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How To Make Your Crush Jealous? 25 Actionable Ways To Draw Them Toward You

How To Make Your Crush Jealous? 25 Actionable Ways To Draw Them Toward You

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

How To Make Your Crush Jealous 25 Actionable Ways To Draw Them Toward You

If you want to know how to make your crush jealous, there are multiple ways to make that happen. However, it all depends on how close you are to your crush.

For example, if your crush doesn’t know you exist or isn’t even in your friend circle, you can’t make that happen.

So, your first step is to make sure they’re friends with you. Then, ensure they know you’re slightly interested in them. 

Once you’ve done that, this think-piece will guide you!

How To Make Your Crush Jealous? 25 Ways 

You like him so much that their thoughts are living rent-free in your mind. You pay a lot of attention to them, but they don’t reciprocate. After all, they don’t even feel an inkling of your feelings. 

If this goes on, this crush will never progress to something more serious. So, if you want them to notice you and even crave all the attention all over, here’s what to do…

1. Groom Yourself

Look drop-dead gorgeous every time you meet them. They should kiss the floor you walk on and yearn for you. 

Groom your looks regularly and work out to make your body more attractive. The physical connection has to be there so that you can attract them to you.

2. Avoid Their Calls And Texts

If you always instantly receive their calls and reply to their text, it won’t work. Stop being responsive to make your crush jealous. 

Come online, but don’t reply to them. This will stir curiosity and make them wonder who you are talking to.

They will feel you have a few more important people in your lives. This will make them want to work harder for your attention.

3. Don’t Treat Them Different

Make sure you give them any special treatment. It’s important, especially if you think they already know about your feelings. 

It will make them wonder why they don’t get enough attention from you. So they will try to come closer to you.

4. Send A Random Text To Your Ex

Send a message to your ex randomly. Even if you don’t execute this plan, tell your crush that you did. Make sure that you share this randomly in between other conversations so that it seems to be natural.

It will keep them thinking about whether you are still interested in your ex. They’ll get insecure and jealous.

5. Compliment Their Friends

When you meet them with their friends, compliment the gang, not them. Say a simple, “Oh wow, your shirt is pretty cool.”

This will make your crush wonder why you are being so nice to their friends but not them. It will make them realize they have to put in a little extra effort to be in your ‘interest’ zone.

6. Distract Yourself While Conversing

During your conversations with them, don’t give them your undivided attention. Otherwise, they will feel that they are the center of your universe… and play hard to get!

So, just act distracted and play with your keychain/jewelry or look around. Focus on anything but them, and that is enough to make them jealous.

7. Ignore Their Flirting

If they are flirting with you, don’t reciprocate at all. On the contrary, ignore their flirting for as long as you can. It will make them feel like you are not interested and will draw them even closer. 

8. Spend Some Good Me Time

Enjoy a good time without them. Make sure that they know so they’ll perceive that you don’t need them to feel happy or fulfilled. It will make them jealous that you are not dependent on them.

9. Save Other Friend’s Number With A Pet Name

A common trick you can use to make your crush jealous is saving another friend’s name with a pet name. 

The cute pet name will come up whenever this friend calls or texts you. It’ll instill curiosity in your crush about who the person is. 

Moreover, they will also wonder why their number is not saved with a pet name in your phone.

10. Don’t Be Predictable

You need to follow this under all circumstances. Your crush should not be able to know your next move. This will make them drawn toward you more. 

They should feel like you are a packet full of surprises, and being with you makes their life much more fun.

11. Be Flirtatious On Your Social Media

Upload lots of pictures, stories, and snaps on all of your social media platforms. You can also upload some revealing pictures. Flirt in the comments when others compliment you.

It will make your crush wonder whether one of your commenters and you are an item. 

12. If They Ask, Skip The Date

Supposedly, if your crush asks for a date, make sure that you reject it right away. No matter how exciting the date is, ensure you do not go for it. 

Tell them that you have some other plan with a friend and you cannot cancel at all. It should seem like the plan can be canceled, but you won’t.

13. Compare Them With Your Ex

Another great way to make your crush jealous is with comparison. Compare them with your ex or even with your favorite celebrity. 

However, make it look casual so that it does not seem like they are being pulled down deliberately. This will definitely make them jealous and fight for your attention.

14. Let Them Know You Are Getting Attention

If you are getting attention from some other place, don’t forget to highlight the same to them. 

It will make them wonder: Why do you care so much about others’ attention? After all, you’re supposed to like them!

15. Have A Best Friend Of The Opposite Sex

One golden rule to make your crush jealous is to have a close friend from the opposite sex. Make sure you’re pretty physically close with them in front of your crush. 

Even if you do not have that kind of relationship with your best friend, pretend that. It will make them extremely jealous.

16. Flirt, But Be Subtle

Flirt with your crush’s best friends, but ensure that you are subtle and see your crush go nuts. 

Of course, don’t cross boundaries. They should wonder whether you were flirting or just mentioning something casually.

Don’t come off too strong, or your crush will be put off. 

17. Go On A Date With Someone Else

If someone asks you for a date, do not turn them down. On the other hand, look phenomenal for that date and ensure you post on social media

If the other person asks for a date in front of your crush, then blush as if you were always waiting for them to ask you.

Upload pictures of you and your date to make them jealous and make your crush think about you more. 

18. Don’t Follow Them 

Even if you are extremely active on social media and stalk their profile regularly, do not make the mistake of following them first. 

This will make it look like you are not interested at all. Follow their friends or mutuals to make them even more jealous.  

19. Don’t Make Them Meet Your Friends

To make them insanely jealous, do not make them meet your friends. Even if you stumble upon your friends, do not introduce them. This will make them go crazy. 

The reason?

They’ll feel ignored and question their position and value in your life.

20. Don’t Take their Opinion 

If they have given you an opinion on anything, do not take that up. For example, if they tell you that you look great with long hair, cut it short. Or, if they tell you to watch a movie or read a book, you may do it but tell them you haven’t.

21. Be Overly Sweet With Others

Whenever you talk to someone in front of your crush, be extremely sweet with them. Your crush should feel like you are sweet to everybody other than them. This will make them extremely jealous. 

However, ensure it does not seem fake. Just to make your crush jealous, do not compromise with your personality.

22. Don’t Notice Changes In Them

If your crush has just got a haircut or other changes, do not talk about it, even if you notice that. 

This will make them jealous and ponder why you don’t notice their changes even while you are interested in them. So, they’ll try to come more in front of your eyes.

23. Show Your Fun Side

Flaunt how much of a fun personality you have. Go on adventures and spontaneous activities with others. 

This will make your crush want to spend more time with you. They’ll yearn for you and feel jealous that they are not getting enough time to spend with you. 

24. Don’t Be Too Invested In Conversations With Them

If they send you three texts in a row, reply to just one of them. Also, when it comes to having conversations face-to-face, ensure that you reply briefly.

On the other hand, let your crush see that you are having a full-on conversation with others. This will make them insanely jealous about why you are not conversing so much with them.

25. Don’t Be Excited For Their Achievements 

Ensure you are not too excited about their achievements. Do not be over excited even if they have won a big match. 

Just smile and extend a simple congratulations to them. This is one of the most effective ways to make your crush jealous while not being extremely obvious about it.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, making your crush jealous is not a one-time thing, as this will not have a lasting impact. However, you must also try to stay within your limits and not do anything excessively. Otherwise, it’ll put them off. 

Moreover, it will take time for your crush to be jealous. You cannot expect results in a go. So, try to use a combination of all the ways to make them jealous.

To take mindful steps, follow your guts. Your instincts will help you make them not just jealous but a lot more attracted to you!

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