and boundaries when you are committed.

If he’s unfaithful, it is, without a doubt, an indication that he finds you unattractive. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

It can be painful if he perceives you as unattractive, though discerning this isn’t simple. 

If you find any of these signs in your man, it is best to communicate your feelings. Ask him to change how he makes you feel. And if no change occurs, prioritize self-worth. 

You deserve unconditional love, far superior to those who perceive you as anything less.

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