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25 Visible Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

25 Visible Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

Updated on Jan 05, 2024

25 Visible Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

You must look for signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it – if she’s acting super weird or giving you a lot of attention. 

However, she can’t be open about it because either of you is dating or because office romance is strictly forbidden. So, let’s know whether your hunch is right here…

25 Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

You spend long hours in the office, so it’s pretty normal for a woman to fall for your masculine charm. In fact, many long-term relationships begin at the office!

However, if you feel a certain someone is trying to hide her feelings but is failing miserably, let’s know if you’re right here…

1. She gives you a smile

At work, coworkers may smile at each other while greeting in the morning or after work. Nobody always throws a smile at other coworkers because everyone’s too busy and stressed with their work. 

But if she always smiles at you no matter how many times you guys see each other, she likes you. 

However, make sure she doesn’t smile at everyone. Then it’s not a strong sign. 

2. She always tries to be around you

When there’s a group project, notice if she always tries to be included in your team. Or she tries to get on the same train/bus with you. She takes her breaks around the same time as you. During meetings, she makes sure to sit beside you. 

If one or more of these happens, she likes you but hides it because she’s too shy.

3. There’s physical contact

The only physical contact acceptable at work is handshakes and shoulder pats. There’s no chance of any other intentional body contact.

So if she slightly touches your arm, accidentally bumps into you, or even leans on you when there’s a crowd in the elevator, those are major signs. She’s definitely interested but hiding it. 

4. She often drops you compliments

If you do a great job in a presentation or competition, it’s normal for your coworkers to compliment you. Moreover, if she compliments everyone about basic things, skip this sign. It’s just her personality and not an evident sign.

However, does she compliment only you for the slightest things?

It might be your hair, outfit, or even for being kind to your subordinates. If yes, she’s definitely into you. 

5. She discusses you with other coworkers

You can’t be sure about this one unless your other coworkers tell you about it. So, during a casual conversation with other coworkers. Try to ask whether she ever mentioned you.

If they tell you that she brings you up on every topic, she has a little crush on you and is hiding it. This shows that you’re always on her mind, and she subconsciously talks about you. 

6. Other coworkers said that she likes you

This is one of the most obvious signs. If your other coworkers tease you for having all of her attention or spending too much time with her, that’s the ultimate indication.

Your coworkers notice the situation from a third-person perspective, and their emotions aren’t involved. This lets them get a wider picture of the situation. Thus, there’s a high chance that they’re right! 

7. You guys often make eye contact

When you guys are discussing a serious matter, eye contact is perfectly normal at work. But if you often lock your gaze even while working or she sneaks glances throughout the day, that’s a positive sign.

8. She does you many favors

At work, nobody owes anyone anything. You go to work, do your role, get paid, and that’s it. However, if she often does you favors, it shows she’s into you. 

For instance, when you get a headache, she may offer you coffee. During the busy lunchtime, she saves you space at the cafeteria. She’ll always go out of her way to help you.

9. In work events, she sticks by you

Whether it’s a corporate event promoting your business product or just an after-office drinking party, notice her whereabouts. 

Check if she always tries to secure a seat beside you, always tries to spend most of her time with you, or doesn’t mingle much with anyone but you. All of these signs show that she’s into you!

10. She talks to you about her personal life 

You didn’t even ask her, but she tells you what her pet, family, or besties are up to. Every day, during your smoke breaks, she shares tells you things about her life. Now, you feel way more than any other coworker might know. 

If she often indulges in deep and personal conversations about herself, she wants you to know her. She doesn’t want you to get creeped out about her feelings. So, she lets you know her first so you like her and make a move.

11. She also asks about your personal life 

If she’s into you, she may also try to ask more questions about your personal life – like family, friends, pets, and weekend plans. The deeper the questions, the higher the chance of her liking you. 

This is because she also wants to know you better before she catches serious feelings. 

12. She notices the little details about you

You got a haircut, and nobody except her noticed it. You didn’t share your birthday with others, but she never fails to wish and get you your favorite chocolate. You got an earful from your boss, and only she gave you a slight pep talk.

If she always notices slight details about you, you’re special to her. But for some reason, she doesn’t want to say it out loud.

13. She acts nervous when you approach her

Whenever you talk to her or go near her desk, notice how she reacts. Does she blush, stutter, fix her hair, or act clumsy?

If you pick on such signs of nervousness only when you are around, she likes you and feels anxious about you knowing her feelings. 

14. You get texts from her beyond work hours

Most people don’t connect with their coworkers after clocking out. They want to live their life and relax.

So, does she text even beyond work hours?

If yes, it shows she wants to be close to you. She wants to build a connection or be friends. She might even add you on social media and send you memes. 

15. She tries to sneak solo time with you

Notice if she tries to have one-on-one time with you often. For instance, if you go to the reference room to get some client history file, she tags along to “help you” find it.

Or when you have fieldwork, she makes excuses to be on the same task. When you work overtime, she waits until you’re finished and then heads to the bus stand together.

If anything similar happens, she has a thing for you but is hiding it!

16. She’s curious about your dating life 

Coworkers try to be professional and never dig into each other’s dating life. Most of the time, men ask about women’s dating lives when they fall for them at work.

However, if she asks about your dating life, she wonders if she has any chance. She wants to make sure she invests her emotions in the right man. 

17. She plans one-on-one outings with you

If she initiates an outing with just you, that’s a major sign of her feelings. She’s hiding it for now, but she may soon confess to you!

18. Her body language gives it all away

You can also know whether she likes you by just her body language. For instance, she’ll stare at you when she thinks you aren’t aware. 

She will check out your outfit and style every time she can. She’ll lean toward your body more than others. She may also subconsciously mirror your habits.

19. Her aura changes around just you

Everyone tries to show their utmost professional side at work. However, when everyone’s gone, and only you guys are left, does she feel more relaxed?

Pay attention if she lets out her innocent, childish, or playful side then. Moreover, she may act more spoiled and pouty. If this rings a bell, you have a special place in her heart. She’s probably not hiding her feelings but is unaware of them.

20. She makes an effort on her looks

This sign is applicable only if you see several other signs on the list. If you have a slight hunch that she likes you, notice whether her appearance changes.

If she takes extra care of her hairstyle, dresses better, gets her eyebrows done regularly, or even applies more makeup, those are all strong signs. 

She may also join the gym or become more health-conscious about her food habits.

21. You always have her complete attention 

Suppose a coworker talks to you about something while you’re working on something. You’ll listen to them while focusing on your computer screen. Even if you’re taking a break, you’ll probably be focused on your smartphone. 

However, if she looks away from her gadgets every time you speak and only treats you this way, she’s attracted to you. She may not say much, but her actions show you’ve got all of her attention!

22. She takes care of your health 

If you’re not at work, your coworkers will, at most, drop you a text or email to learn your reason for absence. 

However, if this female coworker asks deeper questions like what happened and whether you need more help, that’s another great sign she likes you.

She may even send you a care package after work and send you reminders to stay hydrated and get medicines. 

23. She’ll stay back with you to meet deadlines 

There’s a major deadline by midnight, and you have a ton of work left. You’ll have to work overtime to meet it. 

If she often gives you a hand and stays back to help you, that’s a great sign that she cares and has feelings for you. 

Mind you, no woman will stay for another coworker just because they’re friends. After all, nowadays, women’s safety is a major concern. So, she’s risking a lot for you!

24. She chooses spots to get a good view of you 

Suppose you guys have your seats pretty far from each other. Observe if she tries to switch seats to get a better view of you. 

If yes, this means two things: She wants to look at you from there. She also wants you to notice her more often. This is all because she likes you but is too shy to let you know.

25. She feels better when you’re around 

When you guys catch up in between your busy day, does she feel more relieved? 

Perhaps she smiles more heartily, feels motivated, her eyes light up, or even tells you that you make the day easier. If yes, she’s certainly into you!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you find a lot of these signs in common with her, think about what you want. Do you want to have a relationship with her? If you’re both single and there’s no serious workplace rule against it, you may give it a shot.

However, if you’re not open to it, remember to firmly turn her down. Communicate assertively, but don’t be brutal. End things in a neutral tone for a healthy workplace environment!

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