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20 Clear As Day Signs He Doesn’t Deserve You And You’re Way Too Good For Him

20 Clear As Day Signs He Doesn’t Deserve You And You’re Way Too Good For Him

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

20 Clear As Day Signs He Doesn’t Deserve You And You’re Way Too Good For Him

In relationships. arguments are healthy, but continuous fights might be one of the signs he doesn’t deserve you.

Your man is supposed to make you feel loved and valued. If not, something is seriously wrong. 

If your partner is always on the receiving end and you are left dissatisfied, feeling like an option, things are clearly not going well.

Feeling you are too good for him? Dive right in to know for sure!

20 Signs He Doesn’t Deserve You 

Romantic relationships are a complex landscape. Hence, it’s crucial to evaluate whether your partner is genuinely deserving of your love and commitment. 

A healthy and fulfilling relationship is all about give and take. It requires both of you to invest equal effort, mutual respect, and open communication. 

So, let’s figure out if he is the right partner for you…

1. He Doesn’t Give His 100 Percent

Healthy relationships thrive when both partners actively contribute to making it work. You should both strive to make the other person happy.

If you consistently find yourself being the sole initiator of plans, texts, or conflict resolution, your partner doesn’t reciprocate your efforts. In such cases, it’s best to let go because he doesn’t deserve you. 

2. He Always Puts Himself First

Prioritizing oneself is important at times. But if he consistently puts his needs above yours, it erodes the foundation of a loving relationship. 

In a healthy partnership, both individuals should be willing to make sacrifices and compromises to support each other. 

If your partner doesn’t prioritize your feelings and values, you deserve better.

3. You Can’t Be The Real You

A loving partner should embrace your true self, including flaws and shortcomings and encourage your personal growth.

But, if you feel the need to constantly pretend to be someone you’re not to please your partner, it’s a red flag. 

4. He Purposely Triggers Your Insecurities

When you are in a relationship, you shouldn’t be feeling bad about yourself.

If he constantly makes you feel inferior to him or triggers your emotions, it’s a definite sign he doesn’t deserve you. 

5. You Are Always Defending Him

Are you repeatedly defending your partner’s hurtful actions to friends and family?

Then, it’s a clear sign that the relationship may not be serving your best interests. 

People who care about your well-being know better because they aren’t entangled in emotions. So they can often see what you might overlook.

6. You Lack The Love You Deserve

In a loving relationship, both partners should feel secure and cherished. You should not see yourself as a backup option, and if you do, he clearly doesn’t value you. 

If you constantly question your partner’s love or receive minimal reassurance, it is a sign that your emotional needs aren’t being met. It’s quite clear that he doesn’t deserve you.

7. He’s Not Reliable

In a relationship, you should be able to rely on your man during the toughest times. A loving partner should be fully engaged and support you through thick and thin.

However, if he consistently seems mentally absent during conversations or activities, he may not be genuinely interested in you. And he definitely doesn’t deserve you.

8. He Hardly Discusses ‘Our’ Future

Discussing the future is a natural part of a committed relationship. If he is serious about you, he will talk about meeting his family, marriage, kids, etc. 

But, if he avoids these conversations or refuses to discuss such things, it indicates a lack of commitment. So, of course, you’re too good for him!

9. Communication Is Complaining To Him

Effective communication is crucial in a relationship. You should be able to talk your issues out and let each other know your expectations from the relationship.

Thus, if your partner dismisses your attempts to communicate as complaints or conflicts or makes you feel guilty for it, he doesn’t deserve you. 

10. He Secretly Loves His Ex

Now, this screams trouble. If he is not emotionally detached from his previous relationship, it leads to emotional turmoil and uncertainty in your life and relationship. 

If you catch him texting her behind your back or comparing you to her during arguments, you deserve someone so much better.

11. He Neglects Your Presence

He doesn’t deserve your love if he takes you for granted, belittles you, or refuses to acknowledge your worth. 

While it’s natural for you to do everything to make him special, it is weird not showing minimum appreciation. You deserve unconditional love and acceptance for your sacrifice and who you are.

12. He Cheats Repeatedly

Infidelity is a breach of trust and is difficult to repair. If he cheats on you, it means that he is not afraid of losing you. 

It indicates a lack of respect for the relationship and your feelings. So, of course, you deserve better!

13. You Feel Ghosted Time And Again

It’s crucial to be with someone who values your presence and prioritizes open and consistent communication. On the other hand, consistent ghosting or intermittent communication can be a sign of commitment issues. 

If he ghosts you, there’s no point wasting time on him. 

14. He Disrespects You In Front Of His Friends

A man holds his friends very dear. And, on boys’ night out, he’ll probably forget all about you. These are completely normal. 

However, notice if he never asks you to meet his friends. Or he doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend to his friends. Or, he also treats you badly in front of them and makes fun of you. 

All of these show that you deserve much better than him. 

15. Your Space In His Life Is Uncertain

If he doesn’t want to label your relationship or leaves you confused about whether you’re even anything serious, run for the hills!

Most probably, he’s even more confused than you. He doesn’t know what he wants and is wasting your time. You deserve so much more than that!

16. He Is A Pathological Liar

A relationship built on trust requires honesty. Repeated lies can erode trust and compromise the foundation of your relationship.

How many chances can you give a lying man? One? Two? When he strikes the third time, you should know it’s his nature, and that’s just how he is.

If he lies to you every now and then, you need to seek a better man!

17. He’s Angry And Jealous

You should be able to express yourself freely and shamelessly in a relationship. Hence, it’s important to be with someone confident in himself and can maintain a healthy level of trust.

But if your man shows chronic insecurity and jealousy, it can create a toxic environment. If his anger issues make you feel as though you’re walking on eggshells, he doesn’t deserve you. 

18. You Feel Insecure With Him

Feeling safe and comfortable with your man is crucial. 

Notice if you constantly feel uneasy or uncomfortable  Or do you constantly worry about the consequences of your actions?

If yes, it shows this relationship is not nurturing your emotional well-being and you deserve so much better.

19. He’s An Attention Seeker

A healthy relationship involves mutual decision-making and respect for each other’s goals and aspirations. 

If he expects you to pay attention to him above all, that is a sign of unhealthy dynamics. And it’s high time you understand you deserve better.

20. He’s A Master Manipulator

A partner should respect your choices and feelings rather than trying to control or manipulate them. Manipulation and emotional coercion can be damaging to your emotional well-being. 

If your man tweaks and twists every word you say and you feel controlled, it’s best to walk out.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you recognize these signs in him, don’t feel hurt. Rather, feel empowered because now you can make informed decisions about your relationship – it’s time to bid farewell to a relationship!

Remember that you deserve a relationship that brings out the best in you, supports your growth, and prioritizes your emotional well-being. 

It may be challenging to say goodbye, but sometimes, it’s the healthiest choice for your future happiness and fulfillment.

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